5 Best Websites to Find Free Essays Online and Use Them as Writing Models

Using expertly crafted free essay samples as writing models is one of the most effective tactics for college students when they need to put together a decent paper single-handedly and fast. But where to find examples worth following or emulating? We’ve got several site names and ideas about that. In this article, we are going to tell you about the 5 best web-based resources to browse most various academic papers, including, of course, essays for free.

WowEssays.com – Perhaps, the Best Free Essay Database Overall

WowEssays.com is a well-known educational portal, with the free sample database being one of its several services. The directory included a bit less than 100.000 papers, but new entries are added daily, so quite soon this milestone will be reached. While this might not be the largest sample directory out there, it can certainly be considered one of the best-maintained and convenient to use. The thing is, free essay writing materials are well-organized by topics (alphabetized and popular) and paper types. Plus, each entry is attributed with several tags, which makes browsing and looking for a relevant example user-friendly. Also, you can use a built-in search engine to seek papers by keywords. This method offers good relevance, even though it doesn’t have any filters to refine search results. That and the impossibility to download samples in .doc(x) format are the only two drawbacks we can see in WowEssays.com.

Special mention should be made of samples’ quality. The vast majority of them are evidently written by competent authors. We bet it has something to do with the fact that the WowEssays portal also includes a professional essay writing service. Its essence is crafting custom, entirely original academic papers from scratch according to customers’ demands and instructions. Apparently, writing experts are involved in creating or at least editing samples.

To finish off our WowEssays overview, we cannot but mention that in addition to the free sample directory, the website also hosts a subscription-based sample database, a.k.a. WowEssays Premium. With it, you can get access to over 1 million examples starting from $9.99/week. That said, WowEssays Premium also has search filters and gives you unlimited sample downloads. Now you see why these options are unavailable in the free database, don’t you?

Yet, if you’re not ready to spend even several bucks, thousands and thousands of free papers should be more than enough to find a dozen of the finest samples and use them as the foundation of your own piece.

Key features:

  • Almost 100.000 free samples.
  • Over three dozen paper types, hundreds and hundreds of topics.
  • On-site search by keyword(s), no filters.
  • Free writing assistance tools.

PaperHelp.org – 100% Free Essays of Supreme Quality

PaperHelp’s directory of free samples is a vivid illustration of the “Quality over quantity” idiom. It includes just over a couple hundred completely free essays online – and that’s all. They are grouped by a dozen of types; no topic categorization, no search by keywords, no text downloads, nada. Actually, you don’t really need that when all sample titles fit on one long web page. They do update the selection from time to time and add new entries on then-hot topics, but that’s a really rare occasion.

However, when it comes to samples’ quality, PaperHelp outmatches everyone. Virtually any free full essay we’ve checked – and essays make roughly 80 % to 90% of the published papers – featured remarkable content presentation, proper structuring, and impeccable grammar – a pure pleasure to read. What’s the secret, one might wonder? Well, the free sample directory is, eventually, a bait to lure site visitors into ordering a custom-made paper from expert writers. Yes, PaperHelp is a full-fledged academic writing service that straightforwardly uses samples to showcase what they can do for students who struggle with writing assignments. They are saying that in such a case, you can address PaperHelp, ask their expert “Write my essay,” and get it ready within hours or days.

However, if you’re not up to this and are here only after samples – there’s nothing in your way to take advantage of this opportunity. Of course, chances that you’d find a sample on an exact topic you need to simply rewrite it are quite low. But when it comes to drawing content presentation ideas or outstanding writing techniques, PaperHelp samples are second to none.

Key features:

  • Superb sample quality.
  • Useful blog with how-to articles and topic ideas.
  • Over 200 free samples, a dozen of paper types, limited number of topics.
  • No on-site search by keyword(s).

MagicLearning.com – The Widest Field to Source Ideas

MagicLearning.com is a subscription-based academic samples catalog, meaning that you need to pay a fee to access full-text downloadable paper. How did it make it to our list of free sample resources then? Thanks to its enormous size! The thing is, the database hosts over 1 million samples that you can browse for free by topics and paper types or search by keywords and filter results.

That said, without paying for a subscription, you will only be able to see samples’ titles and previews. Hence, there’s no way to check out content structuring, wording techniques, or sources used. However, with so many entries available, this is an excellent opportunity to explore an endless field of topic ideas. Eventually, this should help you come up with a unique or at least a novice view on a beaten issue. And this is something that makes a good essay writer stand from the crowd of all others.

Key features:

  • Over 1 million samples.
  • Most various paper types and topics.
  • On-site search by keyword(s) with 3 filters to sort results.
  • Only samples’ titles and previews are available for free.

Pinterest.com – An Unexpected Place to Find Remarkable Free Essay Examples for College to Follow

Using Pinterest as a source of free college essay examples? You hardly thought of this one, didn’t you? Yet, over the years, this image-sharing and social media service moved way up through the ranks from an online collection of colorful pictures with recipes and interiors to an efficient discovery engine for finding ideas on any aspect of our lives, including education in general and academic writing in particular. For instance, you can run various searches – like admission or scholarship essay examples, narrative or persuasive paper samples – and instantly get an endless feed of most various results from both real people and writing professionals.

Of course, this method has its own drawbacks. The most obvious one goes for starters: samples come in picture format, so you cannot easily copy the text for further work. Also, the search may return include irrelevant results, and there’s no way of effectively refining them. However, if you have enough time and patience to skim through the feed, Pinterest could be one of the best free essay websites to browse for creative and unconventional writing ideas.

Key features:

  • Wide variety of samples you wouldn’t find anywhere else.
  • Most various paper types and topics from real people.
  • Search by keyword(s).
  • Samples come in picture format.

OWLs and College-Related Free Essay Websites

The last method of looking for free essay templates to follow deals not with one particular website but with the entire group of web pages – namely, official college sites and their online writing centers (a.k.a., OWLs). One of the most famous resources of such kind is the Purdue OWL. It is primarily known for its detailed instructions for virtually any type of academic writing and explanatory guides to most popular citation styles. Yet, if you dig a bit deeper, you can find top-notch samples. The thing is, Purdue OWL doesn’t have a designated section with samples; instead, they are scattered across the website within sections dedicated to specific formatting styles or paper types. Sadly, such an approach is applied by the vast majority of other decent OWLs (i.e., The Writing Center at the University of North Carolina, The Writing Gallery at the Colorado State University, University of Illinois Writers Workshop, etc.).

Additionally, some official college websites offer prominent “student essays that worked” (from the Johns Hopkins University), “example papers that got an ‘A’” (from the University of Delaware), or simply free essays papers from previous years (from the Middlesex Community College). In any case, you must be ready to spend some time on research and browsing each website to find exactly what you need.

Yes, this is ridiculously inconvenient. Yes, such resources host just a few samples. No, typically, there’s no categorization by topics or paper types and definitely no built-in search engine. However, they all come with a perceived sign of quality as these samples were prepared or edited by people whose work is to check students’ writing.


What are the best ways to use free pre-written essays?

To make the most of the samples, high school and college students can adopt several practical techniques of working with free academic essays and other papers. First off, draw overall inspiration and peculiar topic ideas. Another approach implies breaking down a sample’s content structuring and presentation to build your own piece in a similar fashion. Sometimes, you can even reverse-outline a relevant sample and the blueprint as your starting point. Finally, it might be really useful to check out a sample’s “Works used” list to find relevant sources you’ve missed out on previously.

Can I submit plagiarism-free essays from sample databases as my own?

Even if free online essays for students can pass the anti-plagiarism check, it doesn’t mean that you should even think about submitting one of them as your own paper. The designated software your educational institution uses to check students’ papers for borrowed content will surely find the original piece and red-flag yours. Even paid sample databases cannot guarantee that, for example, Turnitin doesn’t have access to their directories. Also, another user might have already copied and submitted the paper you’re looking at. So, we strongly recommend using free samples the way they are meant to – as writing models and sources of inspiration.

Can I use parts of free essays to copy and paste into my paper?

You shouldn’t do that as you would risk being accused of violating the principles of academic integrity. The thing is, modern plagiarism detection systems can identify borrowed content in the form of just several consecutive words, not to mention entire sentences or paragraphs. Thus, again, samples are not meant for copying; they are meant for giving you an idea or two of how you can develop your own piece.

How do I find particular types of paper, for instance, free argumentative essay examples?

Typically, sample databases categorize entries by topics and paper types. This method alone should let you easily find a particular sample. Also, many databases have on-site search engines. More importantly, some of them are equipped with filters that allow you to refine search results and find a free essay sample of a particular type, topic, size, etc.

Do all sample databases offer free essays to download?

No, this feature is mostly available with paid databases. If you want to save a free sample content, you will need to open the full-text version, select the text you wish to save, copy and then paste it to a text processor. This is the only way to save sample content that is not available for download.

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