Best Kratom Brands (2022) Top Kratom Product Vendors to Buy

The Mitragyna speciosa or Kratom tree has been used in various traditional herbal medicinal applications in Oceania and Southeast Asia. The primary health effects of consuming kratom are associated with the availability of potent alkaloids called 7 hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine. These two alkaloids connect to the opioid receptors in the body to deliver various health effects.

Kratom can act either as a pain killer or a strong stimulant. The mitragynine alkaloid also interacts with the adrenergic receptors to regulate adrenaline production, which helps to create an anti-anxiety health effect. The presence of these two alkaloids typically varies in different kratom strains.

The kratom plant is mainly categorized based on the region and color, and also by the subspecies or variant of the native tree. It is worth noting that regional variants of kratom may also be found in other areas. For instance, because of the strict laws in Malaysia, most of the Malay kratom available today is grown and processed in Thailand.

The color of kratom leaves is also worth noting when it comes to buying these supplements. In general, whiter kratom leaves with lighter colored veins means that the plant is less processed or younger. In contrast, redder veins mean that the leaves are more mature and contain stronger doses of beneficial alkaloids.

Top Kratom Brands in 2022

If you are interested in buying kratom today, it is essential to find a reputable vendor that provides safe and high-quality products. The following article contains a comprehensive list of the top reputable vendors that offer the best quality kratom products at fair prices.

Kratom Spot Kratom Spot is a California-based company that provides some of the best strains of Kratom.
Golden Monk Golden Monk goes to the extent of sourcing some of the best strains of Kratom from the far-off lands of Indonesia.
Organic Kratom USA This Kratom brand sources Kratom leaves from the tropical part of SouthEast Asia.
Kraken Kratom Kraken Kratom swears by its product line’s quality.
Kats Botanicals Kats Botanicals is a long-standing name in the field of supplement making and brings some of the best quality kratom products to users.
Kratom Crazy Kratom Crazy, as the name suggests, makes people go haywire about its products that are made under strict quality controls.
Kratom Bulk USA This manufacturer based in U.S.A sources Kratom leaves from Indonesia to bring the best of products.
USA Botanicals USA Botanicals brings great quality of products made of different types of strains of Kratom.
Top Extracts Top Extracts’ s Kratom product lineup is one of the most innovative in the Kratom supplementation segment.
MitraGaia MitraGaia uses Kratom in clinically safe and effective dosages to avoid side effects and symptoms from withdrawal.
Super Natural Botanicals Super Natural Botanicals is one of the best Kratom brands with a variety of strains of Kratom such as white thai elite, green kratom, red kratom, etc.
Left Coast Kratom This brand brings a variety of Kratom products from liquid tinctures to capsules to powders and whatnot.
Happy Hippo Herbals One of the most popular brands of Kratom, this brand produces flagship products such asLightnight Hippo, Chilling Hippo, etc.
Super Speciosa Super Speciosa is one of the best brands of Kratom supplementation providing gluten-free and non-GMO products.
Krabot Krabot brings affordably priced Kratom products that are safe to use and efficacious.
Kratom Life Kratom Life is one of those brands that has a stellar reputation in the field and positive customer reviews.
Kratom Krates This brand has great customer reviews about its line of Kratom products.
Craving Kratom If you wish to consume Kratom and get the best of its benefits without getting an addiction to it, this is the brand for you.
Science.bio Science.bio uses clean manufacturing and extraction processes to bring some of the best and most varied products of strains of Kratom.
Just Kratom This brand uses clean and advanced extraction technology that preserves the essential nutrients in the Kratom supplements.

Kratom Spot

Brand Overview
Top Products:
  • Thai Kratom Powders
  • Red, white, and green strains
  • Indo Kratom Powders, and
  • Other Kratom products
  • Kratom Source:
  • Fair-trade farms
  • USA
  • Guarantee/Refund Policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price: $8

    Kratom Spot is an Irvine, California-based kratom vendor that is loved by numerous people. It is currently among the largest kratom vendors you can find today, offering more than 30 top-notch kratom strains. All the different Kratom Spot products are generally cost-effective depending on the dosage required.

    Inarguably one of the best options for someone craving Kratom, this company brings you some of the best strains so that you can make full use of kratom available to you through the products. Priced reasonably, this might be one of the best options for organic Kratom USA has.

    This company brings you products that are reliable and trustworthy and manufactured under controlled settings with a variety of options. It has been credited by the American Kratom Association and might just be one of the best Kratom brands on our list.

    You can use products like Kratom powder, Kratom capsules, etc. to derive the benefits of Kratom using these products. This is one of the few Kratom companies that are focused on the sole benefits of Kratom for users. This is also one of the few Kratom companies that ensure that no negative effects of Kratom are experienced by users.

    Kratom Spot mentions free worldwide shipping but then says no global shipping so it is unclear until checking out which is fitting for you based on location. Nevertheless, kratom buyers should know that this firm has a rather stringent return policy that can make it harder for novice buyers to find the perfect strain. Still, if you get any issues with your orders, Kratom Spot has fast customer service.

    Golden Monk

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Red vein
  • white vein
  • green vein
  • Kratom capsules
  • Maeng Da kratom
  • Kratom Source: Indonesia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price: $39.99

    Golden Monk is also among the top Kratom brands available today despite being a moderately new company. The firm has been steadily building its reputation as a reliable vendor with some of the best quality Kratom products. Besides the industry-wide recognition for use of top-notch ingredients and good manufacturing processes, Golden Monk also offers a broad selection of kratom supplements. Kratom enthusiasts will also like the fact that all these products are highly affordable.

    This is one of the brands that has been catering to the growing use of Kratom among the American population over the past year. To bring pure and great quality organic Kratom, USA has reached out to the Indonesian plains. This is one of the brands that has been approved by the American Kratom Association (AKA).

    Golden Monk gets most of its high-strength Kratom strains from Indonesia. The company has close partnerships with local kratom farmers in Indonesia to achieve pure, mature, fresh, and highly effective kratom strains for their clients. However, novice kratom users should be cautious about the strong doses available on this website.

    It is recognized as a top player in the field for getting hold of some good quality Kratom. It can be argued that this is one of the best Kratom brands on our list. Golden Monk brings you a variety of options including Kratom powder, Kratom capsules so that you have a variety of options to enjoy the benefits of Kratom.

    Many Kratom companies are out there and the choice can be time-consuming. You have to focus on selecting from those Kratom companies That filter out the positive effects of Kratom and support Kratom users who are trying it for the first time.

    Organic Kratom USA

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Popular Organic Kratom USA options include
  • White Kapuas Kratom Powder
  • Green KetaPang Kratom Powder
  • Red Horn Kratom Powder, and
  • Red Riau Kratom Powder, among other different kratom strains
  • Kratom Source: Indonesia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 100% money back guarantee
    Starting Price: $13

    Organic Kratom USA is among the premium kratom brands featured on this list. According to the firm’s website, this company sources kratom leaves directly from organic suppliers in the tropical parts of Southeast Asia. This vendor sells a broad range of kratom powders and strains.

    Organic Kratom USA is one of the leading kratom companies in the United States that is focused on bringing you the very best products. This is one of the best ways to make full use of Kratom for your health. Kratom users can derive the most positive effects of Kratom through this brand as it focuses on making excellent quality products.

    If you are looking for reliable Kratom companies to provide you with the advantages of Kratom without any of the side effects, then you should check out the Kratom powder and Kratom capsules brought forward to you by Organic Kratom USA. It can easily be classified as one of the best Kratom brands that have the approval of the American Kratom Association (AKA) as well.

    All kratom products from this vendor are exhaustively tested to verify their purity. Buyers also have the option of building their customized blends from this vendor. You can purchase both kratom powders and capsules here in bulk at low wholesale prices. Like other top vendors on this list, Organic Kratom also provides free shipping discounts for all orders above $89.

    Kraken Kratom

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder (White Vein)
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom Powder
  • Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules (OG Red Vein)
  • Kratom Source: NA
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: Unavailable
    Starting Price: $9.99

    Kraken is not a new name for those who are familiar with health products. It is an excellent way to consume organic Kratom in the form of Kratom capsules as well as Kratom powder. Kraken has established quite A good name for themselves among Kratom users who are using the product for the first time as well as seasoned users.

    There are many positive effects of Kratom that can be experienced by using the products produced by reliable Kratom companies like this one. This is one of the leading Kratom companies across the country that brings you the benefits of Kratom in unique deliverables. This is easily one of the best Kratom brands and the American Kratom Association (AKA) agrees. To understand the full use of Kratom, check out their whole line of products.

    Kraken Kratom has a rich history of selling top-quality kratom strains and it is widely respected across this industry. This vendor is known for several positive things including competitive prices, fast shipping, and quality Guarantee/Refund Policy. Kraken Kratom offers popular kratom strains like Kratom Bali Gold Powder, Red Vein, and Super Indo. Products like caffeinated liquid kratom extract are also available and flow liquid kratom shot is popular.

    All Kraten Kratom strains must pass strict quality control processes to guarantee safety and compliance with GMP standards. Like other top vendors, Kraken Kratom offers both powders and capsules in either single or bulk orders. The firm has also built a relatively strong reputation on the internet through rewarding clients with loyalty points once they rate their kratom products, share social media posts or join their newsletter list. 100 loyalty points here are equal to $1, and this means that clients can gradually qualify for some great discounts. Flow Liquid Kratom Shot stands out.

    The only notable downside of Kraken Kratom is that they use a rather old-looking website design. Even though the design does not affect site navigation, it will still make it trickier for novice users. However, aside from the occasional delay in shipping, Kraken Kratom offers great quality kratom products and is a highly reliable vendor.

    Kats Botanicals

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • White Elephant Kratom Powder
  • Green, white, and red Maeng Da Kratom Powder
  • The Wedge Kratom Powder, and others
  • Kratom Source: Southeast Asia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Starting Price: $5.99

    Such a well-known name in the world of organic Kratom and other organic herbal products, this is one of the few Kratom companies that is recognized for its huge variety of product selection.

    You don’t just stick to the regular Kratom powder or Kratom capsules. You have so many options that can be quite overwhelming to some Kratom users who are trying Kratom for the first time.

    You do not have to worry about any side effects of Kratom because this is one of the top Kratom companies that use purely organic sourcing. You can experience the numerous benefits of Kratom and be sure that you are getting hold of reliable products that bring you the full use of Kratom and are approved by the American Kratom association that regulates the quality of these products.

    Kats Botanicals is a New Jersey-based kratom vendor that is targeted towards buyers who are searching for holistic, organic supplements. The company features a diverse range of kratom products including everything from the basic products to the popular kratom strains like White Vein, Bali Kratom, and Red Vein Kratom, Green Kratom, and many others. Additionally, all their kratom products follow 100% natural organic farming systems along with hand-harvesting to guarantee top-quality strains.

    Kratom Crazy

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • You can buy popular options like
  • Super Green Malay Kratom
  • Maeng Da, and
  • Red Bali
  • Kratom Source: Southeast Asia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price: $20

    Even though this is not exactly a very established brand, it can still be identified as one of the best Kratom brands on the market that has the approval of the American Kratom Association. It stands out in many ways mainly for the excellence of the products that have several positive effects of Kratom crammed into them.

    Kratom users are usually apprehensive about the numerous Kratom companies that are out there. Kratom Crazy is one of the most reliable Kratom companies on the market right now.

    Kratom Crazy brings you a variety of organic Kratom options and is suitable for those who are benefiting from the use of Kratom and want to experience the benefits of Kratom in simple ways.

    You get to choose from the Liquid Kratom capsules, Kratom powder, Liquid Kratom Tinctures etc. Some unique products may include caffeinated liquid kratom extract.

    In spite of being a comparatively new entrant in the kratom selling business, Kratom Crazy has set itself apart from the competition with highly competitive prices. While most kratom vendors boast of selling enhanced kratom products, this company has carved out a distinctive niche by concentrating on offering pure, unaltered kratom strains.

    Kratom Crazy offers an extensive selection of pure strains of everything from Whiter Borneo, kratom yellow borneo powder and Red Bali to Super Green and various other kratom products. All products here are extensively tested to remove any contaminants like microbial toxins. Buyers can also choose between powders and capsules when making their orders.

    The key to consider with Kratom Crazy is that they only stock pure, unaltered strains. Hence, if you are searching for enhanced kratom varieties, then you might have to go with other vendors shown above.

    Kratom Bulk USA

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • The store offers
  • Kratom Powder
  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Source:
  • Maeng Da
  • Borneo
  • Bali
  • Thailand Malaysia
  • Guarantee/Refund Policy: NA
    Starting Price: $20

    This is a great option for those who are looking to buy in wholesale or just want a lot for themselves. Kratom users of all kinds can Buy the products that are sold by this company but it is most suitable for those who want to buy bulk Kratom for resale purposes.

    The options of such Kratom companies are very few especially if you are on the lookout for reliable Kratom companies to associate with for long term needs. All of the Kratom strains have been extracted carefully and each Kratom strain has been tested for Quality to bring you only the positive effects of Kratom. The highlight of this company is that when you buy it in bulk, you get excellent pricing options.

    If you are a local kratom reseller or you simply want to buy kratom in bulk, then Kratom Bulk USA is the most suitable firm. This site specializes in bulk kratom orders, including both rare and popular strains including Yellow Vein, Red Vein, Maeng Da, and White Vein, among many others. Additionally, the company has also focused on building a better understanding of the various scientific effects of kratom, particularly the rare strains.

    Kratom Bulk offers authentic, high-quality kratom strains at affordable prices. The firm has built a remarkable positive reputation online as a reliable kratom seller. The only notable demerit here is the occasional shipping delays. However, with numerous clients praising Kratom Bulk’s customer service representatives, it should be easy to resolve any shipping-related issues.

    USA Botanicals

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • The store offers
  • Kratom Powder
  • Kratom Capsules
  • Kratom Tablets
  • Kratom Source:
  • Sumatra
  • Bali
  • Indonesia
  • Borneo
  • Guarantee/Refund Policy: 30-day money back guarantee
    Starting Price: $5.54

    This is also a good option if you are trying to buy in bulk and it is one of the few Kratom companies that offer such great discounts for those who wish to buy a large amount at once. There are many positive effects of Kratom that can be experienced by using the products brought to you by this Kratom brand.

    It is arguably one of the best Kratom brands on the market and the Kratom strains are derived carefully and extracted so that each Kratom strain does not lose its quality.

    Kratom users don’t have to be apprehensive about any of the adversities associated with Kratom such as Kratom addiction. Fair trade Kratom has never been more accessible before.

    USA Botanicals offers top-quality kratom in bulk for highly competitive prices along with free shipping. The firm features nine unique kratom powder strains, including Bali Gold Kratom Powder and Yellow Vietnam powder strains among others. All the kratom strains here have a similar price, with a maximum of around $75 for bulk orders above 1kg. New buyers can save money by joining the newsletter list as all subscribers get 10% off their first orders.

    Top Extracts

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • The store offers
  • Caffeinated Liquid Kratom Extract
  • Bulk Kratom
  • Liquid kratom capsules
  • Flow Liquid Kratom Shot
  • kratom extract
  • kratom powder, and
  • kratom sample packs
  • Kratom Source: Southeast Asia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: NA
    Starting Price: $19

    Again, one of the few fair trade Kratom companies that focus on getting hold of unique Kratom strains and focus on bringing the positive effects of Kratom to many users at once, Top Extracts it’s also deserving of the title of being one of the best Kratom brands on the market.

    Every Kratom strain is examined for its quality and to make sure that there are no adverse effects such as Kratom addiction. This Kratom brand is reliable and effective. You get reward points on purchases that can be redeemed on your recurring orders.

    With 12 unique kratom strains, Top Extracts has a diverse product offering to suit a broad range of buyers. Most of the kratom products here come in powders with limited capsule options. The capsule bottles come with 120 capsules and an average price of around $42. Each purchase offers buyers some loyalty reward points and their popular options are White Borneo capsules and Super Green Kali capsules.


    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Popular MitraGaia kratom products include
  • the Elephant kratom
  • the Mitragaia Welcome Sampler
  • the Red Malay kratom powder
  • the Bali Gold kratom powder, among others
  • Kratom Source:
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Papua New Guinea, and
  • Thailand
  • Guarantee/Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Starting Price: $4.15

    If you wish to experience the positive effects of Kratom from a reliable brand that has proven itself to be trustworthy, then this is one of the Kratom companies that you should consider. They offer you kratom sample packs that let you choose whether their Kratom powder is the right option for you.

    You also get to purchase Kratom capsules from this reliable Kratom brand. Every product uses the best quality of Kratom strain that does not cost any Kratom addiction in any of the users. This is easily among the best Kratom brands on our list.

    MitraGaia offers a widespread selection of top-quality kratom extracts and powders at varying price points. Most buyers like that this vendor offers kratom sample packs that contain 250 grams of four kratom strains for only $120. MitraGaia offers same-day, fast shipping, and all their products are tested for quality control.

    Super Natural Botanicals

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Popular options include
  • Yellow Vein Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom
  • White Vein Kratom
  • Kratom Tablets
  • Kratom Powders, and others
  • Kratom Source:
  • Indonesia
  • Bali
  • Ketapang
  • Sumatra, and others
  • Guarantee/Refund Policy: NA
    Starting Price: $9.99

    If you are on the lookout for one of the best Kratom brands on the market, you cannot go wrong with this one especially if you are new to the world of Kratom usage. People who have been using Kratom for a while are afraid of Kratom withdrawal symptoms if they suddenly stop.

    But this is only because they have been using Kratom from Kratom companies that do not use a good quality of the Kratom strain. This being one of the most reliable companies on the market, you do not have to worry about such adversities.

    This Kratom brand is well known for bringing about positive effects of Kratom through its products including the famous Kratom powder and Kratom capsules.

    The popular products include green ketapang kratom powder, kratom red Thai powder, White Thai Elite Kratom etc. Kratom red Thai powder and White Thai Elite Kratom are extremely popular.

    This online kratom vendor offers free shipping with all orders along with a 100% refund policy. Super Natural Botanicals has a wide variety of Kratom products like White Vein Indo and Maeng Da. The kratom capsules here go for around $30 but the firm often runs promotions and discounts that can bring the prices to less than $20.

    Left Coast Kratom

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Popular options include
  • Left Coast Platinum Tea Tablets
  • White Vein Borneo Kratom Capsules
  • OG Bali Kratom Leaf
  • UEI Liquid Kratom Extract
  • 50X Kratom Extract among other products and strains
  • Kratom Source: Not specified
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: NA
    Starting Price: $36

    Left Coast Kratom powder and Left Coast Kratom capsules are recognized heavily in the market because of good composition using ingredients like uei liquid kratom extract. The fact that every Kratom strain is derived from OG Bali Kratom leaf and maeng da thai kratom makes Left Coast Kratom One of the best brands on our list.

    Maeng da Kratom is a unique ingredient and Maeng da Kratom offers many benefits. You get to experience the most positive effects of Maeng da Kratom because of ingredients like OG Bali Kratom leaf and maeng da thai kratom.

    It is perfect for those who wish to indulge in long-term Maeng da Kratom usage from a reliable Kratom brand without the worry of any Kratom withdrawal symptoms in the future if they wish to stop using it.

    This is why Left Coast Kratom is one of the best Kratom brands on the market. There are many Maeng da Kratom companies out there and the choice can be confusing. You can rely on this one for being safe and cost effective. It also contains uei liquid kratom extract.

    With 15 different kratom strains sold in capsules, liquid, and powder form, Left Coast Kratom has most kratom buyers covered. However, these products are often in high demand due to their highly effective dosages and competitive prices between $20 and $50. The firm also encourages buyers to try out new strains by offering cheap kratom samples for less than $10.

    Happy Hippo Herbals

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • White Thai Elite Kratom (Lightning Hippo)
  • Cotton Candy Hippo
  • Green Maeng Da Elite (Hyper Hippo), and
  • Superior White Hulu Kratom (Chill Hippo)
  • Kratom Source: Indonesia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 100% happiness guarantee
    Starting Price: $12

    Happy Hippo is not in any way new to the market. It brings you tried and tested products that have been studied thoroughly to be made suitable for long-term Kratom usage without the experience of any Kratom withdrawal symptoms. The Kratom dosage in all the products is carefully studied and formulated.

    This makes this one of the best Kratom brands out there. If you are looking for an experienced kratom brand that you can rely on, then this is one of the few Kratom companies that can fulfill your needs.

    You get to choose from 30 different products that bring you the positive effects of Kratom including chocolate Kratom powder and Kratom capsules. Some unique products include White Kapuas Kratom Powder. White Kapuas Kratom Powder is very popular among US customers.

    Founded in 2013, Happy Hippo Herbals has been producing top quality kratom products for the last decade. The firm has significantly grown from a small, family-run operation into a widely respected brand name in the kratom industry. One of the key attractive features of this company is their use of fun advertising and marketing. Each kratom strain here now comes with a unique hippo name and image. Besides their fun overall style, this vendor has been quite successful due to their excellent kratom products and user friendly customer service.

    Happy Hippo Herbals has a comprehensive product line that features 30 products that include some of the top kratom powder and capsule strains. Regardless of your kratom needs, it is likely that you will find what you want from this top vendor. Some of their kratom products include Red Sumatra, Red and White Horn, Red Maeng Da, Yellow Sunda, White Borneo, kratom yellow borneo powder and many others. You can also get common kratom strains like Brown Indo and Country Bali here for only $7 per ounce.

    In summary, Happy Hippo sells top quality products and it also has outstanding customer service. Even though their products are a bit expensive, users can rest assured that they are getting potent and highly effective kratom products.

    Super Speciosa

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Tea bags
  • Capsules
  • Powders, and
  • Tablets
  • Kratom Source: Southeast Asia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Starting Price: $9.99

    Finding a reliable brand to purchase your Kratom powder can be quite difficult because there are many Kratom companies out there that make your choice quite hard. When you choose a Kratom brand, you want to be the final one because you do not want to keep deciding between the best Kratom brands for your needs.

    Some of the things that you will look for include whether the company uses high quality Kratom and whether the Kratom dosage matches your requirement. Super speciosa brings you all this and more and is a great option for you if you are looking to buy Kratom online at reasonable prices.

    The Super Speciosa brand name is associated with good quality kratom since this firm is a qualified GMP vendor. This company sells both CBD and kratom products for people interested in alternative dietary supplements. Clients can make payments through their credit cards and get free shipping along with a convenient 30-day refund policy.

    The only drawback related to Super Speciosa is that it doesn’t have a broad product range as compared to other kratom brands. Nevertheless, despite the small product line, this firm has a few kratom products that are worth buying.

    Super Speciosa powder prices vary from $9.99 to $599.99 while the tablets are available between $7.99 and $39.99. Meanwhile, the kratom capsules here will cost you a minimum of $16 for 60 capsules to a maximum of $81 for 360 capsules.

    Overall, Super Speciosa offers verified, top quality kratom at different price points to cater to various needs. Even though they have a limited product line, their kratom products have received positive reviews online from many satisfied consumers.


    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Featured Krabot products include the
  • Evening Blend Capsules
  • White Maeng Da Kratom
  • Kratom Extract Tablets
  • Kratom Super-Spec Capsules
  • Krabot Morning Blend, and
  • Krabot Evening Blend, among other options
  • Kratom Source: Worldwide
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: NA
    Starting Price: $9.99

    We all know how difficult it is to find Kratom companies that satisfy all of our needs for top quality products. This Kratom brand brings you products with excellent Kratom dosage so that you don’t have to worry about any of the adverse effects that the product is generally known for.

    It is indeed among the best Kratom brands on the market. If you are wondering whether using Kratom (illegal only abroad) is right for you, this company will relieve your doubts by bringing you high-quality Kratom extract tablets for all your Kratom needs.

    The Californian-based company, Krabot, has recently been in the limelight due to its wide variety of excellent quality kratom.

    Fast shipping and high quality customer service are essential when dealing with any online business. Fortunately, Krabot excels in these two areas by ensuring that their clients aren’t facing any issues when ordering through their official website. Krabot also has relatively affordable prices with 100g kratom powder going for less than $30 while the kratom capsules prices start at $15. Buyers can also take advantage of seasonal price coupons and discounts to buy top notch Krabot kratom products at a

    Kratom Life

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • You can buy
  • kratom extracts
  • kratom kilos
  • kratom powder
  • kratom capsules
  • online including everything from 5kg kratom to 1kg of Kratom
  • Kratom Source: Southeast Asia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: NA
    Starting Price: $4.95

    It is not easy to get hold of high-quality Kratom because of the numerous Kratom companies that are on the market right now with various similar options. If you plan on using these products, you will have many questions about Kratom. Illegal only in a few states, Kratom extract tablets offer many benefits.

    The Kratom dosage in these products are pretty high making this one of the best Kratom brands on the market right now.

    This is a great option for you if you are looking for a reliable kratom brand to provide you with the benefits without any adversities including addiction.

    The other top quality kratom company included here is Kratom Life. Kratom Life works with a committed local team that focuses on ethical production and harvesting. Furthermore, Kratom Life is heavily invested in extensive kratom research to enhance their understanding of kratom plans, particularly in terms of alkaloid buildup.

    Kratom Life supplies a broad variety of natural kratom capsules and powder that have been formulated from the top strains. This wider variety of products allows customers to customize their kratom dose to improve their health.

    Kratom Krates

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Kratom Krates offers a range of
  • kratom products including
  • kratom powders
  • extracts
  • capsules, and more
  • Kratom Source: NA
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price: $20

    Kratom Krates is one of those unique Kratom companies that offer numerous benefits along with the high quality Kratom that they bring you through their wide selection of products. For instance, you get free shipping on all products that you purchase from Kratom Krates.

    This kratom brand is suitable for those who are looking to buy in bulk. The products are manufactured in facilities that are approved by the food and drug administration.

    You do not have to worry about Kratom overdose when you use products produced by Kratom Krates. This is easily one of the best Kratom brands on the market suitable for those who wish to buy large amounts at once.

    The other AKA GMP qualified kratom producer on this list is Kratom Krates, a reputable kratom vendor that is based in Florida. This vendor specializes in selling customized kratom blends and bulk kratom powder. This company is dedicated to ensuring that the integrity and makeup of the kratom plant in its primary alkaloids are well preserved throughout the production process.

    Kratom Krates sells bulk kratom capsules and powder, along with CBD products. Newcomers to the kratom space will appreciate trying out their reasonably priced variety packs and free samples.

    In terms of pricing, Kratom Krates features some of the most affordable options on the market. Buyers can get 50 grams of kratom for only $20 and bulk orders of around 10kg are available for less than $1,000.

    Craving Kratom

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Green Sumatra Kratom
  • Green Thai Kratom
  • Kratom Extract Red Maeng Da Powder
  • Kratom Source: Indonesia
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
    Starting Price: $10.95

    Again a very reliable source of Kratom, the products are tested for quality and efficacy. You do not have to worry about adverse effects including addiction as well as any symptoms of withdrawal that people tend to express.

    It is not possible to undergo the situation of Kratom overdose when you use products produced by this company because the dosage is strictly regulated.

    It has received certifications from various organizations and the products are manufactured in facilities that are approved by the food and drug administration so there is no concern of safety when you use these products. It is affordable and reliable.

    The Craving Kratom brand has its American base in South Austin, Texas while its European headquarters are located in Northern Ireland. This firm is also GMP-certified by the AKA, which guarantees that they are producing some of the best quality kratom products. Each kratom batch here is submitted to extensive laboratory testing at third party facilities where they check for any potential adulterants like heavy metals and bacteria.

    Craving Kratom understands the importance of providing more affordable kratom solutions without compromising on the potency.

    This vendor sells different varieties of kratom capsules and extracts, as well as customized blends. They are one of the top vendors that regularly stock the iconic yellow and gold vein kratom powders such as Kratom Bali Gold Powder. Yellow Vietnam and Bali Gold Kratom Powder are popular. Overall, Craving Kratom is a verified vendor that offers multiple kratom extracts, proprietary bleeds and attractive customer incentives. All kratom products here are lab tested and are made in compliance with GMP.


    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Popular options include
  • the Kratom Red Thai powder
  • the Kratom Bali Gold powder, and
  • the Kratom Yellow Borneo powder
  • among other options
  • Kratom Source: NA
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 30-day satisfaction guarantee
    Starting Price: Check official website Science.bio

    Science.bio is another impressive kratom vendor with top-level product quality control and research. Unlike other companies, this firm focuses on strict purity testing for all its dietary supplements. That means all kratom supplements produced by Science.bio have been tested by third parties to deliver industry-leading quality Guarantee/Refund Policy.

    Some of the notable kratom products sold by Science.bio include the white vein and green vein sample bundles that go for $49.39 per bottle. Other kratom powders available here include Green Malay, Red Vietnam and Premium Maeng Da among others. If you are looking for well tested and highly effective kratom powders from $5 to $50, then Science.bio is worth checking out.

    Attention to detail is essential when packaging dietary supplements. Science.bio uses top quality glass jars with adequate UV resistance to reduce ingredient degradation. The overall product presentation helps to maximize the shelf life, thus allowing users to utilize their kratom powders for as long as possible.

    The Science.bio website features user-friendly navigation and a straightforward checkout menu. All products have high quality photos and the company offers friendly and fast customer support. Overall, Science.bio offers multiple varieties of kratom powders that have been extensively tested to verify their potency and eliminate any contaminants.

    Just Kratom

    Brand Overview
    Top Products:
  • Popular Just Kratom options include its
  • Green Malay
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Red Bali, and
  • Red Maeng Da kratom powders and capsules
  • Kratom Source: NA
    Guarantee/Refund Policy: 100% satisfaction guarantee policy
    Starting Price: Prices start as low as $6.99 to $9.99

    Just Kratom offers a wide range of kratom strains in powder and capsule forms. Users can enjoy pain relief, increased energy, better awareness and increase socialization after using these products. Just Kratom is committed to producing safe and effective products. The firm uses third-party lab tests to verify the safety of all its products.

    The kratom powders and capsule from Just Kratom range from $9.99 to $70. Examples of kratom strains offered here include Red Maeng Da and White Maeng Da among many others. However it is worth noting that this firm doesn’t ship to all states in America. For instance, Just Kratom doesn’t ship to various states like Indiana, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Denver, San Diego, Union County, Sarasota County, Arkansas and Alabama.

    Overall, Just Kratom has received positive testimonials and reviews online. Their kratom products are ideal for both novice and experienced buyers.

    How to choose kratom supplements

    Type of Kratom Used

    There are different strains of kratom, each with varying benefits of its own. The major strains of kratom are white vein kratom extract, green vein kratom extracts, red vein kratom extracts, maeng da kratom extract, etc.

    These strains of kratom are further unclassified into different types of kratom such as elephant kratom, red riau kratom powder, red malay kratom powder, superior white hulu kratom, etc.

    We made sure to include those companies that provide multiple options when it came to choosing the type of kratom powder offered by the Kratom companies.

    For example, Kratom companies such as Left Coast Kratom provide a number of options such as elephant kratom, kratom energy shots, etc.

    Another company, Organic Kratom USA provides options in red riau kratom powder, white vein kratom etc.

    Happy Hippo Herbals, another one of the best Kratom companies on our list, offers superior white hulu kratom, red veins kratom, green vein kratom, lightning hippo, etc.

    Brand reputation

    An essential place to begin your search for the top kratom brand is by checking the overall brand reputation of a prospective vendor. Any firm that has a strong, positive brand reputation will likely produce kratom products that are reliable, potent, and highly effective. For instance, all the different top Kratom brands included in this list are well known for producing dependable, safe, and highly effective kratom supplements.

    User reviews

    When buying kratom online, it is important to look up the user reviews left by the existing users of a specific Kratom company.

    We thoroughly scrutinized the Kratom brands that went on our thoughtfully-curated list to see if the company had positive or negative customer reviews. Our research and editorial team steered clear of all those Kratom brands that featured unbelievably good testimonials on their websites but had not-so-good or negative reviews on third-party review sites such as Trustpilot.

    We made sure to only include those Kratom brands and companies that had fairly positive reviews about them both on the official website as well as independent review sites.

    Product testing

    Comprehensive product testing is one of the best ways to guarantee the purity, reliability, and authenticity of any dietary supplement. For instance, top kratom brands typically undergo thorough third-party lab tests to ensure that their supplements don’t contain any contaminants or artificial additives. The test results will also list all the compounds included in that supplement.

    Product range

    The final consideration when selecting the top kratom firm has to do with the product range. Each kratom strain has unique health effects on a user’s body. The best kratom brands featured above often have wider varieties of products, including customizable orders, to ensure that all consumers can easily access top-quality, reliable kratom supplements.

    FAQs about Kratom

    Q: What are the different purchase choices for kratom?

    A: There are various ways you can purchase kratom including powders, capsules, extracts, or even in bulk. Kratom powder is a popular way of consuming this supplement as it is relatively easy to use. In most cases, you will only need to add water to make yourself a kratom juice or smoothie. You can buy different strains of kratom powders depending on your desired effects.

    Buying in bulk is the final option and this gives buyers great value for their money. However, while the bulk prices are relatively affordable, you will still require making a sizable initial investment. That means it may be more challenging to purchase several kratom strains simultaneously in bulk. If you wish to use different kratom strains to improve your health, then purchasing in bulk is not ideal.

    Is Kratom legal in other countries?

    Kratom is not legal in countries including New Zealand, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Myanmar, Malaysia, etc.

    Top Kratom Brands in 2022: Conclusion

    Regular kratom intake is great for relieving pain, boosting energy, dealing with anxiety and stress, and many other health benefits. There are numerous kratom vendors available today with most of them claiming to be the best. The list shown above features some of the top kratom brands today. These firms have been selected based on their reputation, product selection, kratom sources, reviews, and other critical factors. This simple guide should help you to select the top kratom vendor. In addition, since the FDA does not evaluate kratom supplements, it is best to consult a healthcare professional before using these products.

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