Kibo Eclipse Reviews – Obvious Ripoff or Real Money Making System?

In this tech-centric era, the craze for eCommerce businesses is going up rapidly and the growth rate is pretty jaw-dropping. With the whopping increase in the demand and popularity of eCommerce businesses, entrepreneurs started leaning on the side of eCommerce stores and setups over physical stores or businesses.

If you possess a basic knowledge about business models and startups, you must know that the eCommerce business model has been a dominant model since its initial days. At present, eCommerce businesses are thriving incredibly and almost every entrepreneur is interested in setting up his eCommerce store.

However, getting started with your eCommerce setup is not an overnight story and you will end up failing unless you attain sound knowledge about how the eCommerce business model thrives and how to make the most out of the business model.

Now, how do you know that at the initial stage of starting up your eCommerce store? If you’re damn serious about setting up an eCommerce business, you must find a standard eCommerce training program before you try your hands in executing your plans. The only difficulty in this is the presence of so many training programs on the web.

Yes, hundreds of paid and non-paid eCommerce training programs and tutorials are available on the internet. But can you go for whatever training program you come across to learn the secrets of the eCommerce business model? Of course, not.

If you want to learn from the industry-leading eCommerce experts, the Kibo Eclipse program is the ultimate choice for you. Being backed by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the Kibo Eclipse training program is a complete eCommerce tutorial that trains you on how you can boost the success of your online business or eCommerce store.

Kibo Code Quantum is already immensely popular among new entrepreneurs who are starting their careers with different forms of online businesses and eCommerce businesses.

The Kibo Eclipse course is a complete guide to all the aspects of eCommerce businesses. As you go through the Kibo Eclipse reviews, you’ll get to know how popular the Kibo Eclipse program is among young entrepreneurs.

If you’re about to purchase an eCommerce tutorial for the first time, you must have been skeptical about the efficacy of the Kibo Eclipse program. The main purpose of this Kibo Eclipse review is to introduce you to the trivial factors about the Kibo Eclipse training program.

There are enormous Kibo Eclipse reviews on the web, but the majority of them contain inadequate or inappropriate information about the Kibo Eclipse training program and the Kibo Code Eclipse. In this Kibo Eclipse review, we will share the verified details of the Kibo Eclipse program to help you determine whether you should buy it or not.

This Kibo Eclipse review will disclose what the Kibo Eclipse program actually is and what you can expect from the Kibo Eclipse training program. By the way, you will come to know about the Kibo Eclipse bonuses to know how good the program is in training you about starting an eCommerce business.

What Is an eCommerce Store?

Before we jump to the detailed Kibo Eclipse review, it’s essential to revise your knowledge about eCommerce methods and business ventures. What is an eCommerce store?

In short, an eCommerce store is the online version of a physical store where all sorts of goods and services are listed on a live website and buyers need to order their desired items from the listings and pay online. To be specific, the main purpose of the eCommerce business model is to convert physical transactions into virtual ones and an eCommerce system is the result of that perspective.

An eCommerce store is just like a physical store with all sorts of goods and services with price tags. But all the orders are placed using the internet and the financial transactions are made using the internet as well.

You must have noticed that almost all large business ventures and industrial chains are launching their eCommerce sites nowadays. Why? The simple reason behind it is the hassle-free maintenance of eCommerce stores.

An eCommerce store is easy to set up and maintain. Also, the transactions are way more effortless and convenient. So, that might drive you to think of starting up an eCommerce business. But doing so will lead you to bear serious financial losses unless you imply the evident eCommerce tricks.

In this case, the Kibo Eclipse training program comes into the picture as the Kibo Eclipse program is designed to help new entrepreneurs make the right decisions about their eCommerce startups and venture. So, let’s know about the Kibo Eclipse training program in detail.

What is the Kibo Eclipse program?

The Kibo Eclipse program is a popular training program based on eCommerce stores and online businesses. In fact, it is an 8-week online training program that helps beginner entrepreneurs make the most out of eCommerce business strategies.

According to Kibo Eclipse reviews, the foundational purpose of the Kibo Eclipse program is to teach users how they can make handsome amounts of money online using eCommerce business strategies and ventures. The course program educates you about how you can generate sales with the impactful implementation of digital marketing practices on your eCommerce store.


The entire training program is designed based on the ‘learning while earning’ concept where the participants can make decent amounts of money while learning special implementation of effective and proven eCommerce strategies.

The Kibo Eclipse system is based on an application where you can avail yourself of live training sessions, know more about the online world of eCommerce and become an expert.

The Kibo Eclipse works better than the previous versions- Kibo Code Quantum and Kibo Code Program. Precisely, the Kibo Eclipse is the updated version of the previous versions offered by the Kibo Academy.

As you check out Kibo Eclipse customer reviews and success stories, you’ll come to know about the Kibo method and chances are high that you’ll become a fan of the product.

Package type Course program based on applications
Creators Adian Booth and Steve Clayton
Course Language English
Key Highlight
  • Helps young entrepreneurs set up new eCommerce ventures.
  • Makes them earn more money online.
  • Social Selling Secrets.
  • Kibo Event Live Recordings.
  • The Secret Mastermind.
  • $3497, with a discount of $491
  • Payable in 4 installments of $997
Money-back guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee
Availability Through the official website- https://www.kiboeclipse.com/

Kibo Eclipse Creators

Two industry-leading eCommerce experts are the heads of the Kibo Eclipse team. In fact, Kibo Eclipse and its previous version are the brainchildren of Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. For your information, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are online business giants who have been there in the industry for decades and they have been able to create distinct recognition for themselves.


Initially, they started providing online marketing training services and finally ended up launching the Kibo Eclipse.

Aidan Booth started his journey by making impressive profits online through various online business ventures and channels. On the other hand, Steve Clayton spent a long span of his career working in technical and sales profiles.

They launched the Kibo Eclipse system to educate young entrepreneurs about plenty of online business strategies while helping them earn simultaneously. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are the most famous faces in the eCommerce world at present and their tutorial program is equally popular among entrepreneurs.

Both Booth and Steve Clayton are experienced professionals and they know what it takes to launch successful online businesses. Naturally, they are the best ones to train entrepreneurs and they do that so seamlessly that the Kibo Eclipse course is one of the best selling eCommerce courses available on the internet.

Both of them are extremely good at training the basics and details of online marketing while helping you develop your online store efficiently. Also, you get to learn to select profitable products to maximize your revenue as you get in touch with the experts. If you want to make more money online, these two experts should be your idols indeed!

Do you know why they are so popular among learners? Well, throughout their training sessions available with the Kibo Eclipse program, they focus on teaching students about cost-effective strategies to run an eCommerce store successfully while utilizing the saved amounts in expanding the store. So, you get to know how you can grow the attire of your store while having handsome amounts credited to your bank account.

What Makes the Kibo Eclipse Training Program Stand Out Among Hundreds of Courses?

As we said already, hundreds of training programs and courses are there on eCommerce stores. But a few of them can compete with Kibo Eclipse. Now, you must be eager to know how Kibo Eclipse beat similar courses? Check out the following points to have a better idea about that.

Consists of Profitable products

As you check out the success stories of Kibo Eclipse users, you will understand that the main key behind the course’s incredible popularity is the choice of products. Kibo Eclipse has been able to achieve the peak of success as it aims to deliver profitable products instead of going for niche-based products.

It’s common sense that you’ll get to earn the maximum profits as you go for profitable products and Kibo Eclipse makes the process of selecting profitable products much easier for you.

Scrutiny of Plenty of Products

The best thing about Kibo Eclipse is that the course aims to scrutinize and test products of various niches instead of sticking to the products of a particular niche. As the program teaches you to compare the profitability of products from different niches, you stand higher chances to become successful with your eCommerce startup.

By comparing and testing profitable products from different niches, you get to understand what can be the best solution for your customized eCommerce setup and the course programs help you do so conveniently.

Free Traffic Sources

Paid traffic is not everyone’s choice and the product comes as a versatile course as it includes free traffic sources as well. Several entrepreneurs try to amplify the benefits of free traffic sources to expand their online business ventures. Free traffic is also an elementary choice in terms of boosting your eCommerce business.

Unfortunately, the presence of free traffic tutorials is not found in the majority of eCommerce tutorial courses. The course educates you on how you can utilize the free traffic channels and sources provided in the course to generate traffic from your target market. That way, you can convert visitors into sales comfortably without requiring paid traffic sources.

No Useless Products

Another mentionable feature of Kibo Eclipse is that the course eliminates the products that aren’t sold. automatically. On the other hand, it tends to retain the products that are sold even in small margins. As the course teaches you to eliminate unsold products automatically, you get to evaluate the products that make mentionable profits.

Repetition of the Process

This is what you don’t get in other courses. Kibo Eclipse helps you identify the products that are most profitable according to the industry standards as the course process gets repeated automatically. When the course process gets repeated, you get the opportunity to understand the entire spectrum in a better manner and you can select the products that generate the most profits.

These are the exceptional features that make the course an exceptional option to go for. As these features aren’t present in similar courses, they fail to attain the level of Kibo Eclipse.

An Insight into the Kibo Eclipse Program

Starting with the Kibo Eclipse course programs sounds exciting, right? However, you may like to know more about what you can expect inside Kibo Eclipse. So, let’s have a close look at the modules of Kibo Eclipse so that you can evaluate whether you want to buy this training program or not.

Kibo Incubator

The first module of Kibo Eclipse is referred to as Kibo Incubator which is also popular as central intelligence. The purpose of this module is to give you an insight into all 8 modules of Kibo Eclipse. As you continue with this module, you will come to know about how the modules of Kibo Eclipse work. Also, this module will teach you how to gain access to further modules to complete your learning about the eCommerce world.

Kibo Jumpstart

This is the second module of Kibo Eclipse where you get to learn how you can get started with your eCommerce store. The main intention of this module is to help you build your eCommerce store with the help of industry-leading experts from the Kibo Eclipse team. Basically, this module comes in the form of a 30-day challenge and you’re advised to take the challenge so that you learn everything properly.

You’ll get the facility to interact with your trainers through Zoom meetings or chats to evaluate your progress and gauge your mistakes. In this process, you’ll be able to clarify your doubts at every step as a trainer will be there to guide you. With that, the process becomes friendlier for you and you just rule out the chances of making mistakes while setting up your store.

Kibo HQ

After you complete the first two modules, the third one comes in the queue to help you in finishing the setup process. The process of setting up an eCommerce store consists of multiple aspects and the Kibo HQ module helps you understand all the aspects.

In short, you get the opportunity to build your store precisely as per your expectations. The presence of this module in the Kibo Eclipse program ensures that you don’t make a single mistake while building up and cultivating the store.

Kibo Oracle

Product selection happens to be one of the most critical parts of setting up your store and the Kibo Oracle module is there to help you with this. This module is often addressed as the profit vault as the main purpose of the module is to help you select the products that can uplift the growth of your business rapidly.

To be specific, this module is all about using a particular application that comes with the Kibo Eclipse package to filter the products that are highly profitable. Known as profit vault, this module helps you learn how you can use the tool to filter out the products that aren’t profitable at all.

The Kibo Oracle module comes with a special application that helps screen uncountable products in seconds to save time on your behalf and the task of developing and improving your store becomes more effortless. The application is the best choice for a beginner eCommerce store owner in terms of product evaluation.

Kibo Converters

The next module is named Kibo Converters and the purpose of this module is to help with traffic generation. In this module, you get to fine-tune your advertising skills to get the attention of your targeted audiences. The effective conversion tools present in the Kibo Eclipse package help you convert visitors into reliable buyers within seconds.

Surprisingly, there are Kibo Bots to attend to your visitors in your absence to increase the conversion rate of your business. Moreover, you don’t need to bear an additional cost to get this service and such a facility is rare in the eCommerce world.

Kibo Socializer

Kibo Socializer is the next module on the list that takes care of the promotional aspects of your eCommerce store. Usually, eCommerce store owners spend thousands of dollars on online ads and Google shopping portals, but they can’t maximize their revenue at all.

The main intent of this module is to train you on how you can make the best use of your social media channels to generate traffic effectively. As you complete the entire module, you can attain expertise in utilizing social media platforms to advertise your store and your products fruitfully.

Kibo Accelerators

This is probably the most vital module of the Kibo Eclipse program. No matter whether you’re interested in developing niche websites or other types of websites, it’s essential to scale your website based on the profitability you’re attaining.

Now, the process of scaling an eCommerce store becomes a hectic task for an individual who is getting started with his eCommerce startup without sound knowledge. Keto Accelerators helps scale your business effortlessly and suggests further plans to help your business grow intensely.

Most importantly, the module helps you plan effective business strategies based on the performance of your business itself. Naturally, the process of scaling a website and developing it accordingly becomes way more straightforward for you.

Kibo MentorPrint

This is the final module of the Keto Eclipse program and this program attempts to support you in every step of your store’s progress. Basically, this module works as a support system for every user to help him by solving his doubts, queries and providing expert solutions.

The best thing about this module is that it is available for you whenever you need it. So, you can get assistance from expert professionals anytime without hesitating. The Kibo Eclipse team comes with several support channels so that all users get support whenever they need it.

So, these are the modules present in the Kibo Eclipse program. As you see, all the modules are arranged in a sequence so that users don’t find it difficult to connect with modules. As the modules are interactive and highly understandable, learning about different aspects of the eCommerce business model becomes pretty straightforward for a user.

From market research to getting in touch with foreign suppliers, Kibo Eclipse can help you out with everything related to setting up your eCommerce business. Moreover, Kibo Eclipse offers customized solutions based on the nature of your business.

Additionally, the course is crafted by experts like Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton and that’s what makes the course so effective and efficient.

Exciting Kibo Eclipse Bonuses

If you have gone through this Kibo Eclipse review so far, you’ve come to know how effective the course is. But do you know that course is accompanied by multiple exciting offers and bonuses? Let’s have a look at the Kibo Eclipse bonuses that can make your learning better.

Social Selling Secrets

This bonus package contains tutorials to increase sales using social media platforms effectively. The main target of the bonus package is to train how you can use Facebook, YouTube, TikTok to market your products and generate sales effectively.

Kibo Event Live Recordings

This year’s Kibo Event is almost knocking at the door and you can check out the live recordings of the Kibo Events of previous years at your convenience with this bonus package.

The Secret Mastermind

This bonus package is available in the form of seminars and workshops to train you about the latest eCommerce market trends through graphs and other visuals. That will eventually help you attain deeper knowledge about different eCommerce strategies to plan realistic goals.

How Much Does Kibo Eclipse Cost?

As you’ve known about the Kibo Eclipse program in detail, it’s time to talk about its price. The price of the course is $3497 and you get an instant discount of $471 if you pay the entire amount straightaway. If the deal seems unaffordable at the moment, you have the option to pay the entire amount in four installments ($997 in each installment).

As you go for the first option, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee. That means you can get your money refunded within 30 days if you’re not satisfied with the benefits and results offered by the product. It’s preferable to go for the first option if you want to get the Kibo Eclipse discount.

The Functional Procedure of Kibo Eclipse

Though you’re already familiar with the functional procedure of Kibo Eclipse, we would specify it once more to help you understand how the course works.

Website Installation

At the initial phase, you learn to build an electronic eCommerce website with a high-converting theme to get started with your eCommerce journey. With the professional assistance of the course, you won’t find it difficult to have your website live. Also, the program will assist you in customizing your store according to your preferences.

Getting in Touch with Suppliers and Dropshippers

In this phase, the course will help you contact US-based product suppliers and dropshippers so that you can create an attractive stock for your store comfortably. Eventually, you’ll get in touch with foreign suppliers as well to improvise your stock.

Earning Profits

This phase of the course module teaches how you can customize the profit paths of your store and how you can earn the most profits from all the possible profit-generating sources. Kibo Eclipse provides you with free traffic sources to boost the reach of your business and you also learn to convert more visitors into buyers in this phase.

Store Scaling

Next, the course helps you scale your website perfectly so that you can evaluate the progress of your store and you can plan your business strategies accordingly. This is the most crucial part as the growth of your business depends on this factor.

In this phase, the programs help you track the profit margins generated through your store and you can compare the profit margins of your store with the standard stats of the eCommerce markets. As the course program helps scale your site completely, you save a lot of time so that you can design further business strategies in more innovative manners.

Simply put, this phase helps you accelerate the growth of your business to the highest level easily.


Once you complete the entire process, you just need to keep repeating the process to maximize your profits and earnings from the store.

So, as you see, Kibo Eclipse is the best option as it comes with the best functional strategy in terms of helping your business develop at the best level.

Kibo Eclipse reviews- Conclusion

If you’re all set to launch your first eCommerce store, Kibo Eclipse is the best option you can opt for. The latest version is an upgraded version of the Kibo Code Quantum and the Kibo Code training version. In the entire article, we have discussed how to make the Kibo Eclipse program work on your behalf.

Being the brainchild of the industry-leading experts, this course program is truly a chartbuster. The special features of the course give it an edge over similar courses available in the market. Most importantly, the entire course program is developed and curated in a manner so that an individual with the minimum knowledge about eCommerce platforms can develop an effective store comfortably.

Moreover, the course is also a friendly option for scaling an existing eCommerce website. You also have the chance to compare thousands of products to shortlist the top-class products for your store. Most importantly, learning about the latest eCommerce trends becomes possible with this course and that’s what makes it an ideal choice for users of all patterns.

The decent money-back guarantee makes the product a safe option to go for and you can make the most out of the course if you’re really eager to discover the secrets of eCommerce success. The success stories available with the course can help you learn about different eCommerce perspectives that can expand the threshold of your knowledge.

So, we find the course extremely beneficial for every beginner eCommerce entrepreneur due to the efficacy and benefits of the course. We strongly suggest you go for the course instead of other cheaper alternatives.

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