Best Mushroom Supplements Reviewed: Top Product Rankings List

Recently, mushrooms have been getting much attention as people are starting to reap their countless benefits. Medicinal mushroom extracts are loaded with proteins and antioxidants. The latter is said to play a vital role in shielding the body from destructive free radicals. When this happens, one’s body is protected from conditions like cancer and heart-related diseases. These antioxidants are also said to reduce inflammation and promote good health.

With the rising need for these products, powders, capsules, and other forms of medicinal mushroom supplements have flocked the market. Now the trouble is finding the best supplement that will attend to your needs. So, how does one find the perfect supplement?

To make your work easier, we went on a hunt and jotted down a listing of the best mushroom supplements. The list is as follows;

The Best Mushroom Supplements of 2021

After sleepless nights of research and critical evaluation of each product’s pros and cons, we narrowed down our results to the following supplements;

Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT: Support cellular energy and cardiovascular endurance
Four Sigmatic: Contain top ten functional mushrooms
Real Mushrooms: 100% pure and organic mushroom supplements
MUD\WTR: Mushroom supplement with organic ingredients to support youthfulness
Mushroom Defense: This immune complex is designed for better health and immune function
Organixx 7M+: This one of the best-fermented mushroom supplements fights virus, cold, and bacteria
Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane: An organic mushroom supplement to support brain health and immunity
Genius Mushrooms: Genius mushrooms offer a wide range of mushroom supplements for the desired purpose
Mushroom Revival: The mushroom supplements of Mushroom revival come with a five-second wellness routine approach
Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus: A mental performance enhancer that lasts throughout your activities
FreshCap: Ultimate mushroom capsules for energy and endurance
VidaCap: VidaCap features powdered and capsule mushroom supplements for enhanced vitality and energy
Shroomy: This is the world’s first mushroom gummy product
Ceremony Mushrooms: The company promotes the four pillars of health and wellness through its mushroom supplements
Gundry MD Mushroom Vitality: It is a revolutionary mushroom supplement with the combination of the world’s most powerful mushrooms
Circadian Wellness: This functional mushroom company features high-end mushroom supplements
VitaPost Immune Support: The mushroom supplement contains a wide range of nutritional ingredients for optimum immunity
MycoPhyto Complex: A complete immune fortification formula
Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom: This Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom supplement is the best for mental health and immunity
Goldmine Supershroom Powder: A blend of four top immune-boosting mushroom supplements
YourSuper.com Magic Mushroom: This delicious chocolate formula keeps you calm and relaxed
Spore: This offers your body adaptogens for healthy immune function
Vita Plan Adaptogen Recovery: An adaptogenic herbal formula for strengthening immunity and overall health
The Drug Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms: Top quality medicinal mushroom supplements for optimum health
Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract: This Caterpillar Fungus powder is verified in third party lab testing
Plant People WonderDay: These doctor-formulated adaptogens power your immunity and brain health
5 Mushrooms Reserve Blend: This fancy-looking bottle of the mushroom supplement contains the top five mushroom extracts
MindHoney: One of the best daily cognitive supplements in the market
Vita Plan Brain Boost: This physician formulated supplement promotes the 100% of brain use

Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The medicinal mushroom supplement contains a blend of 1.2g of cordyceps and 0.93g of adaptogenic mushrooms. Adaptogen is a mushroom blend consisting of green tea leaves and astragalus root extract. It also contains Rhodiola and ashwagandha
Quantity Included: 28 capsules
Serving: One capsule
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $25

Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT is a bestselling mushroom supplement popular across the globe. Many people love it, particularly for its immense benefits. In Essence, the supplement is said to boost the body’s energy. According to Onnit, taking the recommended Shroom dosage goes a long way in sponsoring aerobic activities.

If we go by the numerous reviews shared across different platforms about the Onnit Shroom Tech SPORT, all of this may be true. The product has even gotten a co-sign by several famous individuals. An excellent example is a renowned podcaster and media personality, Joe Rogan. At one time, Mr. Rogan showered Shroom with positive reviews. He praised it for actually living up to the “hype.”

Four Sigmatic

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The mushroom supplements contain Mushroom Blend Mi, Organic Reishi mushroom extract, Organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, ground mushroom coffees, and Organic Chaga mushroom extracts
Quantity Included: 60g
Serving: Two scoops (2g)
Assurance: 100% money-back guarantee
Cost: $20

Having been featured in several news outlets, it is no surprise to many that Four Sigmatic is here. Based in Finland, the USDA organic-certified company is known to produce outstanding mushroom supplements. Its caffeine-free immune support formula is made with ten functional mushrooms.

On occasions, the best mushroom supplements may also have plant-based protein powders. These mushroom powders are said to rejuvenate amino deposits in the blood. This further expands their consumption circle to target pure vegetarians.

Real Mushrooms

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The mushroom powders contain vital ingredients such as Chaga mushroom and reishi mushroom extracts. Both Chaga and reishi mushrooms are said to be good for your immunity and fighting against cancer
Quantity Included: Each pack contain different quantity ranging from 45g to 60g
Serving: 1/2 teaspoon
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $35

For over four decades now, Real Mushrooms has been edging perfection in its products. It is always striving to be nothing but the best.

The company offers medicinal mushroom supplements with blends of many mushroom varieties. Our best picks are 5 Defenders and Mushroom Hot Chocolate Mix blends. You can try any of the two and see for yourself why Real Mushrooms is the best mushroom supplements company.


Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The supplement is made using a series of proven organic mushrooms. Some of these components include; cinnamon, chai, and sea salt. Of course, we cannot forget the concoction of 4 different medicinal mushroom extracts
Quantity Included: 30 servings
Serving: One tbsp (6g)
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $40

MUD\WTR is another impressive mushroom supplement we have in the market today.

Combining all the carefully selected ingredients helps MUD\WTR deliver targeted coffee-like benefits. The difference is that users do not feel the unpleasant side effects associated with caffeine.

This offers an excellent way to warm up your day, bearing in mind that the supplement contains a microdose of caffeine. The supplement has less than 14% of coffee’s caffeine. Knowing all of this, tell me why anyone wouldn’t make this supplement your dog’s friend?

Mushroom Defense

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The supplement is made using a series of well-proven medicinal mushrooms. Cordyceps, turkey tail and Lion’s Mane are some examples of these medicinal mushroom formulas
Quantity Included: 60 capsules
Serving: Two capsules
Assurance: 67-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $60

A bottle of Mushroom Defense, from an economic view, is maybe quite costly. However, do not cancel the supplement yet.

First of all, the supplement is said to live by its name, “Mushroom Defense.” According to its manufacturers, the Mushroom Defense is suitable for protecting your body against diseases. It is also said to help users fight fatigue. Let us not forget the fact that it is also claimed to work against cognitive decline. Some reports even indicate that it might detoxify your body.

After seeing all of the above facts, it is safe to say that Mushroom Defense is a splendid supplement. If you do decide to go for it, it will be worth every single penny.

Organixx 7M+

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Chaga mushroom, turkey tail mushrooms, reishi mushroom, shiitake, cordyceps, maitake, and Lion’s Mane organic mushrooms
Quantity Included: 60 capsules
Serving: Two capsules
Assurance: One-year satisfaction guarantee
Cost: $55

The fermented mushroom pills of Organixx boast an extraordinary lineup of the best medicinal mushroom supplements. Each of these products is packed with a wide range of ingredients. In this particular well-blended powder of Organixx 7M+, you will find seven different types of medicinal mushrooms.

All of these mushroom variants have critical nutritional values in the body. Lion’s Mane mushroom, for instance, is known to have over ten indispensable benefits. One of them is having anti-anxiety properties. It is also believed to limit the progression of dementia. Furthermore, the supplement is said to work against aging.

7M+ has also gone a mile further and added kelp in its products. As you might have heard, kelp is a type of seaweed with tons of nutrients and flavors. When consumed, the kelp components are said to detoxify and nourish the liver.

Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract
Quantity Included: 30 capsules
Serving: One capsule
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $23

Pure Essence contains one of the most studied mushroom types, the Lion’s Mane mushroom. Just like in Organixx 7M+, the fungus is said to give these products anxiolytic properties. The mushroom extract supplement is also said to nourish and repair damaged nerves.

Additionally, with every capsule of the Pure Essence MyPure Lion’s Mane you take, you get to enjoy a rich supply of beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are sugars found in fungi. They are believed to treat heart diseases and regulate cholesterol in the blood.

Genius Mushrooms (Genius Brand)

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The highly preferred mushroom supplements contain Lion’s Mane mushroom, cordyceps mushroom extract, and reishi mushroom extracts
Quantity Included: 90 capsules
Serving: Three capsules a day
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $29.95

Genius Mushrooms deliver an organic formula using three species of organic mushrooms. Both Lion’s and reishi mushrooms Mane are said to enhance mental clarity and nurture your mind and spirit. On the other hand, Cordyceps of Genius Mushrooms is claimed to treat bronchitis and other respiratory infections. The fungus is also said to help solve kidney problems.

Supplement from Genius mushrooms is backed by over 22971 positive reviews earning it an average rating of 4.5 stars. This comes after a strict testing procedure to enhance the potency and effects of Genius Mushrooms.

Mushroom Revival

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Cordyceps mushroom, Lion’s Mane mushroom, Reishi mushroom, and other proven mushroom extracts
Quantity Included: 59ML
Serving: Two squeezes of the dropper bulb on the tongue
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $35

Our admiration for these supplements stems from its founder’s hunt for an energy-boosting solution. According to the Mushroom Revival, its founder, Alex Dorr, had recurrent energy-zapping problems. As he was flipping over different solutions, he landed on the best mushroom supplements. Alex says that out of all the products used, mushroom supplements had the best results. This is how he began formulating mushroom supplements. Within a short while, Mushroom Revival was born.

Today, Mushroom Revival is a true rival of other best medicinal mushroom supplements. Its shelves are packed with tinctures of best-known mushroom species. For instance, the mushroom revival sells Mushroom Mix Daily 10 Tincture. The Mushroom Mix is known to have immense benefits for users’ immunity.

Though its prices are slightly above the standard bar, the company bets more on quality. You can get a high-quality mushroom supplement tincture at an affordable cost. And if you are a first-time buyer, a 10% discount awaits you.

Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Alpha-GPC, citicoline, and organic mushroom powder are some of this supplement’s ingredients
Quantity Included: 24 sticks
Serving: Take one stick a day
Assurance: 30-day refund policy
Cost: $40

Earth Nutri supplements offer many types of best medicinal mushroom supplements with targeted benefits. You can get supplements meant for morning and nighttime hours, depending on your liking.

In our list today, we have the famous Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus supplement. Just like its name, the nootropic and mushroom formula is geared towards enhancing the user’s energy. It is said to do this using a combination of various ingredients, medicinal mushrooms being one of them.

With each serving of Earth Nutri Performance Energy + Focus, experts say that your body gets a total of 2,000 mg of mushroom extract. This is believed to be enough to help you improve your peak power throughout the day.


Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: On their shelves, you will find Lion’s Mane mushroom, cordyceps, and Turkey Tail mushroom supplements. The final products are pure extracts of cordyceps mushrooms. This means that they have no additives and no hidden ingredients
Quantity Included: 120 capsules
Serving: Take two capsules per serving
Assurance: Happiness guarantee
Cost: $35

Most of the time, our fitness goals are always crushed by our body’s inability to produce energy. Now, FreshCap might be the solution to this.

The company sells Turkey Tail capsules, lion’s mane capsules, mushroom powders, coffees, and formulas with targeted benefits. Turkey tail capsules are highly effective in boosting immunity. All these best mushroom supplements come with a common goal of replenishing your energy reserves. However, you can get a daytime formula for hyper-performance. Also, if you need a relaxation formula for nighttime sleep, FreshCap has something for you.

Besides having mushroom supplements, the company sells synergistic blends. Synergistic blends contain more than one species of mushroom. The most notable example is THRIVE which contains at least six species of mushroom. You can also try out others like Unwind and Focus mushroom blends. They are potent supplements believed to have long-lasting benefits.


Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: 750mg lion’s mane (Hieracium Erinaceus) powder
Quantity Included: 60 capsules
Serving: Two capsules
Assurance: 30-day satisfaction guarantee
Cost: $24

VidaCap is one of the few supplement providers that use greenhouse-grown medicinal mushrooms. The firm alleges that raw materials grown in a controlled environment are of better quality. The company further states that China and Russia are their leading suppliers. Thus, they are capitalizing on diversity.

After a few months of caring for the mushrooms in the greenhouse, they are harvested and sundried. They are then crushed and used to make the supplement. The final product is scrutinized in the lab for heavy metals and other harmful compounds. Third-party labs do further testing to ensure consumer safety. So far in our list, VidaCap is the only company that uses third-party labs. This is good news for skeptical consumers.

Opening VidaCap’s shelves lead you to a bountiful collection of the best mushroom supplements. Their products are aimed at reducing inflammation, strengthening immunity, and boosting energy production.


Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: It has Lion’s Mane, reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms, all of which come together to benefit the user
Quantity Included: 30 servings
Serving: Take two gummies
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $34.99

Shroomy mushroom brands don’t shroud their products in secrecy. Instead, they offer everything on the open market. In their stores, you will find scientifically backed supplements to improve general wellness. According to Shroomy, this multivitamin alternative clears the foggy mind and boosts immunity.

As a unique brand, Shroomy provides its supplements in the form of gummies. The gummies are marketed as nootropic supplements containing three different types of mushrooms.

Their perfect pricing plans allow you to use only $1 per day on their supplements. They also offer shipping services to the USA and Canada and wholesale options.

Ceremony Mushrooms

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Some of these ingredients include; plant-based proven mushroom extracts, adaptogens, and mushroom blends
Quantity Included: 118 ML
Serving: 2 ml once a day
Assurance: 30-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $59

The ceremonial entry of Ceremony Mushrooms to the market was truly revolutionary. The mushroom blend tincture company has mastered the art of providing a wide array of mushroom tinctures. In Essence, once you get to their website, you can find sleep, stress relief, and digestion tinctures, just to mention a few.

Taking these best mushroom supplements as a morning ritual is said to welcome calmness. Thanks to the diverse selection of ingredients, the tinctures are also believed to give you control over your health.

Ceremony Mushroom’s tinctures are easy to consume. Just add a few drops to your preferred beverage and sip it. Unlike medicinal mushroom powders, adding tinctures to your beverage will not compromise its flavors.

Gundry MD Mushroom Vitality

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The mushroom blend mix Chaga mushroom mycelia, Coriolus mushroom fruiting body, and reishi mushroom fruiting body. Combining all these ingredients gives you a mixture that is claimed to curb aging
Quantity Included: 118 ML
Serving: 4 ML
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $66

Gundry MD high-quality supplements are popularly known for their anti-aging properties.

Gundry MD Mushroom Vitality was formulated by a renowned medical expert known as Dr. Gundry MD. While making it, he tabled his years of experience to develop the “ultimate” supplement. This adds legitimacy to the final product considering that a certified doctor made it.

We can all agree that the price of Gundry is a small sacrifice to thank the doctor for his great work. But, also note that all tinctured supplements are slightly more expensive than their powdered cousins. Thus, it is an honorable deed to obtain this bottle of pure wellness that will surely rejuvenate your body.

Circadian Wellness

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Lion’s mane mushroom
Quantity Included: Unavailable
Serving: Unavailable
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $30

Founded in 2020, Circadian Wellness is a very young brand but with futuristic ideas. Since its inception, the company has pursued mushroom-related research. A successful breakthrough in their endeavors came a few months ago with the introduction of Quicksome™. In simple terms, this is a technology that increases the bioavailability of the best mushroom supplements.

The company currently aims to solve modern wellness problems caused by our lifestyle. One way in which they address these issues is by realigning a person’s circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a “biological clock” that regulates sleep-wake circles. A properly functioning circadian rhythm improves libido, general productivity, and pain.

VitaPost Immune Support

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Beta-Glucans & Graviola Leaf, Vitamin E & Green Tea leaf extract, and medicinal Mushroom & Herbal mushroom Complex
Quantity Included: 60 capsules
Serving: Two capsules
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $14

By consuming VitaPost Immune Support, you give your body a ton of plant-based and medicinal mushroom extracts. The plant-based extracts load your body with vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, mushroom extracts offer a wide range of benefits to the body.

Within these carefully formulated best mushroom supplements, you will also find broad-spectrum antioxidants. From a clinical perspective, antioxidants are known to fight against free radicals. Free radicals are unstable atoms that reduce cellular activities and catalyze aging.

MycoPhyto Complex

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Reishi, turkey tail, cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane are some of the mushroom species that includes
Quantity Included: 180 capsules
Serving: Take six capsules a day
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $40

MycoPhyto Complex is made by processing the fruiting body of six medicinal mushroom species. It is different from other mushroom supplements in the market.

The man credited with formulating this marvelous piece of work is none other than Dr. Isaac Eliaz, MD. Mr. Eliaz is a brilliant mushroom supplements specialist. He not only makes the mushroom complex but also carries out several studies about the industry. With this, you can be sure that consuming a few capsules of MycoPhyto is beneficial and safe.

Brain Forza Organic Lion’s Mane Mushroom

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Certified organic lion’s mane mushroom extract
Quantity Included: 90 capsules
Serving: Three capsules
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $40

The USDA organic certified Brain Forza enhances brain health and nerve function. This means that their raw materials are grown without chemicals and in a controlled environment. USDA verifications also ensure the supplements are potent and lack heavy metals. Heavy metals such as lead and mercury have nasty effects on the kidney, lungs, and neurons. That is why there are strict policies against them in the world of mushroom supplements.

Talking of controlled environments, Brain Forza uses only mushrooms grown inside a lab when making the Original Lion’s Mane Mushroom. According to the company, their material is more potent than natural-occurring mushrooms. It is also critical to know that their raw materials are heated twice at over 125 °C. This flushes out and kills any microorganisms lurking on mushroom surfaces. Heating twice also ensures their products last longer.

Goldmine Supershroom Powder

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Lucuma, Ginger, Reishi fruiting body mushroom, Turkey tail fruiting body mushroom, Maitake fruiting body mushroom, and Astragalus
Quantity Included: 39 servings
Serving: 1/2-1 tsp three times a day
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $30

Goldmine Supershroom Powder is a fantastic product. It is made by tabling mushrooms’ fruiting bodies and grinding them to form a potent supplement. Other than mushrooms, the product also contains plant lucuma, ginger, and astragalus.

To most of us, ginger has multiple benefits, including alleviating sore throat symptoms. On the other hand, lucuma has high levels of tough fibers that reduce constipation. Additionally, astragalus has antioxidants. It is these antioxidants that are said to help one fight against diseases like cancer.

Being a powder, the consumption of goldmine is straightforward. Just take half a teaspoonful heap of the powder, mix it with water and drink the “concoction.” You may consume it two to three times a day.

YourSuper.com Magic Mushroom

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The company uses China’s Chaga, Peru’s Lucuma, and India’s religious Ashwagandha
Quantity Included: 30 servings
Serving: 5g
Assurance: 30-day satisfaction guarantee
Cost: $35

Magic mushroom is one of the companies on our list that has dramatically invested in diversity. The products of Magic Mushroom are not only sourced worldwide, but they are also of different species. Its formula is exactly the same as the Mushroom Hot Chocolate Powder mixed blend with proven mushroom extracts for various benefits.

When these products are combined, an easy-to-use powder known as YourSuper.com Magic Mushroom supplement is formed. The magic mushroom powder has unlimited advantages. Firstly it is said to boost the users’ immunity. It is also believed to dissolve free radicals in one’s body.

YourSuper.com Magic Mushroom employees 3rd party labs to test their products. This gives it an extra line of credibility and trustworthiness.


Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: These ingredients include; ginkgo Biloba, plant-based ingredients, and mushroom extracts
Quantity Included: 90 capsules
Serving: Three capsules
Assurance: 30-day satisfaction guarantee
Cost: $50

Spore supplement is said to up your brain health and mental performance. The benefits of using this supplement are mainly attributed to the product’s ingredients.

Each serving of the supplement is also said to release adaptogens to your body. Popular adaptogens in the best mushroom supplements are claimed to help with fighting stress. They are also believed to boost libido further and reduce aging.

Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Reishi mushroom extract, cordyceps, skullcap, and Rehmannia mushroom extract
Quantity Included: 180 capsules
Serving: Three capsules
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $64 to $72

This supplement was formulated by Dr. Bill Rawls a few years ago. Dr. Rawls was compelled by the fact that most people had degrading immunity. So he founded the supplement intending to fix this issue.

Bill provided a proper solution to people with immunity issues by developing an excellent mushroom supplement. The result is what we have today as a Vital Plan Adaptogen Recovery mushroom supplement.

The Drug Store Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Chaga, cordyceps, and reishi mushrooms
Quantity Included: 30-day serving
Serving: ½ Tsp
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $20

The Drug Store is a London-based supplement supplier with well-developed access to the European market. The company bets more on its extensive range of supplies compared to its location. In its docket, there are over a dozen medicinal mushroom supplements coupled with CBD blends.

The Drug Store also offers Adaptogenic Mushrooms and medicinal mushrooms with targeted benefits. Among their best mushroom supplies are Glow Bar, Wunder Workshop, and Anatomy. All these mushroom supplements are designed to focus on specific problems such as immunity and energy levels.

The current price of a Drug Store mushroom supplement starts at $20 a bottle. We all agree that this price is very affordable and many people can buy the supplement.

Botany Cordyceps Militaris Extract

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Cordyceps Militaris Mushroom Extracts
Quantity Included: 30 g
Serving: 500 mg
Assurance: 30-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $24

Botany is a company endowed with a team of talented supplement makers who take their time to craft the “perfect” product. There are several reasons why we say this. First, their bottles are tamper-proof for safety during transit. Secondly, the bottles are UV resistant to prevent the content inside from degrading. Lastly, the company overweighs its products to compensate for the loss by adhesion.

During the processing of Cordyceps extracts, the operation is closely monitored. This ensures the final products are not contaminated and do not contain impurities. So, for a high-quality supplement free of unhealthy additives, you can trust Cordyceps Militaris Extract.

Plant People WonderDay

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The company uses Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and other species of mushrooms in their mushroom supplements
Quantity Included: 30 Servings
Serving: Two gummies
Assurance: 100% money-back guarantee
Cost: $60

Each WonderDay gummy from Plant People is made with wild raspberry flavor and contains more than ten different types of mushrooms. This is believed to double overall body performance.

For more price-friendly options, try their monthly subscriptions with discounts. From the company’s website information, if you subscribe to the products, you get a 15% discount. Also, customers who spend more than $60 on their preferred mushroom supplements are eligible for free shipping. This only applies if they live in the USA.

5 Mushroom Reserve Blend

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: The company uses organic Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, Chaga mushrooms. Turkey Tail mushroom, for instance, is a medicinal mushroom believed to have antioxidants. It is also said to improve immunity and help one fight certain types of cancers
Quantity Included: 90 capsules
Serving: Three capsules
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $30

Described as the grooviest supplement in the world, 5 Mushroom Reserve Blend truly makes people happy. The supplement has more than five different species of mushroom with a plethora of benefits.

The price of this mushroom supplement is very affordable. One bottle contains 90 capsules which is a one-month serving. Every capsule delivers the best value noting that it has 1750mg of concentrated mushroom supplement. This translates to 350mg of individual mushroom supplements per capsule.


Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: Popular nootropics contained in MindHoney mushroom supplements include; Coffeeberry, NALT, DMAE, and Neurofactor. The supplement contains ingredients like; Reishi, Lion’s Mane, Chaga, and cordyceps mushroom extracts
Quantity Included: 60 capsules
Serving: Two capsules
Assurance: Unavailable
Cost: $32

MindHoney is an all-purpose nootropic supplement made from herbs and mushroom extracts. The combination of four key ingredients and the supplement’s nootropics benefits users greatly. In Essence, by consuming the supplement, users are said to have increased levels of energy. The product is also believed to boost mental wellness, Focus, and memory.

Vital Plan Brain Boost

Supplement Detail
Main Ingredients: It contains Cat’s claws, bacopa manner, and ginkgo Biloba
Quantity Included: 120 capsules
Serving: Four capsules
Assurance: 90-day money-back guarantee
Cost: $48

Here we have another masterpiece meant to promote good health. Vital Plan Brain Boost contains a wide range of mushroom extracts. These ingredients come together to offer countless benefits to users. The supplement is believed to support brain health activities and boost energy production.

Dr. Rawls developed this particular supplement. Cat’s claw is a tropical vine with distinctive hooked thorns resembling claws. It is said to help in decelerating the progression of Alzheimer’s. On the other hand, bacopa monnieri and Ginkgo Biloba are purported to be good for your heart. To be specific, monnieri is said to increase dopamine levels.

Ranking Factors For The Best Mushroom Supplements of 2021

Compiling this list was not a walk in the park bearing in mind we had to handle hundreds of products. Our editors were keen on details during our rankings and carefully went through the numerous options available today. They then filtered the results using nine key factors to come up with the best. These factors are what we have discussed below;

Ingredients used

Mushrooms are prolific fungi that can be counted to thousands. However, only a handful of them can be used as mushroom supplements. In our rankings, we preferred mushrooms that had proven results that they could be used as mushroom supplements.

Effective dosage

Dosage was another tricky topic we had to deal with. Some companies used the right ingredients, but their dosage was somehow low. Thus they could not provide targeted benefits. On the flip side, some brands could not clearly explain how to use their medicinal mushroom supplements.

Either way, a company with a proper concentration of an active ingredient in their supplement had an advantage.

Trials and Tests

Though medicinal mushroom supplements are not prescription drugs, clinical trials are a must-do thing. This is because human beings use them, and at any time, anything can go wrong. Also, there are poisonous mushrooms out there that could harm users when ingested.

Companies such as Onnit have significantly invested in clinical trials. This gave them an advantage over other mushroom supplement companies in the industry.


In the supplement industry, a company’s reputation matters a lot. Mushroom supplement companies with a well-preserved reputation had a chance of claiming our top spot.

When we talk of reputation, the story begins from raw materials to final products. That is why a company that described its raw material source was highly preferred. Compared to other mushroom supplements, those that did not.

Production Method

Mushroom supplement companies produce their products in different ways. Few mushroom supplements use the fruiting body, while others focus on mycelium. Also, we found out that other mushroom supplement companies used terms like a broad spectrum. Either way, we were looking at a company that used proper production methods for maximum benefits.

Method of Extraction

Traditionally, hot water was used to remove active ingredients from supplements. Currently, more precise and fast methods like using alcohol are being implemented. Some manufacturers are even using double extraction to improve the product’s concentration.

Advisory Board

Manufacturing medicinal mushroom supplements require some level of expertise. Some mushroom supplement companies have medical advisory boards to research the same. This adds a layer of legitimacy, which pushes us to select them.

The Product’s Benefits

Cocky manufacturers advertise false benefits of their products just to get their stuff rolling on the market. We were keen on such mushroom supplement companies that went overboard and cheated consumers. In contrast, other mushroom supplements with practical benefits garnered more points.

Money-back Guarantee

Not everyone may like even the “best” supplement. After purchasing products, what happens to those who do not want them? Will they lose their money? Mushroom supplement companies that offered money-back guarantees had an advantage over those that did not. This is because they provided customers an opportunity to get refunds if the products did not help them.

Side Effects of Medicinal Mushrooms

Most mushroom supplements are health-friendly and do not result in severe side effects. This is if you consume them as prescribed by the manufacturers. Also, if you don’t have an underlying condition, the supplement will work perfectly.

Nevertheless, in some cases, other mushroom supplements may cause stomach discomfort and nausea. These symptoms will mostly manifest themselves when you take higher doses.

Severe side effects may also occur when you take a mushroom supplement made of magic mushrooms. This is because these mushrooms contain a hallucinogen known as psilocybin.

NOTE: You should talk to your doctor before you enroll in a mushroom supplement diet. They may advise you accordingly and help your body adapt very well to the product.

Scientific Backing of Medicinal Mushrooms

Curiosity propelled by mushroom’s health benefits has pushed scientists to dive into mycology. Currently, they have uncovered over 1.5 million species of fungi.

From available results, only a tiny fraction of these mushrooms have health benefits. These medicinal mushrooms include;


Found in high-altitude areas of the Tibetan plateau and China, cordyceps have numerous benefits. They are believed to boost energy production, improve stamina, lung, and sexual performance.

A medical study was once conducted by researchers in 2010. The experiment was meant to examine the effects of cordyceps on the elderly. Specifically, the fungi could boost their energy. During the research, the subjects were given 33 mg of cordyceps for 12 weeks. After the period elapsed, scientists recorded significant improvements in exercise performance and endurance.


This species of mushroom traces its roots from ancient China. Its supplements are believed to improve general brain activities, sleep, and reduce anxiety.

A 2018 study once revealed that reishi hampers the growth of tumors. The same research also tied fungi to boosting immunity and having anti allergens properties.

Maitake Mushrooms

This type of mushroom grows at the base of oak trees. It resembles a hen when you look at it from a distance. The Maitake mushroom extracts have a lot of benefits, including supporting one’s immunity. It also claims to curb cholesterol intake and solve digestive problems.

A study was once done on beta-glucans found in maitake mushrooms. In the end, researchers found out that maitake mushroom extracts helped regulate cholesterol. The same results also tie it to weight loss and anti-inflammation.


Shiitake mushroom is popular in Asian cuisines. It is purported to have several health benefits. Some of the benefits include; boosting immunity and nourishing the skin.

In Japan, scientists have created a purified supplement of shiitake mushroom. The product is claimed to treat gastric cancer.

Turkey Tail

This is an attractive and colorful mushroom used to produce mushroom extracts. Turkey’s tail is prized for its benefits, but it rarely steps in the kitchen due to its bitter taste.

According to research, the turkey tail mushroom extracts contain Krestin and PSP polysaccharides. The two compounds in mushroom extract are said to boost the immunity of cancer patients during treatment.


Its multiple benefits compensate for Chaga’s unpleasant looks.

Experts have found out that Chaga mushroom extract is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Its antioxidants are claimed to help alleviate digestion problems and reduce inflammation.

Lion’s Mane

This is a top-rated mushroom attracting many mushroom suppliers.

Studies show that this mushroom extract is critical in stimulating NGF synthesis (nerve growth factor). Another research echoed these findings stating that 2g of Lion’s Mane is good for well-being.

Lastly, scientists are continuing to tie mushroom supplements to energy production. In one clinical trial, test subjects were given Onnit mushroom supplement and examined. In the end, it was noted that these people had more endurance as they underwent several forms of exercise.

Mushroom Supplement FAQs

Here are some of the FAQs related to mushroom supplements.

Q: How does a mushroom supplement help the body?

A: Mushroom supplements have thousands of plant-based ingredients. Some of these components include; beta-glucans, terpenoids, and sterols. The ingredients are said to help in reducing aging, inflammation, and boosting immunity.

Q: How can I take a mushroom supplement?

A: Most mushroom supplements are in the form of powders and capsules. You can take them by swallowing directly or mixing them with drinks and foods. Also, you will find tinctured mushroom supplements that can be taken by applying a few drops under the tongue.

Q: Are mushroom supplements legally allowed in the states?

A: Most mushroom supplements are legal. However, psychedelic and medicinal mushrooms are controlled. This means that you need a prescription to acquire such ingredients.

Q: Is it possible to buy medicinal mushrooms?

A: Anybody can buy medicinal mushrooms since they have various health benefits. However, it is illegal to purchase medicinal mushrooms with psilocybin. Psilocybin is a controlled substance in many countries.

Q: At what time of the day is it best to take mushroom supplements?

A: The good thing about mushroom supplements is that they can be taken at any time of the day. This, however, does not apply to supplements with psychedelic effects. You should take them at the time of the day you are least productive, probably at night. This is because they exhibit psychotic impacts that may influence your performance.

Q: Do mushroom supplements have any side effects?

A: Most mushroom supplements are safe provided that you take the required dose. But if you are allergic to mushrooms, be sure to expect adverse side effects.

Q: What is the recommended dose of mushroom supplements?

A: The recommended dose of medicinal mushroom supplement is 1 to 2 capsules per serving.

Q: What are medicinal mushrooms?

A: Medicinal mushrooms are species of fungi growing naturally and contain antioxidants.

Q: What are magic mushrooms?

A: Magic mushrooms are mushrooms with an active ingredient known as psilocybin. Psilocybin is linked to psychedelic properties that affect mood and cognitive processes.

Q: What is Psilocybin?

A: This is a mind-altering ingredient that is found in some kinds of mushrooms.

Q: Is psilocybin illegal?

A: Psilocybin is not allowed in many countries, including the USA.

Q: How does psilocybin affect our bodies?

A: There are no conclusive records to show how psilocybin works. What is known is that it affects the brain. It triggers psychedelic effects and is linked to hallucination.

Q: Are mushroom supplements additive?

A: Mushroom supplements do not contain ingredients that result in dependency or habit-forming. But magic mushrooms are mildly addictive due to the psilocybin chemical compound.

Q: What is the best mushroom for our bodies?

A: Almost all mushroom species have health benefits. But according to research, reishi, Chaga, maitake, and shiitake have the most help.

The Best Mushroom Supplements of 2021 Conclusion

The popularity of these supplements is slowly growing. This is all thanks to the tirelessness of researchers who shed light on their benefits. If you want to start reaping some of these benefits, go and grab yourself some as soon as possible.

Before you rush to make an order, do not just pick any supplement you set your eyes on. Choose only the best.

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