Best Semen Enhancer Supplements for Men: Top Semen Volume Pills (2022)

Healthy semen production is essential for men looking to have a baby. However, some men suffer from low semen production due to either smoking, genetics, diet, or other health issues. Semen or seminal fluid secretion occurs in the male sexual glands. Healthy men usually ejaculate about one teaspoonful of semen (3.4 milliliters). Men who have poor quality and quantity of sperm may use semen enhancers. Some of these semen enhancers improve virility, increasing the chances of fertilizing an ovum. In addition, some semen boosters work by enhancing the libido and improving orgasms, therefore, increasing the probability of conceiving a baby.

There are numerous semen enhancers in the market. However, quite a number are marketing scams and are ineffective. Still, there are semen volume supplements that offer quality results and minimal side effects.

The Best Semen Volume Supplements in 2022

Our editorial team contacted manufacturers, personally tested some of the semen enhancers, and analyzed lab results to separate the best and worst formula in the market. After hours of research, we came up with the following list of the best semen boosters in the market today.

  • Semenax
  • Fertility Factor 5
  • Semenoll
  • Volume Pills
  • Max Performer
  • UltraLoad
  • VigRX Plus
  • ProEnhance
  • SemEnhance



Semenax is among the most popular and well-known semen-enhancing supplement spaces. It continues to enjoy great reviews from customers on the internet. Some customers claim it has heightened their semen quality, volume, and thickness. Leading Edge Health is the makers of Semenax – a popular pill that purportedly enhances semen volume. Semenax is made from 100% natural extracts that boost semen production and sperm motility within two weeks. It works by providing the semen-producing glands such as the prostate, seminal vesicle, and bulbourethral with sufficient nutrients.

Leading Edge Health asserts that Semenax pills have undergone rigorous clinical testing to ensure users get quality, effectiveness, and safety. It also contains unique ingredients such as Epimedium and Swedish flower pollen, augment blood flow, manage erectile dysfunction, and boost semen production. Some of the elements, such as L-Arginine, are scientifically proven to address conditions such as erectile dysfunction. In addition, Semenax can improve testosterone levels, thus boosting sexual libido and stamina increasing the chances of fertilizing an ovum. Additionally, the Maca ingredient in Semenax boosts the semen quality and quantity, thus improving fertility rates.

Semenax offers a 67-day money-back surety. Thus, if, for any reason, it does not provide you with any significant benefits, you can ask for a full refund. Semenax makers recommend you consume four pills daily to boost your sexual health. Each bottle contains 120 capsules and is priced at $59.95.

Fertility Factor 5 (FF5)

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Fertility Factor 5 is ideal for men who wish to augment their potency. The semen enhancer is from a US-based company known as VigRX. By consuming one Fertility Factor 5 pill daily, men can boost their semen quality and quantity. In addition, it can increase sperm movement after ejaculation making it easy to fertilize the ovum. Besides, the semen booster augments the sperm morphology, further heightening the probability of conceiving a baby.

The Fertility Factor 5 manufacturer promises that the pill provides beneficial results after 90 days. By taking daily, you can improve your sexual drive, performance, and stamina, making it possible to have a baby quickly. FF5 ingredients are safe and clinically tested and cannot cause any adverse side effects to users.

VigRX claims that FF5 contains three fundamental ingredients that enhance male reproductive health. LJ100 is a patented extract that can boost sperm parameters, including production rate, thickness, and quality. Other ingredients are Panax ginseng and selenium, which heighten blood flow around the genitals, increase sperm population, raise libido and intensify performance and stamina.

Fertility Factor 5 cites that men taking the supplement for five months had better sexual health leading to “spontaneous pregnancies.” For $59.95, VigRX recommends using the supplement continuously for 180 days for maximum gains.



Semenoll specifically advertises it can enhance your chances of conceiving a baby. Priced at under $60, Semenoll is an all-natural semen volume booster promising to augment your sexual wellbeing. The manufacturer recommends consuming three pills daily to promote fertility, sexual performance, fertility, and semen quantity. It is available only via semenoll.com.

Semenoll makers claim it uses triple action to augment sexual wellbeing. First, it boosts testosterone and sperm levels, giving a man a chance to make a woman pregnant after a sexual encounter. Secondly, Semenoll is rich in antioxidants that protect the sperms against radical damage. The maker cites that oxidative stress can impair the sperm cells, thus reducing the overall semen production and viability. Thirdly, Semenoll augments your sexual drive and performance. As per the maker, the more sexual encounters you have, the more semen you produce therefore raising the probability of conceiving a child. Additionally, the formula boosts blood flow that improves the nature of erections fights erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Its ingredients include zinc oxide, Maca root, amino acids, Tribulus Terrestris, and pumpkin seeds. Semenoll recommends purchasing the formula in bulk to get better prices and enjoy free shipping services. It continues to rank among the best-rated internet-sold semen enhancers and has hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers.

Volume Pills


Volume Pills are presented as easy-to-swallow blue capsules that can significantly augment your sexual wellbeing. As the name suggests, Volume Pills works to increase the volume of sperms and semen, thus improving your fertility rates.

Volume Pills manufacturer recommends consuming two capsules daily to enjoy better erections, improved sexual performance, and up to 500% more cum per ejaculation. In addition, the semen enhancer can heighten overall blood flow by increasing nitric oxide production. Moreover, it protects the sperms’ quality by fighting oxidative damage. Also, Volume Pills can give users more sexual appetite intense pleasure and help you maintain erections until you are ready to orgasm.

Volume Pills is readily available via the official website without a prescription. According to customer reviews, the supplement does not cause unpleasant side effects. However, you must use it daily for over three months to get quality results.

Volume Pills contains unique ingredients, including Chinese Hong Hua fen and Xi Lan Rou Gui, both of which enhance erections and increase blood flow. Another ingredient is Solidilin, which boosts sexual pleasure, leading to better orgasm intensity after each ejaculation. Xian Mao is an Asian extract and aphrodisiac that improves sperm count and fights against impotence. Others include fucus vesiculosus, asparagus root, zinc oxide, and bitter melon, all of which can “make you orgasm like there is no tomorrow.” Each Semenoll packet costs $65.95, although the price per packet can reduce when you purchase in bulk.

Max Performer


Max Performer is an excellent choice for men looking to enhance their fertility. It primarily works by raising your sexual appetite making it possible to make a woman pregnant. Additionally, Max Performer improves blood circulation, particularly around the genitals, thus boosting your penis size erections and making it possible to enjoy mind-shattering orgasms.

As with other top-rated semen enhancers, Max Performer discloses its list of ingredients upfront. Some of its constituents, like ginseng, address erectile dysfunction and augment the nature and size of erections. Additionally, the creators claim that the pills are safe and improve ejaculation volume and sperm motility.

Max Performer is readily obtainable via their official online page. The company has two manufacturing and distribution centers in the United Kingdom and the United States though they can ship the semen enhancer to any nation in the world. Max Performer boasts of using 100% natural extracts, including horny goat weed, zinc, Korean ginseng, selenium, Cordyceps, Maca, among other science-proven extras.

Max Performer is among the most potent options on our list, with a dose of 1000 mg. The creators advertise it for men who wish to augment their sexual health instead of using detrimental aphrodisiacs like Viagra. Each packet retails at $69 though you can get better prices in bulk. The 100-days Max Performer’s money-back policy safeguards your investment as you can ask for a full refund if it does not live up to its hype.



As the name suggests, UltraLoad can increase your semen and sperm volume making it possible to fertilize the ovum rapidly. As per the official website, it works by boosting your ejaculations, orgasms, and sexual health. In addition, all its ingredients are science-backed and can be natural to ensure you enjoy good sexual health for extended periods.

Consuming three UltraLoad pills daily, you can purportedly heighten your semen quality and quantity enjoy intense and mind-blowing orgasms and pure sexual pleasure, among other perks. UltraLoad.com discloses its list of ingredients so that customers can discern the exact dosage of each fixing. In addition, with a complete list of ingredients, users can better compare the semen enhancer with competing products. Some of the elements include Shilajit, zinc, vitamins, pine bark extract, and Maca root extract, all of which are science-backed to augment your overall sexual wellbeing.

However, UltraLoad is not available on any physical or online store except their official sales page. In addition, it takes about three months of use for you to notice significant results. Still, some customers claim to have experienced positive feedback after using the supplement for two weeks. An ironclad 100 days money-back guarantee backs all Ultraload purchases.

VigRX Plus


VigRX Plus is among the best-selling semen enhancers, with the marketers claiming to have sold over 1.2 million packets. Leading Edge Health’s creators have been operational for more than twenty years and dominate the sexual health supplement space. VigRX Plus is a blend of all-natural ingredients that can give you superior control over erections, increase sexual appetite, and augment sperm volume and motility. Equally, regular use for about 90 days can provide men with more frequent and intense ejaculations making it easy to conceive a child.

VigRX Plus aims at offering men a safe alternative to boosting their erections, orgasms, and overall sexual wellbeing. It is readily available without a prescription and claims to work naturally without giving users any undesirable side effects. In addition, VigRX is among the top-rated products that have undergone extensive clinical trials to prove its efficacy and safety.

VigRX Plus promises to manage mild erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Each packet comes with a solid 67-days money-back guarantee and free global shipping. In addition, VigRX Plus is among the doctor-recommended semen enhancers on this list. Priced at under $70, VigRX Plus is the best option for men looking to enhance their fertility and overall erogenous condition.



ProEnhance is a unique dietary formula that promises to give you back your “X-Factor” under the sheets. The formula uses the principle of “patch delivery” to provide your system with ingredients to improve sexual health. Therefore, it is the best option for men who are not comfortable consuming oral pills. In addition, it is best for people who are not satisfied taking several orals dosages throughout the day. All ProEnhance ingredients are said to be 100% natural and effective.

ProEnhance patch features five layers that deliver ingredients directly under the skin and into the bloodstream. The herbal formulation offers users improved sexual stamina and performance, grows firmer erections, and boosts sexual urges, among other benefits. In addition, the patch delivery system contains menthol elements that relax your system and fight fatigue, therefore, preparing you psychologically for sexual encounters.

ProEnhance.com cites that men can enjoy an increase in the size of their erections by up to one inch after 60 days of use. In addition, the makers claim that their patches are “doctor approved” and cannot cause users any unpleasant side effects. Each ProEnhance packet is priced below $70 though the price per packet can drop when you order in bulk.



SemEnhance is a unique formulation advertised as a semen flavor booster. It is the only supplement in our ranking that promises to augment the flavor and taste of the semen. Most men produce bitter and alkaline tasting semen. Consuming SemEnhance for three months provides you with fruity-tasting semen.

Leading Edge Health’s manufacturer claims that their manufacturing facility is FDA and GMP certified. Additionally, the makers claim that all ingredients are in the correct dosages to offer effective results. Some of the SemEnhance elements include kiwi, vitamins, strawberry extracts, banana, and celery stalks, among other ingredients.

Unlike competing semen boosters on this list, SemEnhance promises to make your woman “want to taste you.” As a result, it makes it possible to have more sexual encounters, thus raising your chances of making her pregnant and improving your sexual performance. SemEnhance is among the most cost-effective options on our list, with a packet retailing at $39.95 though buying in wholesale further reduces the price per packet.

How We Ranked The Best Semen Volume Supplements

Each semen enhancer supplement in the market promises to boost semen quality and volume. Unfortunately, not all formulas deliver results. In addition, some semen enhancers contain the right ingredients in the wrong amounts, therefore, rendering them ineffective.

Also, some manufacturers use binders, fillers, and undisclosed ingredients that can cause nasty side effects. We used the following criteria to separate the top semen boosters from the rest:

Transparent Clinical Trials and Testing

Shoddy semen enhancing supplement manufacturers do not invest in clinical tests. Experimental trials are essential in proving the effectiveness and safety of a formula. Top-ranked companies on our list have fully invested in clinical trials, making it possible to trust their efficacy.

Our editorial team considered semen enhancers that provide scientific evidence upfront regardless of whether the company uses direct clinical trials or third-party peer reviews.

Science-Proven Ingredients and Dosages

Unfortunately, having the best ingredients does not guarantee effectiveness. Best-rated semen enhancers contain science-backed ingredients in their approved dosages. Some of the elements work by boosting the quality and volume of semen.

Others improve sperm motility and shape, thus raising fertility rates. Some ingredients like Maca, ginseng, vitamins, and zinc are backed by clinical trials and placebo-controlled studies demonstrating they can augment virility, fertility, and overall sexual health.

Honest Advertised Benefits

Some semen enhancers make unrealistic claims about their benefits. Some make wild claims, such as increasing your penis size and making you an animal in bed overnight. Unfortunately, there is zero evidence linking any semen booster or oral formulas with altering the penis size permanently.

However, some semen enhancers can boost blood movement making your erections appear firmer and larger. However, these changes in the penis size are temporary. We liked semen enhancers that are clear and honest about their benefits.

Money-back Guarantee

Every man has a different physiology. Consequently, some semen enhancers may work on some people and not others. We preferred semen enhancers that offer some form of a money-back guarantee. Companies offering money-back surety are confident users will reap great benefits from their products. Consequently, if a particular semen enhancer does not live up to its name, you can ask for a full refund without any hassles. The top-ranked semen enhancers offer a 30-180 day money-back guarantee.

Customer Reviews

We individually tested some of the semen booster supplements on our list. Still, we checked online customer reviews to authenticate their effectiveness. Equally, it is best to learn what others say about the supplement. Reading customer reviews can protect you from buying an ineffective formula. In addition, a semen enhancer backed by thousands of positive reviews can most probably offer you maximum benefits.

Manufacturer Reputation and Transparency

Some semen enhancing manufacturers disclose their list of ingredients and individual dosages upfront. However, some makers hide their complete list of ingredients behind proprietary blends.

Additionally, most honest manufacturers provide the exact location of their business facility, testing results, and other necessary certification. Shoddy semen enhancers are discreet and do not disclose their physical locations. We considered semen boosters supplements that are clean, honest, and transparent in our ranking.

Recommended by Health Professionals, Urologists, and Physicians

A team of professionals who understand how they work backs the best-rated semen boosting formulas. Some like ProEnhance patch claim that their products are “doctor approved.” It is easier to purchase and use a formula backed by professionals.

Price and Value

Different semen enhancers carry separate price tags. Some users are ready to use over $100 to improve their semen volume and quality. Still, some people are not prepared to buy a supplement over $20. However, our editorial team was not prejudiced against the supplement’s price. Still, we chose supplements that offer users a good value for their money. If you purchase semen enhancers at premium prices, then it is fair you get quality results. However, this does not mean that budget-priced semen volume enhancers should compromise its quality.

What Science Says About Semen Enhancers

Science specifies that some primary causes of poor semen volume and quality include lack of nutrients, stress, poor blood flow, genetics, and obesity. However, most of these issues can be corrected. Below is some evidence showing that semen enhancers can improve semen volume, fertility, and virility.

Semen enhancers are not “magic pills” that promise to work overnight. Multiple studies show that it takes more than two months for a male body to produce sperm. Spermatogenesis is a biological process through which your body makes viable sperms. However, spermatogenesis is dependent on the dominant male hormone (testosterone) to enter a germ cell divide into spermatids that form spermatozoa, which is ejaculated as sperm during sexual stimulation.

Researchers claim that consuming adequate vitamin D can boost sperm production. Exposing yourself to enough sunlight can help your body synthesize vitamin D. Still, folks who cannot due to either cold climate or the nature of their work can use vitamin D sunlight to enhance sperm production.

  • Numerous studies have linked ethnicity to sperm production. In one study, scientists discovered that:
  • Latino males produce an average of 231- 398 million sperm cells daily
  • White folks make 193-318 million sperms cells daily
  • Chinese men have an average of 70-173 million sperm cells daily

It is a fact that men of all ages can produce sperm. Still, aging can affect sperm volume and quality. Some studies indicate that older men have less viable sperms and cause gene mutation in their descendants. Younger men are more likely to produce copious amounts of fertile sperms per ejaculation.

Some experts claim that D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) can boost testosterone levels, enhance fertility and augment overall sexual health. DAA is produced naturally by specific testicular glands and is present in sperm cells and semen. There is sufficient evidence showing that infertile men have low DAA levels. In one study, men consuming 2.7g of DAA daily for 90 days boosted their testosterone levels by 30-60 percent. Equally, their sperm motility and count increased by 60-100 percent, concluding that DAA is essential in enhancing sperm health, viability, and motility.

Exercising can improve your semen quality as it raises testosterone levels and prevents the production of estrogen and DHT. According to researchers, men who train regularly have better semen quality and higher testosterone levels than men who do not exercise. However, overtraining can lower fertility and libido levels.

Vitamin C has been linked to the production of quality semen. As a natural antioxidant, vitamin C protects the sperm cells against damage by free radicals. Additionally, oxidative stress can cause inflammations that affect sperm motility and overall fertility. In one case study, participants consuming 1000 mg of vitamins twice a day for 60 days had better sperm motility. In addition, the sperm cells were in better physical shape than the placebo group.

Numerous traditional and modern studies show that Maca can raise libido levels and enhance sexual performance. One study shows that men consuming 1.5 g of Maca for 90 days had better sexual appetite, energy, and performance. Most top-rated semen enhancers contain Maca root extract.

Some studies have linked stress and anxiety to infertility among men. Stress increases the production of cortisol that affects fertility in men. High cortisol levels also reduce testosterone levels, influencing sexual drive, energy, and performance. Men with healthy stress balance enjoy sex more and produce a large volume of viable sperm.

Additionally, there is a significant difference between the volume and nature of sperm production in men wearing briefs and boxers. For example, scientists found that men wearing boxers had a higher sperm count than those adorning briefs in one study. As per scientists, boxers allow the male genitals to be more relaxed, leading to better production of sperm cells.

Generally, an honest semen enhancer can meaningfully augment your semen quality, taste, volume, motility, and viability, all with zero side effects.

Other ingredients that can influence sperm motility, quality, and viability include horny goat weed, Ashwagandha, and Tribulus Terrestris. Even so, it is worth noting that the FDA has not approved the use of any supplement to enhance semen volume. Therefore, it is best to make some lifestyle and dietary habits to augment your sexual health permanently.

Semen Enhancer Formula Suggested Dosage

Different brands of semen enhancers contain varied ingredients and dosages. Therefore, it is paramount to follow the suggested usage to prevent overdosing or under-dosing. It is best to read the manufacturer’s recommended dosages, usually on the product label, before consuming any semen enhancer supplement.

However, most semen-enriching makers recommend consuming between 1-4 pills once or twice daily. In addition, most companies recommend you use the semen enhancer for 1-6 months to get maximum benefits. Also, semen enhancers do not promise to work overnight. You must use the supplement to experience excellent results. Additionally, manufacturers recommend combining the formula with proper diets and healthy lifestyle habits for maximum gains.

What are the Side Effects of Using Semen Enhancers?

All semen enhancers are specifically for adult men. When taken in the proper dosages, semen boosters should not cause any unpleasant side effects to users. Additionally, it is best to use best-rated semen enhancers that have a record of providing maximum gains and minimal side effects. If you are allergic to any ingredient in a particular semen enhancer, do not use it. Equally, if you are using any type of medication, it is paramount to get medical guidance before using any sperm enhancer. Also, if you experience any discomfort after using a particular sperm volume formula, it is best to stop the dosage and seek medical attention.

Nevertheless, new semen enhancer users may experience minor side effects, including:

  • Upset tummy, indigestion, or bloating
  • Slight diarrhea
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Headache

It is a mandatory requirement for the manufacturer of semen enhancer supplements to use ingredients and dosages that are GRAS and certified by the FDA. When used correctly, such elements are clinically tested and show negligible risks of causing adverse side effects. However, if you are uncertain about a particular dosage or list of ingredients, it is best to get guidance from experts or contact the manufacturer directly.

Natural Ways of Boosting Semen Volume and Quality

Some lifestyle habits such as certain drugs and excessive smoking cause low sperm count and poor semen quality. In addition, lack of certain minerals and vitamins can cause erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and other sexual health issues that affect the quality and volume of semen. Fortunately, there are natural ways of boosting your sperm count, including:

  • Consuming zinc, vitamin C, and Vitamin D supplements
  • Cutting down on alcohol consumption or use of alcoholic beverages
  • Discontinuing use of recreational substances such as marijuana and cocaine
  • Practicing safe sex and avoiding sexually transmitted infections that reduce the quality and volume of sperms
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Quit smoking
  • Consume healthy foods, including antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables
  • Exercising triggers the production of antioxidant enzymes, which protect the sperm cells against oxidative damage
  • Alleviating stress and anxiety makes it possible to enjoy erotic moments
  • Avoid the use of prescribed or OTC aphrodisiacs such as Viagra, which can cause fatal health issues
  • Avoid the use of anabolic steroids
  • Avoid the use of artificial lubricants during sex. Instead, experts recommend using foreplay to enhance the natural secretion of lubrication or use canola or baby oil.

FAQs about Semen Enhancers

Our editorial team gets hundreds of questions about semen enhancer supplements, how they work, and their influence on sperm volume and fertility. Below are some of the questions and the answers from experts.

Q: What is semen made of?

A: Semen is a composition of fluids, including water, dissolved sugars such as fructose, proteins, enzymes, and sperms.

Q: How many calories are in semen per ejaculation?

A: A healthy adult produces about one teaspoonful of semen per orgasm containing 5-10 calories.

Q: Can I boost semen volume naturally?

A: Yes, it is possible to augment your semen volume by consuming more water and eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and herbs.

Q: How much semen is in each orgasm?

A: Most men produce an average of 1.5ml – 5ml of semen in every ejaculation. However, the amount is dependent on factors such as the duration you have stayed since the last ejaculation.

Q: Which lifestyle habits damage male sperm?

A: Excessive smoking, regular use of the hot tub, excessive heat, wearing tight undergarments and pants, obesity, and lack of certain nutrients can lower the quality of the sperms

Q: How much sperm is produced per ejaculation?

A: It is estimated that 15 million sperms are in each orgasm. Sperm cells are a tune of a million per ejaculation regardless of semen volume. Therefore, even a small semen volume can produce many sperm cells.

Q: Can I change the smell and taste of semen?

A: Some men claim that consuming certain fruits such as kiwi, celery sticks, and pineapples makes their semen have a fruity flavor and smell. However, these claims have not been validated by science.

Q: Can laptops cause damage to the sperms?

A: Using laptops for extended periods when on your lap causes overheating. The excess heat damages the sperm and can reduce their motility and fertility.

Q: How does smoking affect the nature of semen?

A: Cigarettes and cigars contain narcotic elements that affect the smell and taste of semen. Similarly, the chemical composition of most cigarettes and similar products can lower sperm volume and quality.

Q: What causes semen to have varied consistency levels?

A: Semen is rich in water. When you drink large amounts of water, you increase the chances of producing a more significant load per ejaculation.

Q: Does semen cause allergies?

A: It is rare to have semen allergies. However, some folks are intolerant to semen and may experience swelling, itching, and redness in the areas that contact the semen. However, semen allergies are infrequent.

Q: Can I store semen in a freezer?

A: It is impossible to store semen in standard freezers at home. However, researchers store semen in liquid nitrogen for procreative purposes.

Q: How many sperms are needed to fertilize an ovum?

A: There are millions of sperm cells produced after each ejaculation. However, only one sperm can successfully make the female ovum.

Q: Does age cause a decline in the production of healthy semen?

A: Men can remain fertile throughout their lives. However, sperm production declines with age. In addition, older men produce sperm cells that can cause gene mutation in their descendants.

Q: How can I improve the health of sperms?

A: There are numerous ways of augmenting the health of your sperms, including consuming the proper nutrients, alleviating stress, quitting smoking, limiting the use of alcohol, quitting drugs, wearing correct garments, and keeping the genitals cool.

Q: What does sperm morphology mean?

A: Sperm morphology is a term that explains the shape, size, and appearance of sperm.

Q: What is sperm density or concentration?

A: Sperm density or concentration is the number of viable sperm cells per milliliter of semen. According to sexual health experts, typical men produce over 15 million sperms per milliliter.

Q: What is sperm motility?

A: Sperm motility refers to the number of sperms “moving” in a given sample. Experts claim one-third of your sperm should move forward in a straight line an hour after ejaculation.

Q: Are there differences between sperms and semen?

A: Most folks use semen and sperm interchangeably. However, those two terms are very different. Semen refers to the visible fluid you release when you orgasm/cum or ejaculate. It usually appears as a white fluid and contains water, proteins, calories, enzymes, and other substances. Additionally, semen contains low amounts of sperms. Sperms, on the other hand, are microscopic cells that primarily fertilize the ovum and are produced after ejaculation.

Q: What are the effects of not having sexual intercourse or masturbation on the sperms?

A: Experts explain that unused sperms are chemically synthesized in the body and released as metabolic waste. Additionally, your system can absorb some nutrients in the sperms. Also, you can have wet dreams, which makes you discharge some of the sperm. However, even without sex or masturbation, not releasing sperms cannot affect your sexual drive, fertility, and virility.

Q: Which food types can boost the quality of sperms?

A: Numerous foods can improve the quality of sperms. Examples of semen-boosting foods include fish oils, certain fruits, walnuts, pomegranate, lean beef, Asparagus, garlic, avocado, and some beans. Additionally, keeping the balls cool and consuming adequate water can boost the quality of sperms.

Q: Which diets affect the health of the sperms?

A: Foods rich in saturated fats, narcotics, alcohol, and caffeine can lower the quality of sperms. In addition, weed and some psychoactive elements can negatively affect your sperm quality.

Q: Why do I get lumpy semen?

A: Semen thickness varies depending on the amount of water you consume per day. Lumpy semen is usually an indication of poor hydration. However, the thickness of semen does not affect the nature and quality of sperms.

Q: Why is it necessary to augment the volume of semen?

A: Men who produce copious amounts of semen per ejaculation have highbred fertility rates. Additionally, some men feel sexually satiated after shooting large loads.

Q: How do I cum like a porn star?

A: Men wishing to ejaculate or cum like porn stars should maintain healthy eating habits, stay hydrated, and exercise regularly.

Q: What is the best semen enhancer in the market today?

A: Semenax, Fertility Factor 5, Semenoll, and Volume Pills are among the top-rated semen-enhancing pills available today.

The Best Semen Volume Supplements in 2022 Final Word

Men with low sperm count and semen volume can use semen-enhancing supplements. Still, only quality and effective dietary supplements can enhance semen volume. Some semen boosters promise to boost semen in multiple ways but do not offer advertised benefits. It is best to purchase semen volume boosters from reputable manufacturers.

In addition, purchase genuine brands only via the makers’ official sales pages. Equally, buy semen enhancers that enjoy positive reviews and have some money-back guarantee to protect your investment. If you want to buy a semen enhancer supplement, consider any of the nine top-ranked options above.

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