Kibo Eclipse Review URGENT Report – DONT Buy Yet (Kibo Eclipse reviews)

This is an unbiased Kibo Eclipse Review, the popular training program by Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth. It contains everything you need to know to decide whether Kibo Eclipse will work for you!

The good news is, our team of Digital Analysts have worked tirelessly for the past 3 weeks digging into every aspect of the Kibo Eclipse Mentorship Program, so we can present to you our Critical Kibo Conclusions Here .

Including : what’s inside the Kibo Eclipse, our verdict on the LEGITIMACY of the training, how the Kibo Eclipse System functions, the Mentorship’s Pricing, and the availability of a Discount for few 2022participants, Kibo Eclipse Bonuses and much more!

That being said, let’s dive right in!

Course Title

Kibo Eclipse

Course Content

E-commerce Mentorship Program and Training Course


Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth

Course Modules

8 Modules

Kibo Eclipse Pricing

$3,497 Full Payment Or 4 Payments of $997

Discount Page

$491 OFF | One-time Payment Here


Click Here To Join (Limited Discounted Access)

Official Website

Kibo Eclipse Official

What is The Kibo Eclipse Program?

The Kibo Eclipse is an extensive training program and mentorship package that is fully engineered to help new, aspiring entrepreneurs ( without any prior experience in the online business realm) launch, run, and massively scale thriving eCommerce businesses from scratch.

In layman’s terms, the program centers on following step-by-step instructions to set up and automate profitable eCommerce stores as “ Online Passive Income Assets ”…more about that in later sections!

Well, what’s special about this Kibo Eclipse 2022 Edition?

This time, as a Kibo Eclipse participant, you will have an ARSENAL of platforms, untapped marketplaces, and free traffic sources that the Kibo inventors have been testing, proving, and perfecting throughout the past 2021 year.

What’s the END goal?

Get Kibo Eclipse students to start making sales, profit, and growing their Cash-Flow as fast as possible WITHOUT investing or paying for:

  • Paid Advertisements.
  • Web Designers.
  • Virtual Assistants.
  • Web Hosting Software for eCommerce.
  • Overseas Suppliers.
  • Upfront Investments in Inventory.
  • Private Labeling or Licensing.
  • Optimization Apps.

Here is what’s also interesting:

Even with the first version being a huge success, transforming the lives of thousands of past Kibo Eclipse users, founders Aidan and Steve explained on the Free 2021 ‘Kibo Book’ & Profit Map Here how they put so much capital, effort, human resources, money, brilliant minds, and labored time into building automation tools, AI-based E-commerce Bots, discovering several breakthrough marketplaces, and more…to ensure the BEST in 2022.

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How Long Kibo Eclipse Training Lasts?

Before we respond to a set of controversial questions about the legitimacy of the Kibo Eclipse program down below, let’s quickly answer some of the frequently asked questions!

The Kibo Eclipse is an 8-week training program.

But here’s the interesting thing:

Even after the 8-week period, mentors Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth keep on assisting, guiding Kibo participants to the right directions when scaling their businesses, and constantly mentoring their students until they hitALL their milestones ( Financial Goals) with the Kibo Eclipse Mentorship program.

Knowing how long the Kibo Eclipse training is, we are sure you are curious to know how the Kibo system functions, so let’s take a closer look!

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How Does the Kibo Eclipse System Work?

We’ll be walking you through the key elements of the Kibo Eclipse business model to see how they all blend together:

  • So, after undergoing extensive training via instructional videos with mentors Clayton and Booth, Kibo students will get a fully designed webstore (as a done-for-you service) that has been primed for conversions, in the first 48 hours.
  • Students will use the KIBO ORACLE Software to search and confirm profitable products, then comes the loading of the activated items (products) in 60 seconds, using a Kibo Eclipse software, without even needing to add images, sales copy, descriptions, tags…

    #Fact: The Oracle software can analyze tens of thousands of products in a matter of seconds, enabling you to literally filter down 2 million products to the very best opportunities.

  • The next step will be to generate hyper-targeted traffic, at no cost, in order to simultaneously test multiple products in different niches, then visit your dashboard— KIBO HQHERE —from time to time to see how many sales/profit you generated so far, and most importantly, which products have generated MOST of the sales, so you can capitalize on them later on.
  • The task here is to simply eliminate products that don’t sell (and keep the ones that do – your most profitable listings, the winners).
  • Upon rinsing and repeating the process to identify many more profitable products, you will further increase your income and focus on advanced scaling strategies with your mentors, Steve & Aidan.

Now, before we answer this tricky question “Is the Kibo Eclipse a scam?” or “Is the Kibo Eclipse legit?”. Let’s quickly discuss how viable the E-commerce business model is.

The Viability of the Ecommerce Business Model

Having analyzed some of the Kibo Eclipse’s processes, we’d like to go over a few reasons and numbers to see why one would even consider the Ecommerce realm in 2022 and beyond!

So, let’s get down to it

Well, according to wpforms, by the end of the year 2022, eCommerce is expected to generate $5.42 trillion in sales per year.

As if that’s not enough:

  • By the year 2040, it’s estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce. ( Nasdaq )
  • 93.5% of global internet users have purchased products online. ( OptinMonster)
  • In the last year, businesses have lost $756 billion because of poor eCommerce personalization. ( Amex)

So, if you’re thinking the future looks bright for those selling physical products online, these stats definitely back that up.

That said, it’s time to dive deeper into our Kibo Eclipse review.

Modules of the Kibo Eclipse Program

  • KIBO INCUBATOR : This module is pretty exhaustive, containing the core 8-week training program where every step of the system will be revealed, with a detailed series of training modules containing in excess of 100 step-by-step videos , strategy manuals, process-maps and more.
  • KIBO JUMPSTART : It is a series of comprehensive live weekly training sessions with mentors having an extensive e-commerce track record.

    These sessions will be held multiple times each week to help new Kibo Eclipse students push forward and start making money as soon as possible.

    IMPORTANT: Q&A sessions will be held on Zoom ( replays will be accessible inside the Kibo Eclipse members’ area ).

  • KIBO HQ : This is where new Kibo Eclipse students will get a fully built and designed eCommerce store .

    Also, this will be the main operations’ hub for students in order to manage orders, customers, and pretty much have a bird’s eye view over your sales and stats from one dashboard, including software and apps that will rapidly allow you to list products on Walmart, the Facebook Marketplace, Google and Microsoft shopping.

  • KIBO ORACLE : This is an advanced software suite that allows students to access millions of in-demand products with the ability to analyze and filter items down by the most profitable.

>IMPORTANT : Kibo Oracle doesn’t only choose the highest quality and most profitable products to sell, but it also shows you the suppliers who will actually stock, ship and do all the hard work for you once you start making sales!

  • KIBO CONVERTERS : These are a collection of smart software tools that will help convert visitors into buyers.

    Some of the conversion tools in this section is the “KIBO BOT“ that is going to serve as your Virtual Sales Assistant , as it’s already programmed and pre-loaded with built in responses.

  • KIBO SOCIALIZER : This is an additional selection of competitive intelligence software that scan and scrape all the major social media platforms and identify viral content that you then leverage by creating your own version of it and generate more traffic and potential buyers for you, in order to boost your sales and profits.

    Live instructional videos on how to exactly set all of that up will be found inside the KIBO ECLIPSE Members’ Area .

  • KIBO ACCELERATORS : This section of Kibo Eclipse focuses on scaling your business with additional targeted traffic and marketing strategies that are currently working for KIBO students and founders Steve & Aidan.

    To give you a clearer idea, this includes setting up sales funnels with high-converting landing pages and retargeting strategies to 2X or 3X your daily sales with minimal effort.

  • KIBO MENTORPOINT : This is an exclusive coaching, private Kibo community, and a support system where students will get 24/7 assistance and help from a dedicated Kibo Eclipse team along with fellow Kibo members.

Is The Kibo Eclipse a Scam?

Well, we can totally relate if you think: “it’s too good to be true, who knows if it’s all a scam”. With a decade of experience in research and countless hours investigating online programs, we can lay your doubts to rest and confirm with full responsibility that this program is legit .

Here’s the deal:

According to previous Kibo Code Students’ Reviews & Success Stories , press interviews, and testimonials, Kibo Eclipse system is the best eCommerce training program you can invest in.

The point is the entirety of the mentorship is “ Based on Results-Driven Training Systems”. And, if someone doesn’t make or attain what they thought was possible with this program, they get their FULL money back.

According to Kibo Eclipse co-founder Aidan Booth: “ I believe the reason behind our students’ massive success is that we flat-out challenge them to use The Kibo Eclipse system and platform, complete the core 8 week training modules, go through the step-by-step videos, all the strategy manuals, the software, tune in for all our live weekly training sessions with us and connect the dots with a few simple actions, and if for whatever reason they aren’t satisfied or seeing amazing results within 30 days, we refund every penny of their small investment.


So yes, that is how much confidence Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth have in their mentorship program, the Kibo Eclipse!

Is the Kibo Eclipse Legit?

Yes, the Kibo Eclipse is clearly legit. In other words, and based on the above explanations, research, and conclusions. It became safe to settle upon the fact that the risk-free Kibo Eclipse mentorship program is legit.


So now that you know the Kibo Eclipse system is a Risk-Free program, let’s answer one of the most important questions : How much investment is needed to enroll today?

Who Are Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth?

Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth are both the creators of the Kibo Eclipse. Aidan Booth is a serial online entrepreneur with over 15 years of hands-on experience in eCommerce and digital marketing.

In the last few years, Booth has made a name for himself in the world of online business, owing to his digital discoveries and online success.

Booth is originally from New Zealand, he later relocated to Argentina, where he initially started by running niche affiliate sites and creating e-Commerce webstores.

Steve Clayton, on the other hand, is a renowned marketer with a corporate background. While he wasn’t “struggling” before joining the online business scene, Clayton found his “true” success in eCommerce.

Aidan Booth and Steve have been working together since 2013.

Since teaming up, the two have been featured in many widely read magazines and digital newspapers in the world, by launching several flourishing business ventures. On top of that, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have created multiple training programs, sharing knowledge nuggets with aspiring entrepreneurs.

In fact, they are the eCommerce minds behind so many thriving programs such as Parallel Profits, 7-figure cycle, 100k factory, and many more.

Today, equipped with countless success stories and students who have tremendously benefited from their products and mentorship…they have decided to release their last and latest training program: the Kibo Eclipse.

So now that you know better about the brains behind the Kibo Eclipse system, let’s answer one of the most important questions : How much investment is needed to enroll in the Kibo Eclipse today?

How Much is Kibo Eclipse pricing?

Kibo Eclipse price is set at $3,497 when paid in One Payment. However, the program does

offer a payment plan of four installments of $997, paid every 30 days.

Kibo Eclipse Discount

Well, here’s the thing, if you opt for the payment plan, you don’t receive the Instant $491 Discount ($3,497) and will pay the full $3,988 price for Kibo Eclipse.

So, the point is, if you want to try out the Kibo Eclipse by investing in a life changing mentorship program, it would be smart to go with the one-time payment option if you can. It just makes sense to save $491!


Kibo Eclipse Bonuses (2022)

Here’s something quite important:

Founders Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth urge all Kibo Eclipse students to solely focus on the training and NOT get distracted by outdated eBooks or any extra, worthless videos as a form of bonuses, that you may be served elsewhere.

So, knowing that TIME IS MONEY, mentors Steve and Aidan themselves have built an exclusive package of valuable bonuses worth over $13,000 .

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • BONUS 1: Social Selling Secrets (Original price: $2,997)
  • BONUS 2 : All Kibo Live Recordings with Guest Speakers, Successful Students and Inner Circle Secrets (Original price: $3,997).
  • BONUS 3 : The Secret Mastermind – Advanced workshops with additional tactics, formulas, and strategies (Original price: $4,997)
  • BONUS 4 : All-access ticket to a 2-Days Private KIBO 2022 Annual Live Event . (Original price: $4,997)

But Consider This : to immediately qualify for this incredible selection of bonuses (Free of Charge with the Kibo Eclipse program); you must enroll from the Official Website Here . The program isn’t available anywhere else to minimize the risk of online fraud.

Kibo Eclipse Review: Experts’ Verdict

So how do you get a piece of the action when the doors for eCommerce are still wide open to the opportunity for you to make significant money online in the few upcoming weeks?

That’s when we get answers from: THE KIBO ECLIPSE !

Here’s the thing, when you learn from the Kibo Eclipse training program, you learn from two of the best eCommerce minds in the business who mastered the skill of connecting the right people (buyers) to the right products ( sales) , and that’s an extremely Profitable skill you can learn from this program.

So yeah, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you’ve got everything to gain, nothing to lose and it could change your life FOREVER…

REMINDER: The program comes with an exclusive 30-Day Money-back guarantee, so there is truly zero risk for those who want to try it out but are not 100% certain if it’s for them.

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