ReVision Reviews: Is ReVision 20 Supplement Safe to Use?

ReVision Supplement Reviews – Is ReVision 2.0 Vision Support Scam?

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ReVision claims to be an advanced dietary supplement for eyesight, a formula that can help people improve their vision.

According to the official website, this supplement is also said to help the brain function better and is not limited only to help improve vision. It’s ingredients are powerful when it comes to the brain and they are free from chemicals or fillers in their composition, says the ReVision official website.

What is ReVision 2.0 Vision Supplement?

Supplementation has been used for centuries as a way to improve the health of both the eyes and the brain. Herbs and other forms of alternative medicine are often combined in order to create solutions to some of life’s toughest natural problems. In particular, Ancient medicine forms in the East have made use of Ginger Root, various barks, and other ingredients to help the elderly regain control of their vision and minds. In the Western medical tradition, these types of treatments have not taken hold in any institutional way.

But this clearly has not harmed their popularity. Hundreds—or even thousands—of new supplements every year claim to help people hear, see, and even think better. The popularity of some films (such as Limitless) may have created an increased public interest in fantastical medical solutions capable of making us smarter, more perceptive, and even happier. In reality, it is always important that supplement users manage their expectations appropriately.

There is not a pill on Earth (so far) that will turn you into a genius overnight. Similarly, no supplement can help your eyes to heal the damage that they have incurred over decades of activity and constant use. However, emerging studies and research dedicated to the brain and eyes has suggested that some formulas might help to improve some types of heart, eyes, and brain issues. In particular, some supplements can certainly support better vision, focus, memory, and more.

The subject of today’s full supplement review is ReVision, a vision and memory support supplement which makes some pretty boisterous claims on its product website. The supplement claims to be able to support memory and focus, improve communication between the body’s cells, and even improve overall sense perception. When combined, these benefits could be life-changing. That’s why we left no stone unturned when compiling this true and honest review of everything having to do with ReVision.

Is ReVision a Limitless pill, or just another scam riding on the public desire for better memory, focus, and vision? This review will answer some of the most important questions consumers are posing about this relatively unique solution.

How Does ReVision Work?

Many individuals complain they have a problem seeing well on TV or even when driving. As a matter of fact, performing these actions put a lot of stress on their eyes. Still, ReVision claims help fix this problem, even if they have tried numerous other supplements before.

ReVision’s manufacturers are saying their formula is the real deal and thus, truly effective, also claimed to do much more than preventing the vision from declining and helping to restore the eyes damage that has already been done. This is because ReVision is advertised as containing all the most important natural ingredients shown by scientists to keep the eyesight healthy. These ingredients are known to prevent oxidative damage, repair the cells that have already been damaged, and reduce inflammation too. And what’s even more amazing about this supplement is that it can do all these things just by being consumed once a day. Therefore, 1 ReVision capsule is said to provide many amazing health benefits, especially for those who have to wear glasses or lenses and those who are feeling like they’re losing their eyesight. ReVision is also advertised as gluten- and GMO-free, also vegan.

ReVision Ingredients

Many health experts are saying Nature can cure any disease. This indicates that ReVision, which is being advertised as a 100% natural formula, can indeed deliver the health benefits it is claimed to be able to deliver in a natural manner. Plants and herbs have been used for hundreds of years to help improve eyesight, but it can be difficult to have a diet based on them, as they would have to be consumed in enormous amounts, and this isn’t possible. Instead, they can be packed and concentrated in a dietary supplement, and this is exactly what ReVision happens to be. This formula contains all the best ingredients shown to improve eyesight, ingredients that are contained at the perfect concentrations, and ratios for only 1 capsule of ReVision to have to be taken once a day so that the formula’s ingredients are taking effect. But here are its ingredients explained:


One of the main ingredients of ReVision, Huperzine A, is extracted from the Huperzia Serrata plant. Health experts in China have been using it for centuries because it helps to breakdown acetylcholine and boosts memory and learning abilities.

Alpha GPC

This other special ingredient is obtained from crushing soy and other plants. When entering the brain, Alpha GPC starts producing more acetylcholine, and as mentioned above, this improves the cognitive function and the memory.


A very complex ingredient in ReVision, Phosphatidylserine keeps the brain healthy, improves memory and concentration, as well as helps with focusing. It has been given to Alzheimer’s and ADHD patients for many years now.


This amino acid keeps the mind alert and the body calm. It’s known to help get rid of the anxiety feeling because it has a structure similar to the one of glutamate. Glutamate is the brain’s neurotransmitter that eliminates anxiety. Therefore, L-Theanine acts just like glutamate, not to mention it also improves memory memory and mood. In addition, it stimulates GABA to be produced, and the more GABA is present in the system, the calmer both the body and the mind get to be.


This is another amino acid and has a high protein content. When L-Tyrosine is just at the right amounts, the cognitive function and memory get to be improved. Moreover, L-Tyrosine is used to increase the production of a few human hormones like dopamine, norepinephrine, and dopamine, which all boost the brain’s health. L-Tyrosine is also the amino acid that regulates the eyes’ natural pigments.

B Complex Vitamins

B vitamins are known to support overall health by much. They’re being used in ReVision because they increase red blood cells’ production and support both the eyes and the brain to work perfectly.

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ReVision Benefits

ReVision capsules are claimed to contain all the natural ingredients that reduce the damage of the eyes done by external factors such as UV light, heat, and others. As per the ReVision official website says and what the formula’s ingredients are known to help with, here are this supplement’s main benefits explained:

Preventing Eye Disorders Related to Aging

ReVision is said to repair the worn-out cells that have been damaged due to getting old and even replacing them with new ones. These diseases are dryness of the eyes, cataract, macular degeneration, and glaucoma.

Regenerating Eye Cells

Many people out there don’t know that their eyes cells can be regenerated and renewed if being fed the proper nutritive elements. And ReVision is said to contain exactly these ingredients.

Helping with Having Perfect Eyesight

Perfect eyesight is a dream many people are having, and ReVision claims to help with making it come true. According to its manufacturers, this supplement being used regularly protects against the eyesight damage-causing agents and, this way, prevents diseases like hypermetropia or myopia. At the same time, ReVision is also said to improve night vision.

Helping the Brain Function Better

Because it also contains ingredients that work on some of the brain’s neurotransmitters by controlling how concentrated these are and facilitating communication between nerve cells, ReVision can also be a brain booster that improves concentration, thinking, and cognition.

Why ReVision?

The FDA would categorize the ReVision as a dietary supplement and not a drug, which means it can be purchased without a prescription. Moreover, this supplement is said to be manufactured in a GMP- and FDA-certified facility from the US, so in the most sterile and hygienic conditions. Seeing that it’s said to contain only those natural ingredients that improve the vision and cognitive function, ReVision can be consumed daily without any problem.

Who Can Use ReVision?

Any person can use ReVision, man or woman, who’s 18 years of age. This supplement is definitely not for children. Anyone can benefit from what it has to offer, regardless if they want to repair their vision or just prevent problems with their eyesight from occurring. This means it can also be used by young adults who don’t yet have any problems with their eyes, just to ensure no such issues are going to appear later, as well as to support their cognitive function in the long run.

How Should ReVision Be Used?

ReVision is claimed to be a formula that very rapidly gets absorbed into the body. Because of this, it’s said to take effect only in a few days of use, after only 1 capsule of it has been taken every day with water, just minutes before the first meal. Therefore, ReVision is being advertised to show its health benefits almost immediately. People who have already used it are saying they have noticed it increased their brain performance, aside from helping them get a better vision. However, it’s important to know that ReVision is not a miracle cure. Just like any other pill and treatment out there, be it chemical or natural, it has to be consumed regularly and for a long time in order for it to provide consistent benefits. On the other hand, it can be called a miracle for eyesight. It can help have improved vision and increased brainpower as many say it does, its manufacturers included. Therefore, ReVision should be taken regularly and as indicated on its bottle. It’s not a product for children. Also, pregnant mothers and breastfeeding women should not consume it while carrying or nursing the baby. Chronic disease sufferers who are using prescribed medication for their condition need to talk to their doctor about using it.

Can Seniors Use ReVision?

Aside from children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people on prescribed medication, Anyone can take ReVision, regardless of their age and gender. As a matter of fact, as per previous users are saying, this formula has worked great for people between 30 and 70 years of age.

Is ReVision 20 Safe?

According to its manufacturers, ReVision is 100% safe to use. And there are many other reviews out there saying the same thing. This supplement for eyesight is said to not cause any side effects, meaning it can’t put the health of its consumers at risk, seeing it allegedly contains only all-natural ingredients. It is manufactured in a GMP- and FDA-facility, without any GMOs or artificial fillers.

How Much ReVision Should Be Taken?

Seeing that ReVision is said to show long-term benefits if consumed for a minimum of 3 months and after 6 months further, even more, it would be a good idea to order it in bulk. This doesn’t only save a lot of money, as it will be seen later, but it also guarantees the consumer that he or she will not run out of it. There’s no way of knowing how long the ReVision stocks will last.

Where to Buy ReVision?

ReVision is not a product that can be found at Amazon, Walmart, in pharmacies, or health shops. This is because distributing it in these places would cost too much, and the supplement’s price would have to increase. Instead, it can be ordered from its official website, where it comes at amazing, discounted prices for now, as it follows:

1 Bottle of ReVision for $69 and $7.95. It takes 3 to 5 business days for the ReVision 2.0 bottle to get delivered after ordering it.

3-bottle package of Revision, available with a 15% discount, so $177 per package + FREE shipping, meaning one ReVision 20 bottle costs only $59

6-bottle package of Revision at a 30% discount, so $294 per package, which means $49 per bottle, FREE shipping as well

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The bottle(s) will be delivered in the US via FedEx or UPS. FREE shipping and the shipping cost for 1 bottle are only applicable in the US and Canada, where the product(s) should be delivered in a maximum of 7 business days. International deliveries may take 8 to 15 business days or more, depending on each country’s customs policies. While ReVision is said to be sure to deliver the health benefits it’s claimed to provide, there’s still a 60-day money-back guarantee being offered on this product too.

This means customers who aren’t happy with the way the ReVision formula works for them have 60 days since their purchase to return their product(s) and obtain a full refund of the money they have spent buying ReVision. Even empty bottles can be sent back to the company for a full refund to be still issued. It should be noted that buying ReVision from some place else and not the official website doesn’t guarantee the price deals mentioned above, nor does it include the money-back guarantee. ReVision customer service can be contacted by sending an email to:


Final Verdict About ReVision 20 Eye Health Formula

The simple and transparent structure of the ReVision website leaves nothing to the imagination, which is certainly a breath of fresh air for our researchers and editors. The formula is packaged in a “GMP certified facility” and contains a transparent list of ingredients, all of which come with their own scientific studies backing their efficiency. The price for this supplement is a bit high, but it still costs less than some traditional medical treatments; you can also save money by buying several bottles at one time and taking advantage of any deals and discounts listed on the official product website.

We’ll never say a brain supplement is a Limitless pill, considering that this kind of pill is only truly real in fiction. However, some scientific research still suggests that they key ingredients in this formula might help older and younger Americans alike to improve their vision, memory, and focus.

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