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Top 21 Best Toenail Fungus Supplements (2021 Buyer’s Guide)

People who have toenail fungus can attest to the misery that type of infection brings. Usually, one would have a white or yellow spot under the tip of the toenail. Toenail fungus is also characterized by the thickening and crumbling of nails. In extreme cases, the nail may produce a foul smell, and the patient experiences a lot of pain.

All of this seems uncomfortable, scary, and sickening to some extent. That is why the experts in the pharmaceutical industry decided to come up with solutions. One of the most effective remedies to this kind of menace is toenail supplements. These are products that are designed to target toenail fungus. By doing so, they provide relief and eradicate the issue.

In today’s world, there are numerous toenail fungus supplements. Now, this is both a good thing and a bad thing, but mostly bad. Why do you ask? This is because most of the time, the market ends up being flooded with substandard products. Of course, if the supplements are of poor quality, they will not get the user the desired results.

This now brings us to the agenda of the day. Here we are going to highlight the best toenail fungus supplements in the market. We will also talk about the ranking criteria we used in creating the list and much more.

Let us begin.

The Top Toenail Fungus Supplements in 2021

These are products that we found to be effective in clearing up toenail fungus issues:

  • PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator
  • Myco Nuker
  • Fungus Hack
  • Urgent Fungus Destroyer
  • Mycosyn Pro
  • Triple Fungus Blast
  • Fungus Fighter
  • Nonyx Nail Gel
  • Puremedy Fungus Relief Ointment
  • Candifense
  • Fungal Buster Wellness Oil
  • Funginix
  • Keravita Pro
  • emuaidMAX First Aid Ointment
  • KeraGenis
  • Phytozine Ringworm Treatment
  • Probelle
  • H-Nail Fungus Formula
  • Nail Fungus Control
  • EmoniNail
  • Fungix


  • Nail Fungus No More
  • Fungus Therapy Pro
  • Fungus Key Pro

PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator

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Starting us off is PureHealth Research Fungus Eliminator that several doctors have endorsed. One such medical practitioner is Holly Lucille. Madam Lucille is a renowned naturopathic doctor. She is primarily recognized for her immense contributions to the world of supplements. As such, Holly’s endorsement is a big deal as it adds some degree of legitimacy to the product.

So what is it about this product that has made it earn such prestigious endorsements? Well, for one, the product is said to be very effective in tackling toenail fungus issues. This immense power stems from its fantastic concoction of antifungal ingredients. Oregano, apple cider vinegar, and wormwood are some of the contents of the supplement. Every single one of these components plays a massive role in boosting the user’s immune system. Now, if your immune system is strengthened, it is easier for your body to fight the toenail fungus.

Pure health also recognizes that your immune system’s condition depends largely on the gut. This is why the team also included items that are not typically seen in other toenail supplements. The ingredients are as follows:

  • Insulin – this is a non-soluble fiber that serves the role of a prebiotic. This means that it feeds the probiotic bacteria in your digestive tract.
  • Probiotics – these are bacteria in the gut that help in boosting the health of the entire tract.

All of this can be yours for a small price of $39. If you purchase a bottle and it fails to take care of the fungus, you can always return it for a refund. This is because all purchases of the product are covered with a 1-year money-back guarantee.

Myco Nuker

image 14

Enriched with about 25 vital ingredients, it was only right we included Myco Nuker. In essence, the product contains plant extracts, minerals, vitamins, and herbal extracts. With this combination, immunity issues are said to be a thing of the past. Therefore, fungal infections in your body are easily gotten rid of.

Additionally, it is claimed that Myco Nuker can tackle joint pains, cognitive problems, and digestive issues. They are also believed to help boost users’ energy levels. This is also thanks to its components.

A massive chunk of the reviews of Myco Nuker is positive. Many people have testified to the immense benefits of this toenail supplement. Ian Eddington is an excellent example of these satisfied clients. Reports state that Ian had a near-fatal fungus experience. The situation is said to have been reversed by Myco Nuker.

If this seems like a product that can help you, grab yourself a bottle for just $69.

Fungus Hack

image 8

Just from its brand name, you can tell that this is a top-notch supplement (a hack) geared towards combating toenail fungus.

Fungus Hack is packed with the right combination of some common fungus-fighting ingredients. Turmeric root, wormwood, grapefruit seed, and cinnamon back are examples of these ingredients.

It also contains unique ingredients that we do not usually get to see in other supplements. A few examples of these components are; basil leaf, digestive enzymes, and black walnut hull. These ingredients are said to naturally support the balance of yeast and fungus in the user’s system. According to manufacturers, this has greatly helped in dealing with fungus infections. It has also helped the body launch a defense system that protects it against other illnesses that may arise.

You can get Fungus Hack for just $69. If you are unsatisfied, you can return it and get your money back. This is because it comes with a 180 days money-back guarantee.

Urgent Fungus Destroyer

image 24

Next, we have a product from the mighty PhytAge Laboratories. You may be wondering why we are using the word “mighty.” Well, the firm has been in existence for close to a decade now. It has made a name for itself throughout this period by producing top-tier supplements, and Urgent Fungus Destroyer is no different.

To come up with the product, Phytage Labs’ team included a set of beneficial ingredients. These ingredients are as follows:

  • Panax Ginseng
  • Garlic
  • Quercetin
  • Green tea extracts
  • Mushroom extracts
  • Red raspberry juice
  • Quercetin
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals

These components are said to enter into the user’s system and target the root cause. By “root cause,” we mean the main thing behind the fungus infection. By doing so, they are believed to prevent the fungus from growing. This often involves availing the proper nutrients to the body. The main point of doing this is to help the body forge a fight against the infection.

If you think that is all, then you thought wrong. Urgent Fungus Destroyer is also believed to restore the user’s feet and nails. This plays a massive role in protecting them from any fungus outbreaks that may occur. Other than that, it is also purported that Urgent Fungus Destroyer purified the user’s blood.

Mycosyn Pro

image 15

Horsetail, Foti, Alfafa, and Biotin are a few examples of the ingredients used in Mycosyn Pro. With these components, the product is said to be able to offer several benefits to users.

Mycosyn Pro is believed to kill fungi and other types of bacteria. This then results in proper healing of the nail bed infections.

Remember when we said toenail fungus brings about a strong unpleasant smell. Well, that too is said to be tackled by Mycosyn Pro. According to its manufacturers, the product is designed to keep blood flowing properly. This goes a long way in preventing foot odors caused by fungal infections.

The ingredients we have just highlighted above are also excellent antioxidants. For that reason, they play a massive role in helping the product improve the body’s health. Furthermore, the product is also said to improve skin conditions and fluid retention.

Developed by Michael Davis, Mycosyn Pro is an entirely natural toenail supplement. That is why it has no side effects and can be used by anyone regardless of age.

For just $69, a bottle of this capsulated supplement can be all yours.

Triple Fungus Blast

image 23

If you want a toenail supplement that is both effective and pocket-friendly, then Triple Fungus Blast is your go-to product.

The name Triple Fungus Blast may make people think that it contains only three ingredients. Well, that is not the case. The “Triple” is part of the product’s brand name as it is manufactured by a firm known as three naturals. The product is endowed with numerous blood-healthy components. Here are some of them:

  • Olive leaf
  • Garlic bulb extract
  • Turmeric powder
  • Green tea leaf
  • Red raspberry fruit
  • Graviola leaf
  • Selenium
  • Lycopene
  • Pine Bark Extract
  • Beta-glucan

It is these ingredients that make the product the potent supplement it is. In essence, Triple Fungus Blast is said to improve the user’s immune system. As a result, toenail fungus and other bacteria present in the body are easily eliminated. It is also purported to clear the patients’ nails after the fungus has been flushed out.

Fungus Fighter

image 7

Originating from Asia, Spilanthes Acmella is a plant belonging to the daisy family. The plant has been used for so many years as a form of traditional medicine. This is because it is known to offer numerous benefits. Even though that is true, our focus today is on its anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.

These two properties are what made the creators of Fungus Fighter include the herb in the product. Through it, Fungus Fighter is said to be able to tackle toenail fungus with ease. Fungus Fighter is also claimed to help users boost their immunity. This is great as it also aids in the fight against toenail fungus and other infections.

The formula is regarded to be safe for use by all since it is gluten-free and vegan friendly. Furthermore, it contains no traces of GMOs.

Consuming Fungus Fighter is quite simple. Being a liquid supplement, all one needs to do is add one drop into a glass of either juice or water. Before you ask, no, you will not taste/notice the supplement in your drink. It will be like you did not add anything at all.

Fungus Fighter costs $42. Considering all it has to offer, this is a relatively fair price.

Nonyx Nail Gel

image 18

Most of the supplements we have gone through so far are consumable products. This right here is quite different. In essence, Nonyx Nail Gel is an antifungal supplement that is meant for external use only. You need to take a considerable amount of the gel and apply it to the infected area to use the product.

First of all, doing so cuts off the fungus’ food supply, also known as keratin debris. With no available food, the fungus will most likely wither and die.

After the fungus is dealt with, the product is also said to improve nail clarity. This ensures no one, not even yourself, can tell that you once had fungus in your nails.

Puremedy Fungus Relief Ointment

image 22

Next on our list, we have a supplement that comes in the form of an ointment. This product from Puremedy is famous for many reasons. The main one is its use of homeopathic ingredients in dealing with toenail fungus. Homeopathic ingredients are compounds that initiate the body to heal by itself.

So what are these ingredients? Puremedy Fungus Relief Ointment contains significant amounts of 1X HPUS elderberry and 1X HPUS marigold. 1X HPUS arborvitae and 1X HPUS Echinacea are constituents of the supplement.

The components we have just talked about are the active ingredients included in the supplement. The product also has inactive ingredients like organic neem oil, beeswax, and olive oil.

Put together, these ingredients are said to treat a variety of issues/ailments. Swelling, wounds, and itchy skin are some examples. Of course, we cannot forget the main one, which is toenail fungus.


image 1

In Candifense, you will find traces of cellulase, amylase, xylanase, beta-glucanase, and probiotics. Contrary to popular opinion, these components do not directly attack toenail fungus infections. Instead, they are believed to target the digestive tract of the user. By doing so, they are claimed to restore the balance of microbiomes in the gut. This then creates an environment in which the fungus is unable to spread.

These components are also purported to help the body break down food properly. If food is correctly disintegrated, all the necessary nutrients are absorbed. Part of these nutrients are immunity-building components that help make the body stronger. A strong body means an improved ability to fight off the toenail fungus and any other issue that may arise.

Fungal Buster Wellness Oil

image 4

Fungal Buster Wellness Oil is an all-natural toenail supplement that comes in liquid form. It is filled with several body-healthy ingredients. Some of these components are; lavender essential oil, jojoba oil, and tea tree essential oil.

With this, the supplement is said to combat fungal infections in the patient’s toenails. It is also said to protect them from the occurrence of any other fungal infections in the future.

To fully enjoy these benefits, one should first add a small amount of liquid to a clean piece of cloth. Ensure the fabric is at least wet, although a moist one can also get the job done. After that, gently rub it onto the toenail with the fungus infection. After that, let the product do what it is best at, which is, killing fungus.

With a price tag of just $17, this is probably the most affordable supplement on our list today.


image 5

One of the marks of a good toenail supplement is how its manufacturer markets it. If you find a product advertised as a quick fix, you should be very wary about it. This is because that is a huge red flag since healing toenail fungal issues is not “magic.” In essence, things are just not going to happen instantly.

On the flip side, trust only that company that talks about truthful and realistic benefits. It is because of this that our team gravitated towards Funginix. In essence, its creators did not say that the product can treat toenail fungus overnight. Instead, they have reasonable timelines, that is, within a period of 2 to 12 weeks.

One of the benefits users are said to reap from the product is the killing of fungus in the toenails. It is also believed that the product promotes the growth and development of healthy nails.

Like many of the products here, the benefits of Funginix stem from its ingredients. In Funginix, you will find essential oils, antifungal components, and herbal extracts. It is these components that are absorbed into the body once the formula has been applied. By doing so, the supplement offers rapid relief from toenail fungus infections.

Keravita Pro

image 13

The FDA has stringent guidelines and standards when it comes to any kind of approval process. That is why when you hear that a supplement is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, you know it is spectacular. Well, Keravita Pro is one of these products.

Ranked highly on various lists and reviews, Keravita Pro is one of the most superior products here. This is mainly because it contains potent ingredients like; lycopene, burdock, rhubarb, sheep sorrel, and soursop leaves.

The recommended dose of Keravita Pro is two capsules a day. Following this dosage to the letter is claimed to eliminate toenail fungus rapidly. It is also believed to clean up the patient’s foot and purify one’s blood. Furthermore, you are also expected to develop a robust defense system against future fungal infections.

emuaidMAX First Aid Ointment

image 3

Some manufacturers believe that providing the body with the right items can easily forge a fight against fungus and eliminate it. An excellent example of such is the creator behind emuaidMAX First Aid Ointment.

The supplement contains three key ingredients that are said to help it actualize its set goals. 10X tea tree oil, 2X Bacillus ferment, and 50X vitamin E are the three components we are talking about.

Using these ingredients, the eczema cream is purported to work from outside-in. In essence, the cream is first applied to the affected nail (out). Once this is done, the product is absorbed and starts working to eliminate fungal infections from within the body. It is also believed to treat rashes, jock itch, shingles, and yeast infections.


image 12

If you are looking for an antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory all packed in one, then KeraGenis is the product for you.

Developed by Benjamin Jones, this dietary supplement contains many fungus-fighting components. A few examples are; curcumin, olive leaf, quercetin, and pomegranate. You will also find different mushroom extracts like reishi, maitake, and shiitake in the product.

It is through these ingredients that KeraGenis is said to fight fungal attacks and other issues.

Phytozine Ringworm Treatment

image 19

You probably wonder what a “ringworm treatment” is doing in a list of toenail fungus supplements. Let us explain.

The primary purpose of Phytozine Ringworm Treatment indeed is to deal with ringworm-related issues. However, it is also highly effective in dealing with fungal infections, especially those in toenails.

Availed in the form of a cream, the product contains the right portions of camphor and menthol. Again, camphor and menthol are known to possess antifungal properties. This then reinforces the reason why the product is believed to deal with the fungus.

Users are required to rub the cream on their skin each day for about 4 minutes. Doing so plays a critical role in facilitating its absorption into the skin. As a result, you will get the much-needed results on your nail(s).


image 20

Priced at $50, here is another supplement availed to users in the form of a gel. This 2-Step Fungal Nail Removal System (as it is called) is a product from Probelle.

Probelle is a renowned beauty product firm headquartered in Florida, United States of America. It provides a long list of formulas, treatments, and products meant to combat different issues. One of these issues is, of course, toenail fungus.

The firm understands that fungal infections weaken patients’ nails. Also, since it is an infection, its entry into the body means the immune system is compromised.

That is why the company recommends going for a medical examination and taking drugs to fight the infections. The pills should also help with immunity issues. Once this is done, patients are then advised to use the Probelle Fungal Nail Renewal System. Doing so is said to help strengthen one’s nails. It is also believed to shield one’s nails from any future fungal outbreaks.

H-Nail Fungus Formula

image 11

H-Nail Fungus Formula is an organic supplement that is FDA-listed. It is widely known for containing homeopathic oils and ingredients. This explains why this liquid supplement is regarded as a self-healing formula.

The components in the product are said to help users deal with toenail fungus from the outside in. This essentially means that once you apply the product, it first combats the infected nails and restores them to their original state. It then goes inwards and works to fight the causative agent in your body. Apart from toenail fungus, the formula is also said to combat yeast infections.

H-Nail Fungus Formula is manufactured by Healing Natural Oils and sold on for just $33.

Nail Fungus Control

image 16

The main topic for today was toenail fungus supplements, but here we have something a bit different. In essence, Nail Fungus Control is not necessarily a supplement but rather a form of medication.

Nail Fungus Control formula is rich in Calendula Officinalis 6X HPUS and Silicea 6X HPUS. These two compounds are claimed to target fungus infections and skin issues. By doing so, they are said to bring healing to both problems.

With them, Nail Fungus Control is also purported to boost the recovery of toenails. This is, of course, after the fungus-related infections are eradicated.

The FDA-approved drug is available to all at a low price of $27. If you would like to get it, you do not have to worry about needing a prescription. This is because it is mainly sold as an over-the-counter drug.


image 2

EmoniNail made it on our list because of two main reasons. The first one is its said ability to creep deep into the nail beds and combat fungus infections. With this, it is claimed to fix the nails and wholly eradicate the root cause of the fungal ailment. This is done so that the conditions no longer bother you.

The second reason, which is also what makes it unique, is that it rapidly gives off all of these benefits. In essence, it is believed that after a short while of using the product, you will start noticing changes. This is mainly because it contains different essential oils and plant-based components that are powerful and highly effective.

The topical supplement comes in a 24ml bottle. To use it, just add a few drops of the liquid onto a brush and apply it to the infected toenail.


image 6

To close up our list, we have a Fungix. The product is said to derive its potency from tea tree oil, undecylenic acid, and essential oils, which are all included in it.

Made by Approved Science, the formula is believed to offer antibacterial properties. It is also said to be effective in tackling and eradicating fungal issues. Its maker also claims that the product shields users from any fungus attacks in the future.

Manuka oil, bee propolis, and standard skincare components are also said to be in Fungix. With them, the product is purported to be effective in repairing nails and the skin. It is also believed to improve nail clarity and texture. A bottle of Fungix is reasonably priced at $59.


There is no doubt that taking supplements is an excellent way of dealing with toenail fungus. However, there are also other means of eradicating the menace.

Some of these methods include:

Nail Fungus No More

image 17

This is an eBook that is said to offer actionable strategies for treating toenail fungus. The guide was written by Blue Heron Health News’ Julissa Clay. According to her, to completely heal, one needs to make some diet and lifestyle changes. This is because there are certain foods toenail fungus patients need to eat to boost their immunity. As we have explained above, a robust immune system dramatically helps in fighting toenail fungus. Julissa also says that there are meals people should avoid. The reason is that these foods facilitate the thriving of fungus.

All of these instructions and tips have been broken down for easy comprehension and implementation in the book.

We suggest trying out this guide to take a different route from ingesting/applying supplements.

Nail Fungus No More costs $49. The good thing is that it comes with a money-back guarantee. If the book does not help you eradicate the fungus, you can always ask for your money back.

NOTE: The guarantee highlighted here is only valid for two months. This means that you need to raise the issue (if any) within 60 days from the day of purchase. Anyone who raises concerns/disputes after that period is not eligible for a refund.

Fungus Key Pro

image 9

Like Nail Fungus No More, Fungus Key Pro, too, is an eBook guide. The difference between the two is that Fungus Key Pro solely uses natural remedies to treat fungus infections.

Developed by Wu Chang, Fungus Key Pro introduces users to proper dietary habits and offers valuable techniques. This is done to help them build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With this, Mr. Chang believes that patients will be able to do away with toenail fungus completely.

Fungus Therapy Pro

image 10

Up to this point, we have come across numerous oral supplements, medications, oils, ointments, and even guides geared towards dealing with toenail fungus.

Here we have a different product designed to attain the same goal, eradicating toenail fungus. However, how it achieves this is entirely dissimilar.

Fungus Therapy Pro is an easy-to-use compact device that is USB-powered. The device tackles fungus infestations by the use of a laser. Patients are required to place their affected toenails in the machine and turn it on. As soon as they do so, the device starts eradicating the fungus.

In case you are concerned about the lasers, you can relax! They will not harm you in any way as their only role is to clear up the fungus. Several medical practitioners have approved the product. Many of these experts even recommend this product for use by their patients.

Our Ranking Criteria for the Best Fungus Supplements

The market has tons of products, both from genuine and unscrupulous dealers. All these toenail fungus supplements are advertised to clear the infection. However, not all products can deliver results as claimed. More so, some contain harmful ingredients that might lead to severe side effects.

Fortunately, we take pride in our editorial team. The team spent several hours researching and consulting connoisseurs to select reliable products on the market, which we have highlighted above.

But how did we compile this list? Below are the in-depth criteria we followed:

Ingredients Backed up by Science

Unlike FDA-approved medicines, most supplements are subjected to little oversight. So their claims of natural ingredients might not be right after all. However, there are a few that are science-backed.

We only picked supplements backed by scientific research. We also considered their positive effects on nails.

Transparent Advertised Benefits

Toenail fungus supplements are intended to clear up fungal infections. However, as we stated earlier, these products do not perform magic.

We emphasize this because some companies advertise that their supplements can eliminate fungus overnight, entirely unrealistic. Such statements are only meant to entice and trick unsuspecting clients.

We did our due diligence to come with a list with only products that offer actual results.

Endorsed or Made by Doctors

There are a myriad of supplements- online and over-the-counter. Most manufacturers tend to use celebrities to endorse their products. However, we only believe in supplements that have the doctor’s approval. It shows the product has clinical evidence to support its effectiveness.

Value and Price

Just like other products, toenail fungus supplements also come at different prices. Some come at a low-ball price, which might end up being expensive in terms of side effects. However, one should also not go broke as they try to get a fungus supplement.

As we were looking at the price, we also paid attention to the value these products offered.

Therefore, you will only find reasonably priced products that offer high value to their users on this list.

Manufacturer Reliability and Reputation

Achieving reliability in a competitive world takes hard work and resilience. Companies with rich reputations tend to adhere to strict regulations and manufacturing processes. Unfortunately, the supplement industry is enormous and uncensored. Therefore, it is easy to land on unscrupulous dealers.

To avoid confusion, we focused on firms that are GMP-certified. We also considered customer reviews to establish the reliability of the product. Reliability and reputation also go hand in hand with experience—the more the experience, the better the results.

Clinical Trials of Supplements

Clinical trials help to determine if a toenail supplement is safe and effective. In addition, there are intervention and observation studies. Thus, the supplements go through two phases to ascertain their reliability.

We focused on supplements that had passed through clinical trials for enhanced consumption safety.

Money-Back Policy or Satisfaction Guarantee

A money-back plan offers twin benefits of protection and investment. This is helpful because sometimes, toenail fungus supplements might not work as advertised. In case such a thing happens, a money-back policy will help you get a refund or exchange.

We, therefore, searched for companies with a money-back plan.

Easy Application/Use

Supplements come in so many different forms, such as; pills, oils, and creams, just to name a few. The process of ingesting/using most of these types is relatively straightforward.

However, some dietary supplements come with odd usage/application instructions. For example, some might suggest you insert it in your posterior. Others might require you to apply at odd hours.

As we rummaged through the various available supplements, we only chose the easy ones to use.

Transparency in Product Ingredients

Fungus supplements include elements like minerals, enzymes, vitamins, herbs, and amino acids. These products are advertised in the form of bottled gelcaps, liquids, tablets, or powders.

Reliable manufacturers usually put a label on these bottles indicating all the ingredients used in product formulation.

Knowing the available ingredients enables consumers to choose the right products for them. For example, if you have got a gluten allergy, you only pick a supplement without gluten. We preferred products with all the constituent ingredients listed on the label in our endeavor to list supplements.

5 Common Myths about Toenail Fungus

Nowadays, people can just go on the internet and search up any queries about toenail fungus, and millions of results (websites) will pop up with different sorts of answers. As much as easy access to information is good, not all of that content is verified. This then makes a lot of people walk around believing a lot of false information and myths.

Now that is why in this section, we are going to debunk 5 of the most popular myths concerning toenail fungus.

Myth #1: Fungal infections are caused by poor hygiene

False. Although good hygiene is essential, fungi can affect even the cleanest feet. There are several reasons why such a thing may happen. Existing conditions like diabetes and damaged nails are the primary causative agents. Getting pedicure treatments using unsterilized tools can also lead to the contraction of fungal infections.

Myth #2: Discolored nails have a fungal infection

Not necessarily. The color of your toenails doesn’t outrightly indicate a fungal infection. This is because so many things can affect nail color. For example, smoking can make your nails turn brown. More so, applying dark nail polish can also leave your nails discolored.

Myth #3: Toenail fungus is harmless

Far from the truth. You should never ignore any infection, especially toenail fungus. If you have it, ensure you see a doctor as soon as possible before it causes havoc. This is because when left untreated, the condition will spread to other toes. Moreover, if you have a sapped immune system, you are at risk of life-threatening infections.

Myth #4: You do not need a doctor’s advice for toenail fungus

Ideally, you would see a doctor for other types of infections. So, why not for toenail fungus infection? You might get advice from the internet or friends on home remedies, but only a doctor has the right knowledge to prescribe proper treatment. Furthermore, in case you wish to buy supplements, inform a specialist first.

Myth #5: Nail polish prevents toenail fungus

This is not true. Toenail fungus is not a cosmetic issue. Prettying up your nails does not keep you away from the dangers of toenail fungus. It can only seal, which is also a bad idea. Nail polish might even create a dark surface on your nails. More so, it creates a moist and warm environment for fungus to thrive.

Scientific Evidence for Toenail Fungus Supplements

Toenail fungus might start as partial discoloration, but as it continues, it makes the nails crumble. In worst cases, the nails might separate for the toenail bed. More so, you can feel pain and detect some slight odor.

We have discussed that taking proper supplements can help you deal with such issues.

Here, we will look at the scientific facts and findings behind the use of toenail supplements. We will do this by going through 3 key common ingredients used in the toenail supplement industry and seeing their scientific backing.

These ingredients are:

  • Vitamin C- Experts say that ascorbic acid is essential in producing collagen. This is a crucial element of nails. It is also loaded with antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals. Furthermore, vitamin C keeps your nails hydrated and nourished.
  • Consuming veggies and citrus fruits can come in handy in availing vitamin C to your body.
  • Vitamin E – According to scientists, this vitamin neutralizes the effects of free radicals. Several studies indicate that vitamin E can treat yellow/white nail syndrome.
  • Iron – Iron deficiency also makes nails brittle and weak. You can avoid this by eating foods rich in iron. The best sources include pork, dark green veggies, red meat, and poultry.

Toenail Fungus Supplements FAQs

Here are some common FAQs about toenail fungus supplements:

Q: Is it necessary to get surgery after contracting toenail fungus?

A: You might need it or not; it all depends on the advice given by your doctor—all in all, that is not the only option for treating toenail fungus. Many non-invasive remedies like taking pills, applying oil and cream supplements, or even laser treatment could also help you out.

Q: Where can one get a toenail fungus infection?

A: Nail fungus is a common health condition that can affect anyone. Typically, living in humid and hot climatic regions increases the likelihood of getting toenail fungus. Also, walking barefooted or swimming in public pools puts you at risk.

Q: How do I identify a fungus infection?

A: Toenail fungal infections symptoms can vary. However, in most cases, patients tend to have crumbled or thickened nails accompanied by yellow-brown or whitish discolorations. Moreover, you may also notice that your nails are becoming increasingly crumbly or brittle.

Q: Is it okay to apply nail polish on a fungus-infected toenail?

A: No, because toenail fungus infection is not a cosmetic issue. Applying nail polish will only cover the ugly discoloration. In addition, nail polish creates a dark and moist environment around the nail. This then creates a conducive environment for fungus to thrive. As the infection grows, it might spread to other toenails.

Getting frequent pedicure treatments will also make the nail brittle. Instead, wait until the infection clears to apply nail polish.

Q: What are some of the remedies for preventing fungal infections from recurring?

A: Be sure to observe proper hygiene to prevent infection recurrence. Ensure you practice extra caution, especially after nail removal surgery. In such an instance, the nail bed should always stay clean and dry. More so, applying antibiotic ointments will go a long way in minimizing the risk of infection.

Refrain from walking barefooted on damp areas, such as gyms, locker rooms, public toilets, and pools. You should also try to find ways to enhance your immune system. This will help fight the infection from within and inhibit any future attacks. Furthermore, when you’re trimming nails, do so across and avoid digging deeper.

When wearing shoes, ensure that they fit perfectly and they’re breathable. Additionally, avoid sharing nail clippers or shoes.

Q: What is the best remedy for nail fungal infections?

A: When treating nail fungus infections, it is always best not to rely on a single formula/form of medication.

What you should do is have a combination of strategies you constantly adhere to. For instance, you must boost your immune system and, at the same time, avoid any toenail infection risk factors. For example, avoid walking barefooted in damp areas.

If you are taking supplements, you should also eat nutritiously so that the product can work effectively and efficiently.

Doing such is said to guarantee you a smooth ride to healing.

Q: What led to my toenail fungus infection?

A: There are so many factors that could lead to the contraction of toenail fungus. One of them is the existence of certain health conditions. In essence, if you have diabetes, your chances of getting fungal infections are high. You might also have walked barefooted on damp areas. Moreover, your shoes may be ill-fitting.

Q: How can toenail fungus infections spread?

A: Generally, the infection spreads via fungal spores. Dirty liquids, sweat, and water are vital factors/means facilitating these spores’ spread.

When your nails come into contact with the spores, they reach the nail bed. If you have a crack on your nail, the spores grow, causing fungal infections.

Q: What are the primary symptoms of a toenail fungus?

A: The primary symptoms of toenail fungus include:

  • Crumbly, brittle, or ragged nails
  • Slight odor
  • Yellow-brown discoloration
  • A dark color
  • Thickened

Q: What is the definition of onychomycosis?

A: Any fungal infection of toenails or fingernails is called onychomycosis. The condition usually affects about 90% of the elderly. It is also more common in men than women.

One should occasionally go for checkups as onychomycosis might be present for years without presenting disturbing symptoms like pain, thereby “eating you” slowly.

Q: What makes toenail fungus more common?

A: Finger and toenail fungus infections are similar since they are both known to disfigure or destroy nails. However, the main difference is that toenail infections are more prevalent.

This is mainly because your feet spend a lot of time enclosed in dark, warm shoes, which generally cause many people to sweat. With sweaty feet comes a suitable environment for the thriving of fungi.

Heavy sports participation, high-risk occupations, and occasional application of nail polish also increase the risk of toenail infections.

Q: What is the necessity of treating toenail fungus infections?

A: Maybe thick and discolored nails are not hurting. But remember, the infection does not go away by itself. Therefore, you must make an effort to treat it. In addition, untreated toenail infections can quickly spread to other toes. And in some cases, you might even detect a foul smell.

So, there is a need to treat the infection. You can do so by either using oral supplements or antifungal gels and creams. There are also prescription polishes, laser treatments, and other medications that can help alleviate the menace.

Q: How do doctors treat toenail fungal infections?

A: The first step is diagnosis. Having discolored or thick nails may not necessarily mean that you have a fungal infection. This is because there are conditions like psoriasis that mimic toenail fungus. More so, bacteria and yeast can also infect your nails and exhibit similar signs.

That is why the doctor needs to perform tests to confirm the presence of toenail fungus.

Once the doctor confirms that your infection is toenail fungus, they may prescribe drugs to take orally or apply.

Q: How do laser treatments work?

A: This is one of the best non-invasive toenail fungus treatment methods. As the name suggests, it involves the use of lasers.

During the treatment, the laser will target living fungus inside the toenail. By doing so, it eliminates the fungus from your body.

NOTE: After the treatment, you will need to follow a strict hygiene program to prevent a recurrence of the infection.

Q: What is dermatophyte infection?

A: Tinea (also dermatophyte infection) is a group of fungal infections that affect the nails, skin, and hair.

Q: Is toenail fungus contagious?

A: Toenail fungus is highly contagious. That is why you should not share personal items like; towels and nail clippers. One should also have shoes on when walking in public toilets, bathrooms, and gyms.

Q: Can I get toenail fungus from a swimming pool?

A: Definitely, yes! The disease spread through water, liquids, and sweat. That is why you should always avoid damp areas and public pools if possible.

Q: Can toenail fungus infections spread to other body parts?

A: Toenail fungus is not a life-threatening infection. However, when it goes untreated, it spreads to other toes. It can also cause different types of conditions that could result in even more harm.

Q: Who is at the risk of developing toenail fungus infections?

A: Toenail fungal infection is a respecter of no one. It can affect anyone regardless of gender, age, or any other factor. However, some individuals are more prone to infection than others. Some of these individuals are the elderly, diabetic patients, and those with weak immune systems. Smokers are also said to be highly likely to get fungal infections.

Q: Is toenail fungus painful?

A: Toenail infection is painless at the beginning. But if the fungal infection goes untreated, it can get painful.

Q: Are oral antifungal medications effective?

A: Oral antifungal medications are safe and effective. They are believed to work by preventing fungal infections from spreading further. Once they stop the fungal growth, they kill cell walls and eliminate them.

Q: How long should I take to visit a doctor after contracting toenail fungus?

A: Toenail fungus infections should never be ignored. They might not be harmful but can hurt your self-esteem and probably even lead to an athlete’s foot. Visit your doctor immediately and you notice the first signs and symptoms discussed in this article. Early diagnosis essentially translates to early and effective treatment.

Q: What is a cellulitis infection?

A: This is a common and potentially life-threatening skin infection. Primarily, it affects the skin on the lower side of the legs. However, it may also affect the arms, face, and other areas. Cellulitis is warm to the touch and typically painful.

Q: What are the preventive tips for toenail fungus?

A: Toenail fungus infection is easy to catch but hard to eliminate. It is, therefore, ideal for people to prevent it. Here are some of the ways of doing so:

  • Maintain good hygiene at all costs
  • Use safety gloves and choose proper, clean footwear
  • Choose clean beauty spas, nails salons, and gyms
  • Treat other body fungus infections immediately
  • Boost your immune system
  • Approach swimming pools and public toilets with precaution. If possible, avoid them.

Q: What causes my nail fungal infections to recur?

A: Recurrence of toenail fungus is quite common. But you can avoid it by using antifungal creams and powders as directed. Also, keep your feet clean and dry. Finally, work on boosting your immune system.

Q: Which is the best toenail fungus supplement?

A: All the products listed above are effective in treating toenail fungus. There are many reasons why we say this. The key is that they are made by reputable and experienced firms, many of which are FDA-approved.

The Top Toenail Fungus Supplements in 2021 Final Word

With all the toenail supplement options available, selecting the best one can be confusing. That is why we have this review and buyer’s guide to ensure the process is a little smoother and simpler for you. The products here are affordable and of high quality. They are also safe for use, so you do not need to be worried.

Read through the details of each product keenly and choose the one you feel will meet your needs and expectations.

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