Gem Bottle Reviews: High Quality Crystal Glass Bottle Worth Using?

Crystals possess natural healing and soothing power: Divine and medicinal use of precious gems and crystals date millions of years. Spiritualists and alternative-medicine scholars recommend using crystals to balance energy and soothe the brain.

Staying hydrated is the best way of fortifying your immunity and fighting stress. A good water bottle comprising crystals can boost your confidence and give you healing. EMF Shield Gem bottles supposedly calm, soothe, and increase energy levels in users. Where can you purchase it? Does it work?

What are EMF Shield Gem Bottles?

Gem bottles are unique water bottles that provide multiple health benefits and additional healing properties. The bottle has a glass container and a stainless steel cover. Additionally, the Gem Bottles come with a wrist strap making them portable. The creator believes the bottle can safely house cold and hot water, thus a perfect traveling partner.

The Gem bottle has zero BPA, and the crystals are removable. The EMF Shield’s Gem bottles come in five different colors, each comprising different gemstones with unique healing properties.

You can choose the Gem bottle based on the color or the healing property you wish to gain from it. The gemstones increase energy levels, balance moods, support performance, and augment your overall fitness. Each gem bottle holds about 16 oz. of water. You can add herbal teas or essential oils to the water for additional health benefits and taste.

A circular stand sits at the base of the Gem Bottle to secure the gem from moving around. Therefore, you can quietly drink the bottle contents without worrying about the gem. Still, you can remove the gemstone inside if you need to clean it.

How Does EMF Shield Gem Bottle Work?

Most people drink tap or processed water straight from the tap or dispenser. However, the tap or treated water may not have the correct nutrients to augment your wellbeing. Similarly, your body requires up to eight glasses of water daily to support healthy blood circulation. The EMF Shield Gem bottle gives you healthy and satisfying water. The water inside the gem bottle infuses the gemstones to release energy that you swallow with each gulp.

The EMF Shield gem bottle creator recommends filling the bottle with water and allowing it to settle for about ten minutes. The gemstones transfer energy and healing power into the water naturally. Each sip from the gem bottle gives users the right nutrients to stay calm, increase their energy levels, and fortify their immune response.

EMF Shield Gems

There are five different gems inside the EMF Shield water bottles. The five gemstones offer varied healing properties and colors. Therefore, choose a gem that best suits your needs before purchasing the product. The different kinds of gemstones include:

Rose Quartz


Rose quartz is otherwise known as the stone of life capable of restoring peace and trust in personal and interpersonal relationships. According to scholars, rose quartz promotes a life of compassion and love. It works by inviting positive energy and dispelling negative vibes that affect your life.

Rose Quartz gem bottle is perfect for individuals who require inner healing, self-love, and calmness. In addition, you can purchase it to gift to someone that requires compassion and who needs to find self-love.

Smokey Quartz


EMF Shield bottle creator recommends the Smokey quartz for users dealing with negative vibes. The precious crystal supposedly absorbs negative emotions and vibrations. Thus, it effectively relieves anxiety, pressure, stress, and tension.

Lack of negative vibrations provides better mental tranquility and positive thinking. Smokey quartz is advertised for users that need to augment their psychological health.



The EMF Gem bottle comprising Amethyst has a purple color. The Amethyst is historically known for its organic tranquilizing features. It is best for calming down and uplifting your moods.

Amethyst crystal can offer you peace of mind. Whenever you feel stressed or under pressure, a drink from the gem amethyst bottle gives your system nutrients to calm the brain. Correspondingly, Gem bottle makers claim the amethyst crystal is ideal for people with anger issues and who have trouble dispelling negative emotions.



Fluorite is known to purify and balance the aura. The gemstone inside the EMF bottle absorbs the negative energy and neutralizes it. According to scholars, fluorite can augment your decision-making skills, self-confidence, and concentration. Further, you can use it to attract happiness and better mental health.

Scientific evidence indicates it can strengthen your immune response and support better cellular health. Fluorite gem bottle is best for users suffering from rheumatism, chronic respiratory infections, ulcers, and skin conditions.

Clear Quartz


Clear Quartz is perfect for strengthening all the body organs and expanding energy levels. The Gem Bottle maker states that it can amplify your physical and mental health.

Clear Quartz works by fortifying memory, coordination, and the immune system.

What are the Benefits of Gem Bottles?

EMF Shield Gem Bottles promises to augment your physical and mental health. Its benefits include:

  • The Gem Bottle can help you stay hydrated throughout the day. It motivates you to drink the recommended amount of water each day to support multiple biological functions in your system.
  • The gem bottle crystals absorb the negative vibrations and act as stress relievers. The gemstones can lessen anxiety and depression, thus improving your quality of life.
  • The Gem Bottle and the crystals inside are entirely safe. The bottle is made from high-quality glass and is BPA-free.
  • EMF Shield Gem bottles are convenient and portable. You can put cold and hold water and the insulated sleeve helps maintain the natural water temperature.
  • The Gem Bottle has removable parts making the cleaning process hassle-free.

Gem Bottle Pricing

EMF Shield Gem bottle is not available in physical and online stores apart from the official website. The manufacturer is currently offering awesome discounts on all purchases. Gem Bottles warns against purchasing the product from other sites to prevent low-quality imitations.

Each Gem Bottle package comes with:

  • An insulating sleeve
  • A gemstone of your choice
  • A glass container
  • A stainless steel cover
  • A wrist strap

Final Thoughts

Gem Bottles contain priceless gemstones that can improve your physical and mental wellbeing. Each gemstone has therapeutic benefits based on science. The Gem Bottle can help you stay hydrated for extended periods and provide you with energy-promoting properties.

The EMF Shield Gem Bottle is also a perfect gift to your loved one. You can choose from five different gemstones depending on the healing needs that you desire. The Gem Bottle is durable and easy to clean. Purchase yours via the official website by clicking here! >>>


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