Best Prostate Supplements: Top Pills for Men’s Prostate Health

Old age comes with many problems; these can be of various types. Prostate issues and others due to an enlarged prostate are among the most common ailments related to old age. An enlarged prostate can lead to your bladder becoming smaller and cause difficulty in undertaking your everyday activities.

However, luckily, there are prostate supplements on the market that can help prevent these problems or provide relief to people already suffering from prostate-related issues. Many people around the world use prostate supplements to boost their health and get rid of prostate issues.

With so many supplements available today, it can be hard to separate the best from the rest. Nevertheless, our team of experts has spent hours researching prostate supplements available on the market today. Different aspects have been considered to find the supplements that work better than their counterparts.

We made sure the best prostate supplements that provide the most effective results and guarantee premium quality made our list.

The Top 12 Prostate Health Supplements For 2021

The best prostate supplements for 2021 are as follows:

  • Prostate 911
  • ProstateMD
  • VitalFlow
  • Nuzena Prostate Support +
  • Prostate Plus
  • PX7 PrimalFlow
  • VigRX Prostate Support
  • ProstaStream
  • Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men
  • ProstaMend
  • ProSam
  • Super Beta Prostate

Prostate 911


Prostate 911, manufactured by PhytAge Labs, is a prostate health supplement that guarantees relief from all types of prostate problems and issues that come with an enlarged prostate. It is an all-in-one formula that not only allows you to ejaculate without going through pain but also helps avoid frequent urges to urinate while fully allowing you to empty your bladder. The formula provides comfort for all prostate-related problems that come with age.

The Prostate 911 formula is made up of ingredients with proven results against prostate problems. The constituents of the supplement include potent ingredients like uva ursi, pumpkin seed, pygeum, juniper berry powder, quercetin, palmetto berries, green tea extract, a plant sterol complex, and nettle root. These ingredients have been combined in an ideal blend that brings the best out of each element.

All you need to do is take two capsules a day, and all your prostate issues will vanish right in front of your eyes. For $70, the formula provides excellent value for money and is among the best you can find anywhere.



ProstateMD, produced by 1MD, is a prostate health formula marketed as comprehensive prostate support. It uses doses of proven ingredients to provide quick and long-lasting relief from prostate health issues and ailments. It cures urinary tract infections, enhances the function of the prostate gland, and repairs all the damage done with old age.

The formula contains substantial doses of saw palmetto extract, lutein, beta-carotene, plant sterols, and zeaxanthin, combined with various other minerals and antioxidants that cure prostate issues and provide other health benefits.

ProstateMD is one of the few supplements on this list produced by a doctor; made by Dr. Daniel Brison; the formula is guaranteed to boost your health and make you young again. Available for $43, it is one of the best-priced supplements.



VitalFlow is a prostate support supplement that is super easy to use and provides relief within days. It only requires one minute of your day and will provide relief from years-old prostate problems. The formula guarantees premium quality; it goes through eight different stages that ensure it lives up to the standard required and expected by the consumers.

The VitalFlow formula, along with enhancing prostate health, also guarantees various other benefits. It purifies the blood, boosts libido, flushes DHT build-up, and makes you feel like you are 25 again. It protects the body from all types of urinary tract infections and even protects from kidney failure.

Saw palmetto, mushroom extract, zinc, pumpkin seed, and Graviola leaf extract are only a few of the ingredients that make VitalFlow so unique. This prostate health support is unlike others on the market; it promises permanent relief from prostate problems; all you have to do is take two capsules a day, and you will start feeling the effects of the formula. For $69, it is top-tier prostate support, which stands above its competition.

Nuzena Prostate Support +


Nuzena Prostate Support + is a prostate support formula that takes a multipronged approach to provide relief from even the most persistent prostate health problems. Made by a team of trained and experienced professionals, Nuzena Prostate Support + contains just the right amount of ingredients that guarantee rapid recovery from prostate-related ailments.

It relieves bladder discomfort and will allow you to urinate without going through excruciating pain. Moreover, it also protects the body from dangerous urinary tract infections that not many other medications can do. With a blend of ingredients that include different minerals, vitamins, and extracts combined with saw palmetto, Nuzena Prostate Support + is a top-quality prostate health supplement that is in a league of its own when it comes to curing all prostate problems and ailments.

At a very reasonable price of $70, the Nuzena Prostate Support + formula is one of the very best prostate support formulas available in the world today.

Prostate Plus


Made by VitaPost, Prostate Plus is a prostate support supplement made from natural ingredients; it provides essential nutrients to the body that cure prostate issues and relieve health problems that not many other formulas can. It prevents urinary tract infections, allows for a healthy urine flow, and lets you empty your bowels, all at an unbelievable price tag.

The Prostate Plus formula is a conglomerate of all-natural ingredients mixed in an optimum ratio that extracts the best out of each constituent. Pygeum powder, saw palmetto extract, raspberry juice, pumpkin seed, juniper berry, and quercetin, mixed with antioxidants, are some of the ingredients that make Prostate Plus an effective supplement, the likes of which are rarely found on the market today.

If you visit the Prostate Plus website, you’ll find various customer reviews that vouch for its effectiveness and show how quickly it can relieve all prostate-related ailments. Available for only $29, the Prostate Plus formula offers the best value for money of all the supplements you can find today.

PX7 PrimalFlow


PX7 PrimalFlow is a prostate health supplement that ensures a regular urinary flow and effectively relieves urinary tract infections. It allows for a steady urinary flow and supports urinary health in myriad ways.

More than 37,000 people have used and approved this formula because of its super-effective results. It has received positive reviews from all who have tried; it is free from all side effects and only benefits the body. The benefits of the formula are not limited to urinary flow; it also boosts energy levels, increases the sex drive, and increases the strength of your erection. It will make you feel young again.

PX7 Primal uses a unique blend of ingredients that guarantee effective results and provide long-lasting relief from prostate ailments. Only two capsules daily are enough to relieve even the most persistent prostate issues. At only $69, PX7 PrimalFlow guarantees quality and results.

VigRX Prostate Support


Prostate Support, by VigRX, is a prostate supplement that supports prostate health by shrinking your enlarged prostate and restoring hormonal balance within the body. It allows you to empty your bladder fully and puts an end to the pain felt during urination. It also naturally supports prostate health and prevents any future prostate-related issues.

The ingredients used in the makeup of VigRX Prostate Support are stinging nettle, saw palmetto extract, and other natural extracts that have been proven to effectively support prostate health and alleviate all issues related to it.

The VigRX Prostate Support formula comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee, which makes it risk-free for you to try; if you don’t see the results you want, you can always get your money back. Moreover, at $50, the VigRX Prostate Support is a great value purchase.



ProstaStream is a prostate support supplement designed by Frank Neal, who suffered from serious prostate issues. It is a blend of proven ingredients that reduce all prostate-related infections and reduce the risk of any future ailments.

The ProstaStream formula is made up of proven constituents, which include Graviola Leaf, saw palmetto berries, and mushroom extract, some of the ingredients found in all top-quality prostate supplements in the world today. Moreover, it contains a few unique ingredients like tomato fruit powder, cat’s claw, pygeum bark extract, and other proven ingredients that benefit the prostate, reduce inflammation, and provide various other benefits to the body.

The formula comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, showing how confident the manufacturer is in its results. You only need to take two capsules, and you will feel the difference within days. At $69, it provides top quality at a reasonable price.

Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men


Gundry MD Pro-Forta Men is a prostate support formula among the few on this list formulated by an actual doctor. Gundry MD is known for its top-quality products, and Pro-Forta Men is one of the best formulas on its list of products.

Pro-Forta Men is an all-in-one prostate supplement that relieves even the worst and most persistent prostate infections. A mixture of proven ingredients added together in an optimum ratio makes it a potent remedy for all urinary tract infections and problems stemming from prostate dysfunction. It comes with myriad benefits for the body, from improving mental energy to relieving sore muscles; it can help improve your everyday life and make you super-active.

Furthermore, Pro-Forta Men is backed by a 90-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free purchase. Available for only $51, it is very affordable and can end all prostate problems within a few days.



ProstaMend is one of the few prostate support formulas that promise to fix BPH permanently and put an end to prostate problems for good. It is a one-minute solution that works unlike any other and can provide relief from years-old prostate issues within a span of a few days.

The ProstaMend formula contains natural extracts combined with essential vitamins and minerals, which provide a solution to prostate problems not seen with other remedies. If you are a man looking to fix all your BPH problems, ProstaMend is what you need in your life.

The 60-day money-back guarantee that comes with a ProstaMend makes it a safe purchase; you can ask for a refund if you don’t see the results you desire. It comes with no side effects and is full of benefits for the body. At $69, it is a top-tier supplement, the likes of which are hard to come by today.



ProSam is a prostate support formula designed by a man who suffered from kidney failure because of his prostate problems. He was hospitalized because of his prostate problems, which led to him searching for a cure to relieve prostate issues and live a healthy life.

The ProSam formula contains a blend of ingredients with proven and well-known prostate health benefits. Saw palmetto berries, pygeum bark extract, plant sterol complex, and red raspberry fruits, combined with antioxidants, are only some of the ingredients used in the makeup of this supplement. Along with supporting prostate health, ProSam also helps with the overall wellbeing of the body and allows you to live a healthy life, free from all problems.

Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, ProSam is a supplement that guarantees results within a few days. It can be purchased online for only $69, which looks like a bargain once you start experiencing the benefits that it provides.

Super Beta Prostate


Super Beta Prostate is a prostate support formula available on Amazon. It is an advanced prostate supplement that can boost male health and relieve urinary problems; it will allow you to empty your bladder and sleep better than ever before. Super Beta Prostate is a supplement recommended by top urologists and has garnered many positive reviews because of its unmatched results and effectiveness.

It works in three steps and takes a unique approach, not seen with its competitors. It contains ingredients like beta-sitosterol that have proven super-effective in relieving urinary tract and bladder issues. Beta-sitosterol also contains reishi mushroom extract and lycopene, effective against all types of prostate issues. It also improves the hormonal imbalance within the body and allows you to feel young again.

The Super Beta Prostate provides targeted benefits that make it different from its competitors. At a super-affordable price of only $29, it offers the best value for money of nearly all the supplements you’ll see today. It is available on Amazon and can be ordered quickly, without much hassle.

How Were The Top Prostate Health Supplements Ranked

Our team of experts considered various factors while this ranking was put together. Everything was considered, from the effectiveness of the products to the ingredients to the quality of the product.

The following factors were given significant weightage in our rankings:

Quality of The Product

The quality of the products was given considerable weightage and played a significant role in compiling this ranking. The products that offered premium quality at a reasonable price were preferred over products that did not live up to the quality standards.

Ingredients Used

The formulas that used proven ingredients with well-documented benefits were given preference over formulas constituted of lesser-known components. All the supplements on our list contain ingredients mixed in an optimum ratio that brings out the best in each of them.

Price and Value for The Money Paid

The products that justified their price tag with effective results were preferred over supplements that came with a hefty price tag with no results to back up their price.

Honest Marketing

Some products inflated their provided benefits and made false claims; we preferred formulas with real advertised benefits. The products that lived up to their claims made the ranking over those that lied about their results.

Transparency of The Manufacturer

The transparent manufacturers about their ingredients and sourcing were given extra points and ranked higher than those that did not list ingredients and their sources.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The formulas backed by a money-back guarantee and came with a solid refund policy ranked higher than those that offered no satisfaction guarantees and refunds.

Doctor Recommended

The supplements recommended by physicians and experts were ranked higher than those with no concrete recommendations.

Who Should Take a Prostate Supplement?

Prostate supplements are ideal for anyone suffering from an enlarged prostate and suffering urinary tract infections because of it. A top-quality prostate supplement provides many benefits to the body and cures all types of illnesses and ailments that come with an enlarged prostate.

The latest research and studies have shown that 80% of men suffer from an enlarged prostate as they get older. Furthermore, nine out of ten men over 80 suffer from benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). These facts show why prostate supplements are beneficial for older men and benefit male health and boost other bodily functions affected by prostate infections and ailments. Most men do not even know they suffer from an enlarged prostate, so prostate problems are so common today.

What are the Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate?

Various symptoms can result from enlarged prostate; some of those symptoms are listed below:

  • Sudden urges to urinate
  • Not being able to empty the bladder after you urinate fully
  • A weak flow of urine
  • Having to get out of bed multiple times at night to urinate
  • Pain while urinating

If you have any of these symptoms, you might be suffering from Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH); seeing a doctor might be a wise decision.

What is BPH?

BPH is short for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia; it is a medical term that refers to an enlarged prostate. BPH is the most commonly found prostate problem in men. There are various treatments for BPH; mild cases can be cured through medication; however, severe cases might require surgery.

What Treatments do Doctors Prescribe for BPH?

Doctors can recommend various treatments for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia; these treatments are as follows:

  • Checkups and Monitoring
  • Changes to lifestyle
  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Antibiotics
  • Prostate Exams and Tests

Nevertheless, the best way to treat BPH without side effects or complications is through trusted prostate support supplements. These supplements can provide effective relief and prevent any future complications.

Scientific Evidence for Prostate Supplements

The prostate supplements mentioned in our rankings contain ingredients backed by scientific evidence and research. All the ingredients used are supported by studies and trials that serve as evidence of their effectiveness.

A study conducted on 85 men over 45 discovered that saw palmetto extract reduced urinary tract infections and issues related to urination significantly and provided targeted relief. It boosted urine flow, and the subjects could fully empty their bladder without suffering from any complications. Additionally, WebMD reported that men all over the United States and Europe use saw palmetto extract to cure an enlarged prostate and urinary tract problems.

Another study conducted in 2014 found that the combination of saw palmetto extract, selenium, and lycopene provided significant relief from prostate ailments and reduced all problems that stem from an enlarged prostate. This particular combination proved to be more effective than all other remedies and medications used to treat prostate problems. A study conducted on 404 men in 2018 also found this particular combination of saw palmetto extract, lycopene, and selenium provided the same benefits and relief that specialized drugs and medications do. This shows that the supplements on our list can help reduce prostate problems without the side effects of processed medicines and the chemicals used in their manufacture.

Plant sterols are also very popular in the treatment of BPH. A study conducted in 2000 concluded that beta-sitosterol, a plant sterol, can significantly improve urinary tract infections and effectively relieve BPH symptoms without harming the body or presenting any complications. Moreover, beta-sitosterol also lowers blood cholesterol and minimizes the risk of cancer inside the body.

Lycopene, a compound present in tomatoes, is rich in antioxidants and effectively flushes free radicals out of the body. A 2014 study concluded that lycopene reduces oxidative stress and acts as an anti-inflammatory compound, and reduces inflammation inside the body and the prostate.

Many supplements also contain pumpkin seed extract, which is known for its effects on prostate health. It exclusively targets the prostate because of its rich zinc content; zinc is crucial for prostate health, and nearly all prostate supplements include zinc. Studies have shown that taking zinc for an extended period can ultimately minimize the risk of prostate health and provide comfort from all prostate-related problems and ailments. Zinc also has immunity-boosting benefits, which ensure the overall wellbeing of the body, making it a vital health booster. A 2015 study found that taking pumpkin seed extract provided significant relief from prostate symptoms.

Pygeum bark extract is also an ingredient found in large quantities. Studies have shown that this unique extract reduces the risk of BPH and prostate cancer more effectively than many other drugs and remedies. Pygeum extract also reduces urinary tract infections and other symptoms related to an enlarged prostate.

Along with these ingredients, the supplements mentioned on our list are also rich in abundant antioxidant compounds like quercetin, vitamin C, green tea extract, and red raspberry, which all provide a multitude of benefits to the body and allow you to live a healthier and active life. A study conducted in 2014 found that antioxidants helped improve the prostate while flushing free radicals out of the body.

No matter which formula you choose, it is imperative to ensure it contains the best-proven science-backed ingredients with documented benefits. The elements define how effectively a supplement will work; the formulas with the best quality ingredients produce the best results and work efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Prostate

Our team of experts gets hundreds of questions daily; some of the most frequently asked questions are answered below.

Q: What is the prostate?

A: The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut. It is imperative for the effective functioning of the reproductive and renal systems.

Q: Where is the prostate located?

A: The prostate gland lies below the urinary bladder, right in front of the rectum.

Q: Is it normal to have an enlarged prostate?

A: Yes, it is normal. Nearly 80% of men develop an enlarged prostate as they get older. However, taking prostate supplements can provide effective relief from all the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Q: What is BPH?

A: Benign Prostate Hyperplasia, commonly known as BPH, refers to an enlarged prostate.

Q: Why do people with an enlarged prostate develop urinary problems?

A: Prostate enlargement can cause problems when it surrounds the urethra; an enlarged prostate can put extra pressure on the urethra, creating multiple problems while urinating.

Q: How do doctors treat an enlarged prostate?

A: Doctors can recommend various remedies for an enlarged prostate; these remedies can range from medication to surgery, depending on how complicated the situation is.

Q: How dangerous is an enlarged prostate?

A: An enlarged prostate is harmless in most situations; nevertheless, a doctor can guide you better on the seriousness of your condition.

Q: What is prostatitis?

A: Prostatitis is a term used to refer to an infection or inflammation inside the prostate gland. It can create multiple urinary tract infections and ailments.

Q: What are the symptoms of BPH?

A: The symptoms of BPH range from an increased frequency of urination to not fully emptying your bladder.

Q: Should I see a doctor for an enlarged prostate?

A: Yes, you should see a doctor if you suffer from an enlarged prostate. A doctor can guide you better on how grave your condition might be.

Q: What factors make it more likely to develop an enlarged prostate?

A: Family history, aging, and poor dietary habits are factors that can increase the chance of developing an enlarged prostate.

Q: Does BPH increase the risk of developing prostate cancer?

A: No, studies have shown that BPH does not increase the risk of prostate cancer.

Q: What is the worst that can happen with an enlarged prostate?

A: Numerous serious problems can result from an enlarged prostate. Bladder stones, kidney damage, urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a few of many.

Q: What is the function of the prostate gland?

A: The prostate plays a significant role in the male reproductive system. It is essential for the production and storage of one of the more crucial components of semen.

Q: What is a prostate support supplement?

A: A prostate support supplement is a formula that uses various proven extracts, vitamins, and minerals with other essential ingredients to treat BPH and other prostate problems.

Q: What is the best prostate supplement?

A: All of the supplements mentioned in our ranking are among the best you can find today.

Q: Do prostate supplements have any effect on testosterone levels?

A: Prostate supplements can serve as an overall male health booster, as some of them claim to boost testosterone levels and decrease hair loss.

Q: How do prostate supplements work?

A: Prostate supplements work by using ingredients that have proven effective in improving prostate health and providing significant relief from prostate-related ailments.

Q: Do prostate supplements really work?

A: The prostate supplements mentioned in our rankings are all made up of science-backed ingredients; they have been tried and tested for their results. All those supplements provide effective results and sustainable relief from BPH and prostate enlargement.

Q: How common is prostate cancer?

A: Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer found in men after skin cancer. Furthermore, it is the second type of tumor found in men. 1 in 8 males is likely to be diagnosed with cancer, with prostate cancer the second most common.

Q: Are African Americans more prone to prostate cancer?

A: Studies have shown that African American men are 75% more likely to develop prostate cancer than caucasian males, which indicates that African Americans are at an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Q: Does cycling have any effect on the prostate?

A: No link has been found between prostate health and cycling.

Q: What type of dietary and lifestyle changes do I need to make to improve my prostate?

A: There are various foods, which contain ingredients beneficial for prostate health, like tomato or broccoli; incorporating those ingredients in your diet can significantly improve your prostate health.

Q: What effect does lycopene have on prostate health?

A: Lycopene has been found to reduce inflammation in the prostate and has rich antioxidant effects. It has also been found to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

Q: How can antioxidants improve prostate health?

A: Prostate supplements contain antioxidant compounds; these antioxidants have proven effective in relieving prostate-related problems and reducing prostate ailments.

Q: Which vitamins and minerals benefit prostate health?

A: Research and trials have shown that vitamin B, vitamin E, and selenium significantly improve prostate health.

Q: Do low-fat diets help with prostate health?

A: A low-fat diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits significantly improves prostate health and quickly relieves symptoms.

Q: Does smoking affect prostate cancer?

A: Studies on smokers have shown that smoking can build tumors, especially in the prostate region.

Q: Does exercise help with prostate health?

A: Research has proven that a healthy diet and exercise regimen can effectively relieve prostate problems and ailments.

The Top 12 Prostate Health Supplements For 2021 Final Verdict

There are various ways in which a good prostate supplement can improve prostate health and minimize its symptoms. Numerous factors need to be contemplated before you go out and pick out the formula you want to use. Luckily for you, our team of experts has gone through all the hassle and trouble of filtering out the best supplement for you; so that you do not have to. If you choose any of the 12 supplements on our list, you can rest assured that you will see the results you desire. If you want to improve your prostate health effectively, there are no better options than the formulas mentioned on our list.

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Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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