Best Protein Powders: Compare Top Protein Supplements 2022

Nutritional supplements have become popular as they are easy to consume, have good nutritional values, and have zero side effects. Today, most people have inadequate time to prepare and eat adequate proteins. Also, vegans have a limited choice when it comes to protein foods in the market. However, complete protein powder formulas offer vegan and non-vegan options. Science indicates that protein is a body-building superfood. Therefore, most individuals consume protein-based powders and supplements to grow lean muscles, fortify strength and enhance the fat-burning metabolism.

There are numerous manufacturers and brands of protein supplements in the market. Therefore, consumers have a wide array of options. However, finding a protein powder that delivers good results can be a hectic task. Additionally, some protein powders are quality and comprise the right ingredients in the correct dosages. Still, others are scams and show little or no results.

Are you looking for a protein powder that can meet your demands? Each protein powder in the market claims to give you effective results. So, it is up to you to find out whether a particular product delivers results. Still, you cannot test all protein powders on the market. The Best Protein Powders review makes it easy for you to make a better choice. We compiled some of the best protein powders in 2022 based on manufacturers’ reputation, ingredients, pricing, customer reviews, among other factors.

Top Protein Powder Supplements in 2022

After much discussions with our editorial team, below are the top Protein Powders in 2022:

CrazyBulk Tri-Protein: Simple, tasty, and premium quality product
BioTrust Low Carb: Made with naturally sourced clean ingredients
XWerks GROW: 100% New Zealand grass-fed whey protein isolate
BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough: Most delicious and powerful organic plant-based protein powder
Transparent Labs Whey Protein: Made with 100% grass-fed Cows milk
Fitera FitFreeze: Creamy dessert blend with silky-smooth chocolate flavor to destroy fat
Amy Myers MD Paleo Protein: Made with purer and healthier ingredients
Live Conscious Organic Protein: Excellent metabolism and muscle support
Vital Proteins Collagen Whey Protein: Best collagen protein powder brand in the USA
Green Regimen Elite Protein: 100% organic plant-based protein
Ladder Plant Protein: This plant-based protein aids in muscle repair and growth
Ladder Whey Protein powder: 100% whey protein isolate to jumpstart recovery and repair
Onnit Protein Grass-Fed: Best plant-based diet alternative
NSP Nutrition Milk and Egg Protein: A unique protein formula with 92% Milk & Egg
NSP Nutrition Muscle Fuel: Promotes incredible gain and recovery
Bauer BRF Whey Protein powder: Best post-workout natural energy booster
IdealFit IdealLean Protein: Best protein powder for women
Beast Sports Beast Protein: Made by the most popular sports nutrition brand
Legion Whey Isolate Protein: A science-backed protein solution
MTN OPS Magnum: A blend of pure proteins to help you get fit
Huge Supplements Huge Whey: Specially designed for athletes
ProMix Whey Isolate Protein Powder: One of the best natural protein supplements
Orgain Protein Powder: Organic and plant-based ingredients
Cellucor COR-Performance Powder: An optimal source of protein

Hundreds of Protein Powders were analyzed before settling down with this rank. All the 24 Top Powder Proteins in this ranking are from reputable manufacturers and contain quality ingredients. Customers will find this review helpful before purchasing the best Protein Powder formulas.

CrazyBulk Tri-Protein

Product Overview
Main Components: It contains pure muscle-building protein like Whey protein isolate, DigeZyme, micellar casein protein powder, Milk protein concentrate, and others
Key Highlights:
  • A delicious chocolate flavor that keeps artificial sugar cravings at bay
  • Supports muscle preservation for toned and muscular sculpt
  • Reduce post-workout pain and discomfort
  • Quantity: 1 kg per container
    Serving Direction: Add 30 grams of protein to warm water or milk and shake properly (21 grams of protein per serving)
    Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $44.99

    Tri-Protein is the best protein powder from CrazyBulk Company. It is a combination of six powerful proteins to keep your muscles fuelled for extended periods. According to the maker, you can use it to grow muscles and for post-workout recovery. Tri-Protein has a chocolaty taste and is delicious for anyone wishing to develop lean muscles.

    CrazyBulk offers free worldwide shipping on every Tri-Protein purchase. The manufacturer states that users are unlikely to get side effects from taking Tri-Protein.

    BioTrust Low Carb

    Product Overview
    Main Components: 254g of protein, 4g dietary powder, 8g of carbs, Calcium, Iron, Potassium, and many others
    Key Highlights:
  • It is the right choice for dieters since it is light and has low-carb levels
  • It has a sweet taste and aromatic taste with gluten-free ingredients
  • It helps users to feel full throughout the day, thus reducing snacking on unhealthy foods
  • Quantity: 14 servings
    Serving Direction: A daily dose of two servings (24 grams of protein per serving)
    Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $34

    BioTrust is one of the reputable manufacturers of supplements in America. Low Carb’s protein powder is all-natural with zero artificial colors and flavors, sweeteners, and hormones. Its developer Joel Marion works with the scientific team at BioTrust to give consumers a high-protein, low-carb supplement that is 100% organic. The four protein types in this best protein powder are slow-digesting which improves their absorption. Instead of artificial sugars, BioTrust Low Carb contains natural stevia. Thus, if you are looking for a product that delivers enough proteins and fewer carbs, this protein powder is your right choice.

    XWerks GROW

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Whey protein isolate, vitamins (A, C, and D), sodium, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium
    Key Highlights:
  • Fortifies several aspects of your wellbeing, including joints, heart, and general immunity
  • It can fight inflammation and infections that hinder muscle growth
  • Xwerks Grow ingredients are all-natural, premium quality, effective and safe
  • Quantity: 30 scoops
    Serving Direction: A daily dosage of 30g of Grow (25 grams of protein per serving)
    Guarantee: 100% money-back guarantee
    Price: $59

    Xwerks is a famous US-based supplement firm mostly selling athletic-friendly formulas. Their protein powder, Grow, contains organically raised and pasture-fed cows. Xwerks claim that each scoop is 100% natural and has zero synthetic hormones, antibiotics, and other ingredients.

    Xwerks claim that they use premium-quality whey protein isolate to make this protein powder. Additionally, the user will find Xwerks Grow an affordable supplement worth its value given its daily dosage.

    BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Calcium, iron, potassium, pea protein, pumpkin seed protein, and hemp protein
    Key Highlights:
  • Promotes the growth of lean mass
  • It can aid in weight loss by replacing high-calorie food
  • It contains insoluble fiber that enhances the digestive health and growth of good microbiomes
  • Quantity: 16 servings
    Serving Direction: Take two scoops (23 grams of protein per serving)
    Guarantee: 365-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $62

    It is a meal replacement cum best protein powder that can support your system in numerous ways. BiOptimizers Protein Breakthrough is 100% plant-based and can help you save on grocery bills as it supplies your system with high-quality nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. This is the best hemp protein powder, unlike many protein powders.

    Additionally, it is the best vegan protein powder also. It will not cause erratic sugar levels in users. BiOptimizers claims that it took them 17 years to perfect this highly nutritious component that is sweet and has a smooth texture. It is low-glycemic, soy, and gluten-free and has zero carbs. Thus, it can aid individuals on specific diets, vegans, and diabetic folks.

    Transparent Labs Whey Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: More protein from grass-fed cows, fiber, sodium, added Sugar, and others
    Key Highlights:
  • Raise metabolic rates and burn fat
  • Build muscles and lose weight
  • Gluten-free and non GMO
  • Quantity: 30-day serving
    Serving Direction: Serve one scoop daily (28g of pure protein per serving )
    Guarantee: Unavailable
    Price: $60

    Transparent Labs Whey Protein is a high-protein blend that can help you grow trim muscles, support post-workout recovery, and improve your overall sculpt. Transparent Labs is a US-based supplement maker who claims they use protein from 100% grass-fed cows sourced in organic farms in America. The maker recommends taking this best Whey Protein powder immediately after a workout to kick start the recovery process. Additionally, if you want to shed calories, it is best to consume Whey Protein powder 30 minutes after waking up.

    Fitera FitFreeze

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Protein, fiber, dietary fat, sugar, calories, and others
    Key Highlights: 15 servings
  • It can help satisfy your cravings for sweet foods
  • Keep you full of energy and satiated for extended periods
  • Support better digestion, cholesterol, and energy levels
  • Serving Direction: Mix the contents with water or milk, freeze it and enjoy it as dessert on hot summer days (15 g protein per serving)
    Guarantee: A complete satisfaction guarantee
    Price: $10

    It comes in an appealing chocolate or vanilla package and has a delicious taste. The maker, Fitera, claims that it can combat fat cells, reduce cravings, and support the growth of muscles. Available only on the Fitera FitFreeze website, it can fuel your system without compromising the calories. It is the only product in this list that you can wholly enjoy in the form of delicious high-protein ice cream.

    Amy Myers MD Paleo Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: The primary ingredient (beef) is from 100% grass-fed cows and is perfect for individuals following Auto-Immune Protocol, paleo, and keto diets
    Key Highlights:
  • It can aid in weight loss and the growth of lean muscles
  • Each purchase comes with 46 recipes that can improve your gut health and increase collagen in your system
  • It can improve your hair and nail health
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: You can mix one scoop in your smoothies or morning shake (20g protein per serving)
    Guarantee: 90-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $70

    Dr. Amy Myers is a well-known name in the supplement industry, and she is a certified real medical doctor with vast experience in the matter of nutrition. The Amy Myers MD Paleo Protein contains high-quality proteins and comes in various flavors. The unique flavors consumers can choose from include: chocolate caramel sea salt, Strawberries, and Cream, chocolate peanut butter, Cookies and Cream, Vanilla bean, Cinnamon Roll, Double Chocolate, etc.

    It is rich in child-friendly ingredients; thus, you can serve your whole family with enough proteins daily. Also, you can be creative and incorporate protein powder into coconut or almond milk, berries, and ice cubes to cool down on hot summer days.

    Live Conscious Organic Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: The manufacturer boldly boasts that it comprises sacha inchi, pea, rice, pumpkin seed, and brown rice protein sources mixed in perfect harmony to deliver quality nutrients
    Key Highlights:
  • The Organic Protein ingredients boost metabolism
  • Increase the growth and development of lean muscles
  • Boost brain health and overall well being
  • Quantity: 484 grams (20 servings)
    Serving Direction: One scoop (15-gram protein per serving)
    Guarantee: 365-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $45

    It is the best protein powder from a USDA organic licensed maker. The Organic Protein Cosmic Cacao is said to have a rich taste and delivers up to 80 calories per daily serving.

    Additionally, it comes in exotic flavors and is rich in prebiotics that can support better gut health. Similarly, this vegan protein powder is cost-effective. Also, each Organic Protein pouch comes with a one-year satisfaction guarantee.

    Vital Proteins Collagen Whey Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Collagen peptides and others
    Key Highlights:
  • Help you reduce body weight
  • Boost immunity and overall health
  • Support healthy skin and joints
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: Each scoop smoothly mixes with water, smoothies, and shakes without forming clumps (25g protein per serving)
    Guarantee: unavailable
    Price: $44

    Unlike similar high quality and best protein powders on this list, the vital proteins collagen peptides are rich in collagen whey peptides to support skin, hair, joints and nail health. The manufacturer claims that they get their collagen from American family-owned grass-fed cows.

    Apart from flooding your system with proteins, Collagen Whey Protein is rich in vitamins that stimulate the natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

    Green Regimen Elite Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: The key Elite Protein ingredients are organic pea and hemp protein powder
    Key Highlights:
  • It facilitates speedy muscle recovery after workouts
  • It can support your weight loss and other fitness goals
  • It improves the digestive and joint wellbeing
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: One scoop (25g protein per serving)
    Guarantee: Unavailable
    Price: $60

    Green Regimen Elite Protein can also serve as a meal replacement, and the maker claims all the ingredients are plant-based, organic, and of premium quality. Additionally, each Elite Protein serving delivers your system with muscle-building nutrients and energizes your system, particularly after workouts.

    The Green Regimen is a USDA-certified firm reputable in making quality supplements. Each serving delivers 25g of 100% pure plant-based protein. Additionally, there is 4g of fiber and enzymes to support your digestive health. In addition, it is gluten-free, and there are zero GMOs, artificial sweeteners, fillers, and harmful additives in Green Regimen Elite Protein.

    Ladder Plant Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: According to its maker, Ladder Company, a single serving delivers 21g of pure protein, 4.5g BCAAs, billions of probiotics, and 9g of vital amino acids
    Key Highlights:
  • Ladder Plant-based Protein powder can support muscle growth and repair
  • It is rich in antioxidants that can fight chronic inflammation
  • Help you achieve your perfect sculpt goals and develop weight loss
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: One serving daily
    Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $60

    Vegans and folks who are whey intolerant will find Ladder Plant Protein a compelling choice. It comes in two unique chocolate and vanilla flavors to support muscle growth and increase metabolic rates.

    The Ladder Company was co-founded by celebrities Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two makers claim that ineffective and low-quality protein supplements prompted them to produce a perfect protein powder.

    Ladder Whey Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: The user gets 26g of protein, 7g essential amino acids, 14g essential amino group, and millions of probiotics in each serving
    Key Highlights:
  • Offer a lean and strong body
  • Promotes recovery after a workout
  • Boost immunity and health
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: Take one serving daily
    Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $60

    Ladder is a supplement company founded by Schwarzenegger and Lebron. Unlike the above protein powder, the primary ingredient in this particular whey concentrate. The creators claim that the Ladder Whey Protein is from grass-fed cows sourced from organic US farms. Equally, it comes in vanilla and chocolate flavors.

    Professional and elite athletics can consume Whey concentrate as the maker provides the NSF certification to prove that it contains zero banned substances. In addition, the maker includes the list of ingredients upfront, which can help users make an informed decision before purchasing it.

    Onnit Protein Grass-Fed

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Onnit Protein Grass-Fed contains zero sugars, 110 calories, and 20g of body-building protein. Additionally, the BCAAs and leucine are amino acids that support protein synthesis
    Key Highlights:
  • Supports body-building goals and can aid in weight loss
  • Support recovery and muscle gain
  • Earth-friendly and sustainable solution
  • Quantity: 30-day serving
    Serving Direction: One serving daily
    Guarantee: 90-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $70

    Onnit sells their protein-rich supplement exclusively online on their official sales page. Similarly, the high-quality whey is from 100% grass-fed cows obtained from US-based organic farms. Also, users have a choice of Onnit Protein Grass-Fed chocolate or vanilla flavors.

    Onnit Protein Grass-Fed is free from harmful chemicals and artificial sweeteners and colors. In addition, the maker claims that each scoop should build trim muscles and melt fat. Onnit Whey protein can improve macronutrient balance as it filters carbs out.

    NSP Nutrition Milk and Egg Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: The supplement contains 92 percent of egg and milk protein isolate to meet each scoop’s protein needs
    Key Highlights:
  • Grow muscles without adding any fats to your system
  • Increase energy levels
  • Make you stay active for extended periods
  • Quantity: 28 servings
    Serving Direction: One scoop (contains 26g proteins)
    Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $53.97


    As the name suggests, the critical protein sources in this organic protein powder are milk and eggs. Several decades ago, scientists proved that a high-protein meal is crucial in supporting the athletic frame and performance. However, instead of drinking raw eggs and milk protein isolate, NSP provides you with a blend of the two types of proteins.

    Additionally, NSP claims that regular intake can escalate biochemical reactions in your system. Equally, NSP Nutrition Milk and Egg Protein can support rapid muscle growth and recovery after exercising.

    NSP Nutrition Muscle Fuel

    Product Overview
    Main Components: To increase protein synthesis, NSP adds papain and protease in this organic protein powder
    Key Highlights:
  • Support body-building
  • Offer effective weight loss
  • Increase fat metabolism in the body
  • Quantity: 28 servings
    Serving Direction: Serve one scoop daily
    Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $34.99

    Your muscles need proteins to grow. NSP Nutrition Muscle Fuel contains isolate protein powder and is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Additionally, the maker uses a sophisticated whey filtration strategy to reduce fat amounts while preserving quality.

    Therefore, you can enjoy a protein shake or smoothie 100% guilt-free that you are not adding scale-bursting calories to your system.

    Bauer BRF Whey Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: The BRF Company claims that their powder is clean and from grass-fed cows, thus delivering you quality isolate powder in every scoop
    Key Highlights:
  • Improve mind and focus
  • Boost endurance and muscle recovery
  • A formula-driven by research
  • Quantity: 12 servings
    Serving Direction: Serve 30 grams
    Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $60

    Bauer Battle Ready Fuel is a revolutionary protein supplement from reputable manufacturers. Additionally, Bauer does not contain the filler and harmful additives popular in most cheap protein powder supplements.

    Though newly launched in the market, Bauer BRF Whey Protein receives positive reviews among United Kingdom users. According to consumers, BRF whey protein has a rich and delicious taste. In addition, it can deliver sufficient macronutrients and amino acids to help you get a trim and muscular sculpt.

    IdealFit IdealLean Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Each serving is rich in 20g of pure protein, 2g glucose, 100 calories, and zero Trans-fats
    Key Highlights:
  • Help women hit their muscle-building goals
  • Fight sugar cravings and still melt fat
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Quantity: 30 serving tub
    Serving Direction: 26g (1 level scoop)
    Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Price: $32.39

    IdealFit IdealLean Protein is the only product on this list purely advertised for women. The manufacturer claims that men and women use and utilize proteins differently due to hormonal and physiological differences.

    Numerous protein solutions claim to have total amounts of proteins, and however, most of them contain high amounts of artificial sugars, fats, and other filler elements. IdealFit IdealLean Protein comprises premium quality isolate protein and zero synthetic fillers.

    Beast Sports Beast Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Amino acids, digestive enzymes, and other nutrients
    Key Highlights:
  • It can support the growth of healthy bones for better mobility and flexibility, particularly in aging folks
  • It can increase strength, stamina, and performance in athletic individuals
  • It can improve blood flow throughout the system, reduce lousy lipid levels and stabilize blood pressure
  • Quantity: 52 servings
    Serving Direction: One serving daily
    Guarantee: 60-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $44

    It is a lean muscle-growing protein concentrate that comes in an attractive blue package tub. The manufacturer claims that it contains a mixture of fast-digesting and slow-digesting proteins to keep protein levels at an all-time high throughout the day. You can opt for the vanilla or chocolate flavor, and each scoop is said to initiate a muscle-building mechanism that trims that can transform your sculpt rapidly.

    Beast Sports Beast Protein is ideal for individuals who feel like they have hit a plateau in growing muscles.

    Legion Whey Isolate Protein

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Each serving contains 22g of protein, 1.5g of fat, 5.6g of BCAAs, 2g of carbs, and zero sweeteners
    Key Highlights:
  • Aids in the growth of lean muscles
  • Boost fat loss and muscle recovery
  • Backed by science and lab tested
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: Serve 28.9g per servings
    Guarantee: Unavailable
    Price: $50

    Most protein powders claim they use quality and organic ingredients. However, Legion Whey Isolate Protein is the only best protein powder that pinpoints the exact source of their whey. As per the maker, all their whey comes from a small yet sustainable all-organic farm in Ireland.

    Legion Whey Isolate Protein is ideal for men and women of all ages who wish to augment their protein intake. Similarly, those under various weight management diets will find Legion protein powder an effective meal substitute as it delivers adequate amounts of all nutrients.

    MTN OPS Magnum

    Product Overview
    Main Components: 23g of cold-processed whey protein and 1.5G of Glutamine
    Key Highlights:
  • Ideal for people looking to lose weight
  • Increases the fat-burning metabolism
  • Build muscle and stamina
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: Serve one scoop daily
    Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $50

    If you are looking for a protein powder with a wide variety of flavors, this is an excellent option. It comes in unique and delicious flavors such as Mountain Mocha, Birthday Cake, Berries, Vanilla MilkShake, and Cream. The makers claim that users flood their system with adequate amino acids for growing trim muscles in each serving. Additionally, MTN OPS Magnum fuels the muscles after workouts and triggers recovery.

    Huge Supplements Huge Whey

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Each serving delivers 120 calories, 23g of raw protein, and 5g of BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids)
    Key Highlights:
  • Boost stamina and gains
  • Specially designed for athletes
  • Manage your protein intake every day
  • Quantity: 30 servings
    Serving Direction: One scoop daily
    Guarantee: unavailable
    Price: $40

    Huge Supplements Huge Whey is marketed for bodybuilders and folks looking to lose weight. The makers present this protein powder in unique tastes, such as peanut butter, chocolate, and cookies.

    You can take Huge Protein after workouts and as a protein supplement. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that their protein matrix is from quality sources. Also, the maker claims that each Huge Whey batch is third-party tested, a feature we do not see with similar products. Equally, this protein powder is the only one on this list that adds natural and artificial flavors.

    ProMix Whey Isolate Protein Powder

    Product Overview
    Main Components: In each serving, you get 6.6g of BCAAs and 30g of protein, therefore, ranking it among the high protein dosages on this list
    Key Highlights:
  • Provide healthy antioxidants to your body
  • Repair muscle tissues
  • Build muscle and improve endurance
  • Quantity: 54 servings per container
    Serving Direction: Serve two scoops daily
    Guarantee: 90-day money-back guarantee
    Price: $90

    ProMix is a US-based maker of various nutritional supplements. They claim that their isolate protein powder is premium quality as the manufacturing process ensures users get potent and safe nutrients per serving.

    You can use ProMix Whey Isolate Protein Powder to build muscles and a post-workout supplement. ProMix Whey Isolate Protein Powder can add protein levels to your diet. Also, bodybuilders can use it to increase their protein levels.

    Orgain Protein Powder

    Product Overview
    Main Components: Orgain Protein Powder delivers 21g of herbal protein, 6g of fiber and prebiotics, and zero sugars
    Key Highlights:
  • Rich in antioxidants that serve to boost your immunity
  • Fuel your system
  • Support muscle recovery
  • Quantity: 10 servings per container
    Serving Direction: Serve two scoops (46g)
    Guarantee: Unavailable
    Price: $21

    Orgain Protein Powder is the only one on this list that combines plant-based proteins and whey. The makers claim that you can use it as a superfood powder and a complete diet replacement.

    Orgain Organic Protein Powder is rich in antioxidants that serve to boost your immunity. Additionally, it can support better blood circulation and enhance joint and heart health. Similarly, when taken as a meal replacement, it reduces cravings and makes users feel full for extended periods.

    Each bottle is from a USDA licensed facility, and all their protein sources are 100% organic. It comes in various flavors, including Peanut Butter, Creamy Chocolate Fudge, and Chocolate Coconut.

    Cellucor COR-Performance Powder

    Product Overview
    Main Components: COR-Performance whey protein matrix, cocoa powder, and others
    Key Highlights:
  • Help you build muscle and lose fat
  • Boost energy levels and stamina
  • Replenish nutrients after a workout
  • Quantity: 70 servings
    Serving Direction: Two scoops daily
    Guarantee: Unavailable
    Price: $60

    As the name suggests, this product is designed to improve performance during and after workouts. Additionally, Cellucor COR-Performance Powder is the only best-value option on this list as it contains 70 servings per bottle. In addition, you can choose to buy it directly from the manufacturer or through reputable online sellers like Amazon.

    How We Ranked the Best Protein Powders

    No protein powder manufacturer boldly asserts that their products are non-effective. For maximum gains, each marketer and brand claims that their product is superior to their competitors. Each selling line convinces customers that they only source their whey and plant-based proteins from premium quality and organic farms. Additionally, each maker tries to woo by claiming that their protein powders can offer multiple health benefits. Still, some protein powders own up to their promises while others do not. We used the following ranking parameters to separate the best protein powders from sham.

    Average Dosage

    We preferred brands that offer users a standard serving of 15g-25g of protein. Depending on why you are consuming the protein powder, getting a clinical daily dose is best. Bodybuilders need more proteins; thus, a higher dosage of proteins will be their ideal choice.

    Serving Size

    We chose a protein powder containing fewer additives and more proteins in one large scoop in this ranking. Therefore, instead of scoping up to 4 servings to get 20g protein, you can get the same amount in a single or double scoop. We chose products with minimal scoops per serving in this ranking.

    Protein Types

    There are nutritional variations between proteins from grass-fed whey and a pea protein isolate. We considered premium-quality types of proteins over low nutritional value protein formulas in this ranking.

    Protein Source

    We strongly considered quality in this ranking, whether they are vegan-friendly or animal-based protein powders. Additionally, in this ranking, we preferred protein sources from the highest-quality sources over minimal-quality sources.

    Macronutrient Balance

    Different brands contain various macronutrients. For example, meal replacements are rich in high calories and carbohydrates. We considered other protein powders that are clear about their macronutrient content.

    Micronutrient Balance

    A few protein powders comprise micronutrients such as minerals and vitamins. A good-quality protein powder should have a good balance of micronutrients to support overall well-being.

    Flavors, Taste, and Mixability

    We ranked this list depending on the taste and mixability of a protein powder, and a bland-tasting protein concentrate is not among our choices.


    The best protein powders consider options that contain minimal artificial flavors and sweeteners. A high-quality protein powder is rich in natural and organic sweeteners and tastes. The more natural ingredients it has, the more nourishing it is and the higher we rank it.

    Satisfaction Guarantee

    We preferred supplement companies that stand behind their high-quality protein powders in this ranking. With a money-back guarantee, customers can get a refund if they do not get satisfaction. A type of satisfaction surety gives the customers the confidence to try the new best protein powders as they can opt out if they do not live up to their promises.

    Our editorial team contacted manufacturers and personally tested some of the best protein powders in this rank. Therefore, readers can rest assured that the 24 protein powder brands in this list are top products from the online market in 2022.

    What Types of Proteins are Available Today?

    Even though all best protein powders contain protein as their main ingredients, there are various types and sources of proteins. The multiple categories of proteins deliver varied benefits to users. For instance, most vegan-friendly protein powder supplements are from pea and hemp sources. Most proteins are easily absorbed by your system, while casein-rich proteins take along to be immersed in the system. Additionally, some users enjoy an assortment of protein types to support their lifestyle and dietary needs. The major protein types in this ranking include:

    Whey Protein

    Numerous best protein powders and supplements contain whey protein concentrate as it has a high absorption rate. Whey is a casein by-product that primarily supports recovery after a workout and increases muscle growth.

    Whey Protein Concentrate

    According to nutritionists, this is the primary (raw) form of protein. Reputable Protein powder makers use whey protein from dairy cows. Usually, whey protein concentrate has minimal carbs and fats and about 30-90 percent protein ratio.

    Whey Protein Isolate

    Dieticians explain that whey protein isolate is a processed whey protein product minus lactose and fats. The processors use technology to filter out lactose and fat, and the end product contains about 90 percent pure protein. A maker that uses whey protein isolate assures consumers of delivering high protein levels per serving.

    Whey Protein Hydrolysates

    In simple terms, this hydrolyzed whey protein isolate makes absorption easy. Naturally, your system requires hydrolyzed protein to absorb the amino groups. Additionally, the whey protein hydrolysate is partially processed hence delivered into the system quickly.

    Egg Protein

    In the 70s and 80s, egg protein was popular among bodybuilders. Most folks ingest raw egg protein to increase protein levels in their system. However, raw eggs can be repulsive to most people. Egg protein makers use the egg white part to make a protein powder. Pure egg white protein powder is highly palatable and is rich in all nine essential amino acids. Similarly, this type of protein heightens the muscle-building process. Individuals who are lactose intolerant will find the egg protein an excellent choice.

    Casein Protein

    Casein is only found in milk, and it takes a long time to get fully absorbed into the system. A best casein protein powder rich in body-building elements and can support fat loss. The best time to consume casein-rich protein shakes and smoothies is in the evening to allow your system to absorb all the protein as you rest.

    Brown Rice Protein

    It is a vegan-friendly form of protein. Though it comprises numerous essential amino acids, it has negligible levels of leucine. Thus, best rice protein powder manufacturers combine brown rice protein with other lipid sources such as pea protein to create nutritional balance.

    Hemp Protein powder

    It is a plant-based protein powder with high proteins, fats, and body-building blocks. Still, some scientists claim that hemp is not a true protein. Still, it is rich in seven amino acids and heart-health-boosting omega-3 fatty acids.

    Pea Protein

    Most pea protein powders have a unique taste. Additionally, the pea protein is an economical source of proteins and is also high in fibers. Individuals looking to lose weight or following the ketogenic diet may find pea protein powders a great option.

    Collagen Protein Powder

    Though collagen is abundant in human bodies, its levels can decrease with age. Today, collagen products are popular among folks who want to fight premature aging, support joint health, and increase muscle mass. Collagen protein powders are effective in enhancing skin and joint health. Unfortunately, they are not effective in supporting body weight loss, muscle growth, and body-building.

    Mixed Plant Protein

    Plant-based protein powders are a combo of various plant-based sources of protein. Unlike whey and other animal-based protein sources considered “whole” by themselves, most plant-based proteins have a deficit of one or several amino acids. Thus, a combination of several vegan proteins heightens effectiveness and better performance.

    Scientific proof of Protein Powders benefits

    Over the years, researchers have been reviewing the benefits of protein powders. Still, a dozen clinical studies show protein powders can support weight loss, muscle building, fitness goals, and recovery after workouts, among other benefits.

    Strengthen Lean Muscles

    In a 2006 study, researchers gave a group of participants whey isolate while the control folks took a placebo. The group that took protein had voluminous trim muscles and better strength and performance. Equally, the placebo group had insignificant changes to their muscle mass, endurance, and power.

    Weight Loss

    Researchers discovered that individuals consuming high protein powder diets could lose significant weight regardless of current significance in separate studies. Scientists reason that your system requires more calories to burn a pound of protein than fat making it easy to melt fat using high-protein diets.

    Fight Inflammations

    Natural protein powders can support healthy inflammations. In multiple kinds of research, scientists learned that protein powders could reduce inflammation in obese folks. Additionally, those who suffer from chronic joint and muscle aches can consume high protein powders to lower inflammations. According to experts, protein can support heart health, reduce harmful triglycerides levels and stabilize blood pressure.

    Curb Appetite

    Most overweight folks cannot control their appetite. Therefore, dozens of protein powders can help you stay full throughout the day. Protein powders taken as meal replacements are appetite suppressants. In the long run, users can learn how to manage their appetites. In a 2014 study, whey and processed casein protein powders can increase metabolism, raise energy levels, and reduce the need.

    Lower Triglyceride Levels

    Bad cholesterol (LDL) causes erratic blood pressure. In one study, a group of researchers gave whey protein to a group of participants. After 12 weeks, the group had a significant drop in harmful cholesterol levels.

    Manage Asthmatic Children

    According to some research, feeding children about 20g of protein can raise an immune response in children who have asthma, thus lowering asthmatic attacks.

    Suggested Protein Dosages

    Some experts strongly argue that your daily protein intake should equal your current body mass index. Thus, if you have 120lb, taking a daily serving of 120g protein is most effective. According to numerous schools of thought, healthy adults should consume 0.7g of protein to facilitate recovery after workouts and increase the development of lean muscles.

    Consuming high protein doses is lethal to your kidneys and entire digestive system. Proteins take the most time to digest and absorb fully. Thus, it is a waste to add protein to a system that is slowly absorbing protein. Therefore it is best to involve a professional nutritionist before taking protein supplementation and powder. Likewise, it is wise to remember that your system can only absorb 20-25g of protein. Thus, anything exceeding this amount overworks the liver and kidneys and can cause gradual organ damage.

    Top Protein Powder Supplements in 2022 Final Word

    Protein powders are an incredible way of adding muscle-building, fat-melting, and immune-boosting nutrients into your system, unlike in the past when protein supplements were reserved for bodybuilders only. Consuming protein powders can be beneficial for muscle growth, fat-torching, the building of strength and endurance, fortifying immunity, among other benefits.

    Also, some protein powders are meal replacements that busy people and those always on the go can consume to supply their system with macro and micronutrients effectively. You can easily purchase your preferred protein powder supplements straight from the maker or approved online retailers like Amazon.

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