Best Online Psychic Reading Sites Of 2021: Get Complete Online Tarot Reading And Psychic Readings From Famous Psychics

Life is very uncertain, throwing curveballs at you when you least expect it. Feeling lost and directionless at such testing times, you look for guidance from people you trust—a close relative, friend, or a psychic in the neighborhood or city.

But now, you don’t have to wait for a fair or carnival to consult a psychic staring into a crystal ball inside a dark tent. Everything is about being in the here and now, prompting instant results like instant noodles!

Today, if you want advice that will indeed work for you, online psychics on call or messages are the best option. They have that unique ability to understand what you are going through without you having to launch into a detailed litany of woes. There are thousands of online psychics to reach out to whenever you need, without you having to adjust your routine.

But not all of them are gifted and genuine. The genuinely good psychics are available only on top psychic platforms that are dependable and accurate. We did quite a bit of research to come up with a list of the top five psychic platforms that we felt would serve your purpose.

Having said that, it’s now time for you to take a look at our top five picks…

Our List Of The Five Best Online Psychics On Call, Messages [Full Reviews]

#1. Kasamba: Prime Choice For Online Psychic Reading Overall

#2. Keen: Best Physics Readings For Career And Love Relationship

#3. AskNow: Recommended For Mediumship Readings

#4. Oranum: Authentic Psychic Readers For Life Guidance

#5. Mystic Sense: Good For Tarot Card Reading

#1. Kasamba: Prime Choice For Online Psychic Reading Overall


One of the most respected and top-rated psychic websites, Kasamba has been around for over two decades. It has hundreds of experienced and professional psychics on its role to offer services ranging from tarot readings to dream analysis to psychic readings to astrology interpretations. It has a fixed database of satisfied customers who swear by its services.


  • A trusted and secure online psychic reading platform since 1999
  • Readings are available through phone, email, or live chat
  • The first three minutes of every psychic reading session are free
  • New members get 70% off on all psychic services
  • Psychics are skilled at offering love and relationship advice
  • You get a psychic reading online or via email
  • It is the best psychic reading service for tarot card reading
  • Apart from its official website, it has a free mobile app for Android and iOS.


  • On offer are some amazing introductory deals for new clients. The first three minutes are free, and you get an additional 50% off on your reading.
  • A very user-friendly interface to help you with your search
  • Money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with your reading.
  • With a huge number of specialized psychic readers, readers are spoilt for choice.
  • A section dedicated to articles on psychic readings helps to broaden your views.
  • The site takes its customer service very seriously. No matter what your problem is, a customer service representative will be on call 24X7.


  • While the initial offers are very attractive, it gets costly later on, as you may have to pay as high as $14.99 per minute.
  • No video calling facility

Why we recommend Kasamba

Kasamba has built a formidable reputation over the past 20 years for its credible and amazingly accurate psychic readings. Its psychics are truly gifted and trustworthy, garnering hundreds of positive reviews from their customers. It keeps updating and improving itself with time for the benefit of its customers.

=> Visit the official website to get more information on Kasamba

#2. Keen: Best Physics Readings For Career And Love Relationships


Another website that has been around for over 20 years is Keen. Known for its excellent tarot card readers, it has expanded to other types of online psychic reading services ranging from pet psychics, love readings, and guidance on life decisions. You have access to over 1,700 psychics—both experienced and new—with impressive ratings. Their profile pages are comprehensive and give you a good idea of their special psychic skills so that you can make an informed choice.


  • Different types of astrology readings, such as Vedic, Chinese, and Mayan, are on offer.
  • Known for its accurate psychic reading services for career and relationship problems
  • Its spiritual readings help you lead a balanced life and follow the path to self-discovery.
  • Its mediums are adept at receiving messages from deceased loved ones
  • It also offers chakra cleansing to improve energy flow


  • A large variety of psychic readings on offer
  • Most of the psychics on the website have positive reviews
  • The website is easy to navigate with its search filters
  • The readers are accessible every minute of the day across time zones, even on national holidays.
  • The first three minutes are free, after which you pay just $1.99 for the next 10 minutes.


  • No video readings are available
  • The reading cannot be recorded. Once the session is over, you can’t return to the reading to clear your doubts or to check if you have missed something.

Why we recommend Keen

Keen has extremely talented readers known for their accuracy. It has both experienced and new psychics on board. You pay more for the services of the experienced ones and less for the newbies. A diverse range of psychic readings with psychics available 24/7 is another reason to go for Keen.

=> Visit the official website to get more information on Keen

#3. AskNow:Recommended For Mediumship Readings


One of the largest and affordable online psychic reading websites, AskNow has plenty of live psychics with experience of over 30 years. You can get a psychic-reading session from its top-rated psychics or master readers without having to pay through your nose. Their psychic readings over the phone and chat are very accurate. Check out the profile page to get a good idea about which reader will be the best to meet your requirements.


  • Direct access to a psychic over the phone or live chat
  • Free psychic readings for the first five minutes
  • Psychics give excellent financial and career advice
  • Past lives psychic reading will help you understand the patterns inherited from a previous life
  • The readers are carefully vetted with thorough background checks before being taken on by the website


  • Transparency is one of the keys to its success in the industry. You will find someone with the right specialization and a clear approach to your problem.
  • Satisfactory customer service is a top priority
  • One of the most affordable psychic sites
  • A very user-friendly interface
  • The master psychics offer accurate and detailed readings
  • Readings are available in both English and Spanish


  • You have to add payment details to get the free psychic-reading minutes

Why we recommend AskNow

With customer satisfaction being a top priority for AskNow, it has some of the best psychics at very low rates. This is the best site to gain access to live psychics via messages, phone, or chat, especially if you need long readings from experienced psychics. It is very easy to explore the psychic reading site and find the perfect psychic reader matching your needs. The glowing reviews and testimonials are an added incentive to try this site.

=> Visit the official website to get more information on AskNow

#4. Oranum:Authentic Psychic Readers For Life Guidance


A video reading website, Oranum has over 200 gifted psychics offering a wide range of services, starting from pet psychics to dream interpretations. The appealing home page with a snazzy layout is full of photographs and videos of top psychics. Just click on their images to view their profile details or simply choose a reading category from the top bar on the webpage.


  • Its unique live broadcasting services set it apart from the rest. You can keep trying out different advisors for free till you get the one you are looking for
  • It is one of the world’s biggest psychic networks
  • Psychic readings offered via live video chat guarantee a personalized experience
  • Plenty of filtering options to help you with your search for the right psychic


  • New customers get a free psychic reading for 10 minutes. Once those 10 minutes are up, the rates per minute are affordable. It has a credit-based pricing system where you get $0.99 in free credits just for registering.
  • You get the opportunity to see live readings and understand how psychics work.
  • Very user-friendly and attractive interface and easy to navigate
  • Customer service is very prompt and can be reached over mail or the website
  • A wide range of astrologers, mediums, tarot card readers, and fortune tellers


  • There is no way you can call your psychic. You only have chat or video calling options.
  • Some customers have complained of very general readings in their reviews

Why we recommend Oranum

It is one of the best when it comes to video readings, making it as good as a face-to-face conversation with a highly skilled psychic. There are free credits that allow you to try out a reading for a few minutes without any charge. The readers are from all parts of the world and give you a very positive experience.

=> Visit the official website to get more information on Oranum

#5. Mystic Sense:Good For Tarot Card Reading


A 24/7 online psychic reading platform, Mystic Sense stands out for its modern, up-to-date website. By specializing in spiritual, love, tarot, and astrological readings, it ensures full clarity in your readings and queries at affordable rates. You also get a free five-minute trial to check out its readers and guides. A detailed profile bank of all the psychic readers helps you make an informed decision.


  • Psychic readers are readily available on call, chat, and video. The reading experience is the same whether it is on a phone or desktop.
  • You get five minutes free to try out the services of the psychics.
  • It has over 170 psychics that specialize in affairs of the heart and cheaters in love.
  • Mystic Sense is your perfect go-to psychic if you have multiple queries about your job, life, relationships, etc.
  • Its reading services are reasonable, starting from $1 per minute.
  • It focuses on all-around customer satisfaction.
  • It has plenty of informative blogs on spiritual topics as well as mental health issues.


  • It boasts the lowest psychic consultation costs, which can be as little as a few cents and go up to $5 per minute.
  • Online psychics on call, messages, and live videos are available 24/7
  • New clients get five minutes free to try out a psychic
  • They guarantee a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with the services.
  • Various psychic-reading services
  • There is a section on how to avoid being scammed while getting a reading
  • Clients can rate a psychic on their performance. Negative feedback is rare, though.


  • Most psychic readers are only available on chat. Only some offer phone and video chats.

Why we recommend Mystic Sense

Very popular for its low-priced, high-quality psychic reading services, Mystic Sense has an excellent customer services team that is prompt in addressing your grievances or payment issues. Its free five-minute trials are a significant attraction.

=> Visit the official website to get more information on Mystic Sense

Factors Considered In Making The List Of The Best 5 Psychic Platforms Of All Time

With scores of psychics out there promising to get you the love of your life, help you land your dream job, or simply make all problems vanish from your life, you will probably be in a fix over which psychic is right for you.

There is also the added danger of conmen masquerading as spiritual guides to empty your bank accounts by preying on your vulnerability and desperate need for guidance. But do not worry.

We have done all the legwork by scanning innumerable websites and shortlisted the five top online psychics on call and messages for you.

The yardsticks we used for our evaluation method

Experience Of Psychics & The Platform

A psychic website that has been in existence for a long time has more chances of being trustworthy than one that popped up just the other day. The fact that it is still in existence speaks volumes about its staying power in the face of tough competition.

Psychics’ Skill-set

We read through the profiles of all online platforms for psychics on call and messages to determine whether their elaborate profiles matched the work they were doing for their clients. Both their credibility and experience were under scrutiny while we did background checks.

Customer Reviews

Positive reviews and ratings were very important to figure on our top five websites. The number of users checking in with their queries is what we took into account. The greater the number of users, the more reason we had to choose that site. We took it as a sign that the users had benefited from the advice of these psychics.

Services Offered

Satisfaction is guaranteed depending on whether users can get what they need. Some websites offer a wide range of psychics to choose from and who are adept at different kinds of readings.


These websites are used by people across generations—some tech-savvy and some not. If a website was easy to navigate with all the required information easily accessible with a simple filtering process, we marked that website.


A psychic who gives accurate readings is of paramount importance. This depends on how skilled the psychic is in understanding your predicament and coming up with a reading that will make sense to you and give you clarity and advice on which you can act to make the right decision. A genuine psychic will tell you the truth and not just what you want to hear.

Value for money

We went through the rates of each psychic website to get you the most affordable yet quality ones.

Freebies & Discounts

This is a major attraction for users who get discounts galore on signing up and then regular freebies for website loyalty.

Beginner’s Guide Into The World Of Phone Psychics

Psychics and their divinations have been around for centuries, with a clientele ranging from the simple peasant anxious about his crop to emperors worried about affairs of state. Psychics are a guiding force who give their seekers clarity to go forth into an unknown future by empowering them with a sense of confidence. Now, if you are taking baby steps into the world of psychics on call, you need to know what you are getting into and how they can help you make wise decisions about any issue troubling you.

Who is a psychic?

A psychic can sense what is about to happen to them or someone else. S/he has an extrasensory perception (ESP) that enables her/him to have access to information hidden from the normal senses, involving telepathy or clairvoyance.

What is psychic reading?

Psychic reading is the ability to use your senses to find out what the future holds or provide answers to questions you are seeking. It depends largely on the psychic’s instincts and the ability to tap into the energy of the seeker to read or see feelings that may be hidden from normal view. Tools such as crystals, tarot cards, numbers, and auras are used to make predictions.

Why phone a psychic?

If you have no time to be physically present for a session, phoning a psychic may be the most convenient option for you. You can be a part of the session from the comfort of your home without having to travel anywhere.

Free trial minutes

If you are seeking a complimentary psychic reading online, you are in luck. Most of the psychic websites provide free readings for the first three minutes to new members, followed by discounted pricing. You can terminate the session without spending any money once those three minutes are up.

How do I reach out to a psychic?

Most of the psychic websites include a variety of online psychic reading options. The best psychics can be contacted by chat, video, or phone. Though chat is a standard method nowadays, some consider video to be the most remarkable psychic reading method. A video chat is the closest to a face-to-face meeting and can help you connect to your psychic reader more deeply.


The more the experience, the more credible and authentic the psychic reader is. Otherwise, how on earth could they be in the business of divination for years on end without giving quality readings that work for their clients?

How do I choose an online psychic?

The range of options is greater when you look for reading from online psychics on call, messages, or video than if you opt for offline readings. Psychics have different types of abilities. Some are clairvoyant, i.e., they can visually see the message from a spirit. Some are clairaudient, i.e., they can hear the message, while some are intuitive, i.e., they can feel the answers meant for you. It doesn’t matter what the tools are as long as the reader is gifted and has a genuine intention to help you.

What can you expect from a psychic reading over the phone?

Phone readings are an accurate way to get honest insights and forecasts regarding your future. There are a variety of readers on different online psychic reading websites who ensure that all your queries are answered satisfactorily.

What are the different types of psychic readings?

Tarot card readings: The reader connects to your past, present, and future through symbolic cards with illustrations. A deck of 78 cards is used for the reading to understand the issues you are facing or find answers to questions you have asked.

Angel card readings: The reader consults angels and celestial beings to get answers to your questions.

Astrology: Astrologers study the zodiac signs and constellations to predict the future based on your date and place of birth.

Numerology: Numerologists use the connections between numbers and letters to help you make sense of things. Dates, numbers, and names that keep recurring in your life have a great effect on your personality and future. That’s what is used by numerologists to answer your queries.

Dream interpretations: Dream interpreters decode signs in your dreams to explain what bearing they may have in the years to come.

Holistic healing: Holistic healers dig deep into the spiritual world to guide you on a journey of self-discovery.

Psychometry: Online psychics use objects belonging to you to arrive at a resolution. Your energy associated with the item helps them obtain information.

Mediums: Mediums can communicate with souls who have gone to the other side. They bridge the gap between you and the deceased and can feel, hear, and see information coming from their world of spirits. They provide you comfort by connecting with a deceased loved one.

Points to keep in mind while consulting a psychic on call

Research on the psychic: Before signing up for a session, check out the profile of the reader, areas of specialization, and read all reviews of them.

Make a list of questions you want to ask: Be prepared with a set of questions to ask, as it will help you get the most out of the session.

Be open with your psychic: The more open and honest you are, the more accurate your reading will be. Your unresponsiveness will act as a veil over your life, and the psychic will fail to get any clarity.

Be prepared to face the truth: The truth may not always be palatable, but you need to hear the psychic out even though it is not what you had hoped for. Keep an open mind and learn to accept what is being told to you in the session.

FAQs On Online Psychics On Call, Messages

Q. Why do I need to get a psychic reading done?

A. Everyone has their reasons to go for a psychic reading session. Some want to find love, some good career prospects, some business opportunities, and some comfort in trying circumstances. Many others do it for the heck of it, to have a little fun and laughter. Ultimately, whether you should consult a psychic or not is your personal decision.

Q. How do psychic readings work?

A. Psychics have their own way of doing things. Some use tarot cards or crystal balls. Others will just talk to you to understand your situation and offer advice based on their intuition and feelings.

But no matter what the method is, psychics will give you information that they hope will help you make the right decision or choice.

Q. Are online phone psychics effective?

A. Online phone psychic readings are as good as in-person readings. If a psychic is gifted enough to make accurate predictions or connect with a dead person as a medium, it makes no difference whether it is online, by phone, or in person.

Q. Are there different types of readings?

A. Yes. All psychics have their own methods of doing things. Some specialize in love readings, some on telling fortunes, and some on health or career prospects.

Q. Are phone readings accurate?

A. Well, psychics will try their best to help you and give you as accurate a reading as they can. The rest depends on the choices you make and how the circumstances pan out. People can predict the future, but there is always an element of chance that can change the way things may happen. There is no such thing as a water-tight reading, and you have to accept this fact. However, it may happen that you consult a psychic, and whatever s/he says comes true. Then, you will naturally swear by their accuracy and consult them time and again.

Q. How do I prepare for a psychic reading?

A. All you need to do is keep an open, unbiased mind so that you can be receptive to what the psychic tells you. S/he needs to tap into your energy to understand you and your needs to come up with a reading that will work for you. But yes, there has to be some motivation, some reason behind your request for a reading. That way, you will get a lot more out of the psychic than if you consult her/him just like that.

Q. Who can become a psychic?

A. Some people have a natural gift and just need to keep practicing to hone their skills. Some are not god-gifted; so, they need to go through years of training under an experienced teacher to acquire psychic abilities. Those with natural psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience don’t need divination tools to give you accurate readings. Some need tarot cards or crystal balls to look into the future for better results.

Online Vs. Offline Psychic Readings

Online psychic readings are meant for those who want to get insights from the comfort of their home, whereas offline readings are for those who are ready to be physically present in front of the reader. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the reasons why online is better than offline.

Accessible: You can sign up for an online psychic reading session over the phone and chat from the safety of your home or office. This virtual feature makes the reading very exciting, as you can reach out to psychics anywhere in the world.

Flexible: You have 24/7 access to any psychic, so you can get your reading any time of the day without it affecting your busy work schedule. You can consult them for help even after working hours.

Credibility: You have the option of doing a background check beforehand to see whether your psychic reader is genuine. Reading online reviews and customer feedback gives you more assurance. And if you connect to your psychic through a known psychic website, it adds to your security.

The Final Word

It’s just not possible to sift through hundreds of profiles of online psychics on call to decide which is worthy of your time and money. There is also the added danger of online fraudsters who are out to fool you out of your money.

We put in a lot of time and effort to come up with this comprehensive list so that there are no obstacles in your psychic reading experience. We strongly recommend our top two picks, Kasamba and Keen, which can be relied upon to advise you on your problems and show you the way forward.

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