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ProExtender Reviews: Will It Work for You? Best Penis Extender or Not?

We get many questions from people asking about the best penis extender. However, many men have a hard time understanding what a penis extender is, how it works and if they should be using it.

The problem with reviewing penis extenders is that there are at least a few dozen out there. Every brand of penis extender claims to be the best. That said, when you start scratching below the surface of slick marketing speak, it’s not hard to see that the penis extenders, at least most of them are just copying with everyone else, and 99% of them don’t work.

Some penis extenders can even injure you, and there have been reports of injuries; unfortunately, manufacturers and brands accept no responsibility. Fortunately, for those reading this review, we’ve managed to find, use, and highly recommend the best penis extender in our experience.

In this article, we’ll examine and talk about ProExtender, which has and continues to work for hundreds of men.

What is ProExtender?

As a user, you should ask why is ProExtender the best penis extender, in our opinion. In fact, you should be asking this question from anyone who recommends just about every penis extender on the market.

According to studies, around 95% of men have an erection that measures around 6.3 inches. Around 85% of men have an erection that’s around 85% of its potential full length. That’s why the average size when erect is around 5 inches. Those who are within an inch below the average size or who have partners who report that they aren’t sexually satisfied are often in the market for a safe way to add the odd inch and, ideally, more.

Today, unlike in the past, there are many ways to enlarge your penis. A few common approaches include surgery, using devices, and various substances. Penis extenders are devices made and marketed to have the ability to grow the penis, often using traction or what’s referred to as penile traction therapy (PTT).

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The Use of Traction To Add Inches

Increasing the size of your penis is a lot like building muscle. However, it is a slightly different type of muscle and requires stimulation in the form of a stretch rather than weights to make it grow. When you lift a weight to build muscle, the exercise leads to micro-tears in the muscle tissue, leading to the body needing to repair those tears. Over time the consistent building and breaking of tissue lead to larger muscles.

It is a lot like how traction works when it comes to enlarging the size of the penis. A device like ProExtender, is designed to apply stretch pressure on the penis, which is gradually more but persistent over a certain period. Over time, this pressure will cause microtears in the penis’ tissue, consequently requiring that the body repair that tissue similar to what happens after a muscle workout. Over a period of several months, it translates to a larger and thicker penis.

ProExtender is one of the few penis extenders that works remarkably well, with men being able to see results sooner rather than later. As the microtears in the spongy tissue across the shaft responsible for collecting blood start to build, it leads to a noticeable gain in size. ProExtender has been shown in many clinical studies to deliver results which are good news for men who want to add more girth and size. It also debunks previously held pseudo-medical beliefs that we are born with a certain penis size, built into our genetic code, which can’t be changed.

Men that have used well-designed and built devices like ProExtender can see results within a few weeks of using it daily. Initially, the growth that men experience during the first couple of weeks using ProExtender is not permanent. However, the gains over a period of months of using the device versus weeks are permanent. Once the device has been used for several months, men can choose not to use the device once their penis reaches a certain length.

How does using ProExtender compare to other penis enlargement options available? We’ll go into this in the next section, but suffice to say that using a penis extender like ProExtender is far better than most other options out there.

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ProExtender Is Safer Than Surgery or Drugs

As a man, the safety of your penis is a priority. Even the most desperate of men don’t want to do something which causes harm to their manhood. However, just about every doctor out there familiar with penis enlargement surgery will tell you that it is a risk. Sometimes that risk will pay off in the shape of a large penis, but other times it can lead to severe health issues and ruined sexual health.

Some drugs work to add a few inches to the penis, but the research on their effectiveness is limited. Most doctors will not prescribe any drug for penis enlargement because of the potential adverse effects. Those available on the black market are highly risky, to say the least.

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ProExtender, on the other hand, is relatively risk-free. The device allows you to vary the stress on your penis depending on what you’re comfortable with. Furthermore, ProExtender is far more comfortable and user-friendly than most other devices out there. That said, if you are still not sure, it’s always a good idea to consult with your doctor. However, 99% of doctors and researchers agree that using a penis extender, in general, is a safe yet effective way to add a few inches.

Why Is ProExtender Considered the Best Penis Extender Available Today?

We can tell you from experience that most penis extenders don’t work. While theoretically, all of them should work using traction therapy, but they are highly uncomfortable. Most men can’t stand using the average penis extender for the first few days. Also, some penis extenders on the market exert force in the wrong locations, which renders them nearly ineffective.

ProExtender for starters uses a design that has been tried and tested over the course of several years. It is a device that’s currently used by hundreds of men across the world that attest to its effectiveness in adding inches to their manhood. After all, the product itself has received hundreds of reviews from men who have used it.

Here are a couple of more reasons why ProExtender is the best penis extender on the market:

Very easy to use – Anyone can start using ProExtender for a few hours a day, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Customized Traction Therapy – Everyone’s threshold for pain is different. The manufacturers of ProExtender recognized this fact, which is why the device allows users to vary the amount of force. The force can be added or subtracted in 30-gram increments all the way up to 1200 grams.

Accompanying Supplements – Leading Edge Health, the manufacturer of ProExtender, recognizes that the penis requires the proper nutrients and macronutrients to grow like any other muscle in the body. In other words, they need an environment that encourages growth. That’s why the Deluxe and Ultimate package comes with the company’s Erectin and Semenax pills along with the ProExtender device. When used in conjunction, they speed up the growth of your penis while at the same time addressing concerns regarding getting a harder erection and improving orgasms.

Moneyback Guarantee – Leading Edge Health backs all their products with a moneyback guarantee, with the ProExtender being no different. If you don’t see results, it’s possible to return the product and get your money back. If anything, that should instill confidence in men who are looking for a device that will help add a few inches to their penis permanently.

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Are There any Drawbacks Associated with ProExtender?

Well, every product has a few downsides, and this review of the best penis extender available today without us addressing those issues would be incomplete. However, it is important to address the fact that there are no significant adverse effects and downsides associated with the product. After all, if there were major issues, it wouldn’t be a product we’d recommend.

The first drawback for many people will be the fact that they can only buy ProExtender online from the company’s official website. This approach ensures that people don’t end up with a knockoff product that harms them and tarnished the reputation of the company. It is important to highlight that many copies on the market are sold by various brands, but they aren’t the real deal either, even if they may look and feel the same. That’s why for the manufacturer, it is so adamant that people buy the original product that’s at present only available on the website.

The other issue that many men face is that stock is somewhat limited. Leading Edge Health puts in a lot of time, money, and research into making ProExtender. However, they put equally more time to ensure that the quality of their products is top-notch, which often means inspecting and testing each one. That’s why it might be a while before you receive the order.

Since ProExtender is a top-of-the-line product, there is an equally high price tag on it. It is a comparatively expensive product, but not prohibitively expensive. The majority of men should be able to afford it, especially considering it is a high-quality product. In our opinion, the time invested by the company is worth the extra you pay for ProExtender.

How Soon Will You Start Seeing Results?

Many men using ProExtender will start seeing results within the first couple of weeks. Some men have noticed results in a few as four weeks. However, more long-lasting results can be had when the product is used for more than three months. Then once your penis has reached the size you want, it is safe to discontinue use of it and not have to worry about your penis becoming small again.

It is important to stress that unlike using drugs or surgery, the results aren’t something you’ll see overnight. It is a lot like when you start working out in the gym, you see some beginner gains initially, but they won’t last if you quit exercising after just two weeks. If you want the gains to last longer, you need to continue exercising. It would help if you also continued ensuring that your supplement consumption is on point.

The good thing about ProExtender is that you can use it whenever you want. You can start by using it for around 30 minutes a day and then slowly use it for longer. The longer you use it, the better, but the size of the unit and the slight discomfort means that you can’t wear it all day long.

Is There A Limit To How Much the Penis Will Grow?

Yes, there is a limit to how much you can grow your penis with consistent use. For some people, it is possible to add up to 4 inches; others may be lucky to add another inch. It all boils down to nutrition, your age, commitment to using the device, and genetics. But don’t be discouraged by these facts because many people have been able to add a lot of size to their penis with consistent use, often more than they imagined.

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Final Word

The best penis extender in our books is one that’s easy to use, comfortable, and a device that will produce results. ProExtender ticks all these boxes and more. Plus, you have the peace of mind knowing that if the device does not work for you, it can be returned.

Out of all the penis extenders out there, ProExtender is perhaps the only one to offer a money-back guarantee. Also, this is the only brand to package penis enhancing supplements with the device for maximum effect. That said, if you’ve used other penis extenders before and didn’t see results, we’d certainly recommend that you give ProExtender a shot for the first three months at least. After all, there is no risk associated with trying it out.

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