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OMEGA Shots Review (Optimega) Omega-3 Sport Performance Drinks

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial in supporting individual health. However, dietary changes make it impossible to get enough EPA and DHA in a regular meal. Therefore, supplements such as Omega-3 Shots drink are an effective way of flooding your system with nutrients.

What is Omega-3 Shots?

As per the official website, Omega-3 Shots is a potent beverage designed to augment your sports performance. Optimega is a US-based company manufacturing this dietary supplement. The maker claims to use a high-tech emulsification process to preserve up to 90 percent purity of all the essential ingredients. Thus, a single bottle of Omega-3 Shots can deliver significant amounts of EPA and DHA to your system. Each packet contains 12 Omega-3 Shots bottles, each comprising 75ml of health-boosting beverage.

Omega-3 Shots Key features

  • It contains zero preservatives, artificial colors, and glucose
  • You can only purchase Omega-3 Shots via their official website
  • Each bottle contains 75ml of potent beverage
  • Optimega claims they use an original technology in the manufacturing of Omega-3 Shots
  • Each serving contains equal amounts of DHA and EPA ingredients
  • Optimega claims that you will experience its benefits in less than four days
  • Omega-3 Shots contains natural fixings thus unlikely to cause side effects
  • It has zero stimulants
  • Omega-3 Shots is fruit flavored and has a refreshing taste to mask the fish oil taste.
  • Omega-3 Shots is easily absorbed in your system to offer more health benefits rapidly than oral supplements.
  • It is a product from a US-based facility that is FDA-approved and GRAS certified
  • It contains allergens such as fish (anchovy and sardine) and soy
  • Omega-3 Shots is available online without a prescription

How do Omega-3 Shots Work?

Optimega recommends taking this supplement daily for effective results. The active ingredients rapidly dissolve into your system to start offering you various health benefits, according to the maker. For example, they support better blood flow and reduce triglycerides levels into your system, thus fortifying your cardiac health. Also, Omega-3 Shots can boost brain health and heighten cognitive function. The anti-inflammatory compounds in Omega-3 Shots support nerve and joint health, particularly in elderly individuals. Also, it can help better sports performance by speeding up recovery after athletic activities.

Omega-3 Shots Key Ingredients

Each Omega 3 Shots serving contains 600mg of EPA and 600mg of DHA. The maker claims that the manufacturing process ensures that users get enough health-boosting nutrients from the Omega 3 Shots formula.

EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) are compounds found in omega-3 fat. Both DHA and EPA are in adequate amounts in oily fishes like anchovies and salmon. Experts recommend a combination of DHA and EPA to improve heart health by reducing harmful cholesterol levels. Similarly, these two ingredients can augment the endothelial function, dilating blood vessels, facilitating better blood flow throughout the system. Hence, Omega Shot users can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular conditions such as stroke and heart attack with better blood flow.

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Moreover, a blend of EPA and DHA supports blood circulation in the brain, thus augmenting cognitive function. In addition, Omega Shots can keep serotonin – a biochemical component that balances moods. Also, Omega Shots makers claim that EPA and DHA have inflammatory properties that reduce the risk of developing chronic age-related conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and heart and joint diseases. Equally, the anti-inflammatory features support recovery after exercise in athletic folks.

Likewise, Omega Shots can inhibit muscle soreness and poor movement after workouts. Some studies indicate that EPA and DHA can fight diabetes-related eye problems such as chronic dryness, glaucoma, and retinopathy. In addition, EPA and DHA are effective in preventing or slowing down Alzheimer’s and dementia conditions. Furthermore, DHA is crucial in the production of potent sperms. Thus, Omega Shot can amplify male fertility by increasing the production of quality semen.

How do you take Omega-3 Shots?

Omega-3 Shots is a refreshing drink that can support your heart, brain, and joint health. Optimega recommends taking one Omega-3 shots bottle daily with either your breakfast or lunch meals. Also, if you are athletic and work out regularly, Optimega suggests you consume a bottle of Omega-3 shots after exercising. However, users should not drink more than one Omega-3 Shots bottle daily. It would help if you shook this bottle well before consuming it. Also, Optimega recommends that you get medical guidance if this product gives you unpleasant feelings.


Omega-3 Shots contain fish oil from sardine and anchovy fishes. Also, it has traces of soy. Therefore, if you are allergic to fish oil and soy, Omega Shots is not your ideal product.

Omega Shots is an adult-only product and therefore kept away from children.

Omega Shots can support fetal development; however, pregnant and lactating women should consume after getting medical authorization.

Optimega warns that you should ask your physician whether it is safe to consume this product if you are under any medication.

Do not take Omega-3 Shots if you are taking a similar supplement.

Benefits of Omega-3 Shots Drink

Increase energy levels

Omega-3 Shots can supercharge your metabolism leading to elevated energy levels crucial in heightening athletic performance. Additionally, better energy levels encourage more activities, endurance, and stamina in athletic individuals.

Boost cardiovascular health

Omega-3 Shots improve blood flow throughout the entire system by dilating the veins and arteries. Also, Optimega claims that it can reduce harmful cholesterol levels that reduce blood circulation and cause heart conditions. Thus, regular consumption of Omega-3 Shots can reduce the risk of developing cardiac issues.

Support Joint and muscle health

Omega-3 Shots contains ingredients that can improve joint lubrication and fight inflammations that cause pain to the muscles and joints.

Improve Brain Health

Omega-3 Shots is rich in brain-boosting fixings that enhance focus, mental clarity, and other cognitive functions, supporting better athletic performance.

Fortify skin health

Optimega claims that this product can improve skin hydration which helps in keeping the skin supple and evenly toned.


  • It is only available on the official website
  • It contains allergens such as soy and fish
  • You must use it for over three months to get maximum benefits.

Omega-3 Shots Pricing

Omega-3 Shots is exclusively available on their official website. You cannot get it from Walmart, Amazon, or any other sellers. Also, Omega-3 Shots are exclusively available in America; thus, there are no international shipping services.

Final Word

Omega-3 Shots is an athletic performance-boosting drink rich in DHA and EPA. Optimega claims that it is designed to support cardiac, joint, skin, and general health. It is easy to consume and does not interfere with your daily schedule.

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