Top Resveratrol Products: Best Supplements with Pure Resveratrol

Resveratrol is considered a stilbenoid, which is a naturally occurring phenol in certain plants. It has high antioxidant properties and offers a handful of other perks as well. Out of the many, some of the main advantages of consuming resveratrol include fighting inflammation, losing weight, controlling sugar levels, and offering benefits to fight off cancer and related issues.

Additionally, resveratrol helps subside high cholesterol levels and even treat heart-related problems. Taking additives that contain resveratrol is a great way to keep up with your well-being, although choosing the right one for you, out of the many listed products out there, can be a bit of a hassle.

That’s why we’ve got you covered and provided a list of the best 19 Resveratrol additives, so grab a glass of water and start reading this review.

The Top 19 Resveratrol Supplements in 2021

Resveratrol, as an anti-oxidant additive, is well-known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Many companies announce that their Resveratrol additives help minimize inflammation throughout the body, but one additive dramatically differs from the other.

Here’s the evaluation of our list of top Resveratrol additives in 2021, made through consulting manufacturers, verifying laboratory findings, and comparing brands with our editing team:

  • Cymbiotika NMN
  • Garden of Life Raw Resveratrol
  • Nuzena Resveratrol Rapid +
  • Toniq Resveratrol
  • MAAC10 Trans Resveratrol
  • Zenith Labs Longevity Activator
  • Biotivia Transmax
  • Juvenon’s BloodFlow-7
  • Revitaa Pro
  • Thorne Research ReservaCel
  • Toniq Elixr
  • Purely Beneficial Resveratrol 1450
  • LiGenics
  • Designs for Health Resveratrol Supreme
  • Reserveage Resveratrol
  • Life Extension Optimized Resveratrol
  • Claritox Pro
  • Vivo Tonic
  • Extra Resveratrol Program: The Red Wine Diet

Let’s see where these Resveratrol additives stand by offering complete details on each brand’s ingredients, pricing, and overall health benefits.

Cymbiotika NMN


The pricing of Cymbiotika NMN is one of the more expensive on this list stands at $77 for one bottle. Nonetheless, the strong effect you’ll receive from the soluble resveratrol and L-theanine’s active amino acid compound is worth the price. The components in this Resveratrol additive also include a coenzyme called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, or NAD+ for short, which strongly regulates your metabolism.

Some of the other components in the mixture are 0.2 grams of extracts from green tea, 0.1 grams of unroasted coffee beans extract, and 0.2 grams of the naturally found flavone apigenin. When you take two capsules of this additive, you’ll get a great blend of 0.4 grams of NMN and 0.1 grams of resveratrol. All of the components found in the Cymbiotika NMN have anti-inflammatory properties, not just resveratrol.

Since it has NAD+, which is connected to reduced aging, the additive brings out benefits to delay the aging process, thanks to the added molecules that provide these effects. Alongside making you more youthful, the product also enforces added benefits to protect your heart and DNA.

Garden of Life Raw Resveratrol


Garden of Life Raw Resveratrol gives off superb properties that protect your youth and bring your metabolism back on the right track. Its powers come from the great antioxidation each dose gives off, which benefits your overall health, not just your youthfulness.

Raw Resveratrol’s uniqueness includes added components, such as probiotics and enzymes, both of which help straighten the digestive tract. Aside from the 500,000,000 colony-forming units of probiotics that this additive has, a single-capsule dose consists of 0.35 grams of trans-resveratrol, and 0.016 grams of enzymes, along with fruits and veggies that boast high antioxidant properties.

The trans-resveratrol used in making these additives derives from fermented Reynoutria Japonica and the Cabernet Sauvignon sort grapes. Raw Resveratrol packs a wallop because of the many anti-oxidant ingredients the mixture provides. The pricing for this additive comes at a fair $35 per bottle.

Nuzena Resveratrol Rapid +


Resveratrol Rapid + from Nuzena has one of the most significant values on this list. As an additive, the Nuzena offers additional benefits, such as balancing out your blood pressure and leveling up your insulin. It naturally also helps with the renewal of youth, thanks to the massive antioxidative content it offers.

This particular additive has a considerable amount of resveratrol, or 1.2 grams to be exact.

That’s approximately 10 or 20 times the Resveratrol you’ll take from other additives listed in this ranking. It’s just like having more than a hundred glasses of red wine daily to get your preferred anti-oxidants. A non-biased opinion of the Resveratrol Rapid + is that it’s one of the leading additive products at the moment, and it’s priced at a humble $35 per bottle.

Toniq Resveratrol


With really high purity, this resveratrol additive is one of the lowest cost additives that has appeared on this list, standing at $20 per bottle containing 60 capsules. Even with this low price, you’ll get a reduction on the price if you buy the bigger bottle that includes 180 pills.

The Toniq Resveratrol is also one of those additives with a decent amount of resveratrol – 0.6 grams – and comes with a purity status of a whopping 98%. The brand’s resveratrol comes from the extraction of Reynoutria Japonica and doesn’t contain any other active component. In a single capsule, you’ll receive 0.3 grams of the almost entirely pure resveratrol, which makes for an average dosage.

MAAC10 Trans Resveratrol


Next up on our list is the purest additive of them all, containing a whopping 0.5 grams of 99% of soluble trans-resveratrol within a dose of two capsules. Bioperine, or more familiarly black pepper, is the culprit behind bringing the trans-resveratrol to such a percentage of solubility. In a single pill of the MAAC10 Trans-Resveratrol, you’ll get 0.25 grams of trans-resveratrol – an incredible amount compared to other additives on our list.

MAAC10’s mixture is composed of substances that are truly beneficial for your well-being and has, more or less, every component you need in a Resveratrol additive. This company gives you a 60-day refund count from the moment of buying the product. As for its benefits, the supplement ameliorates your heart function, body health, and mental strength and offers anti-inflammatory properties while also renewing your energy levels. As a top-notch product, the MAAC10 comes at a fair price of only $30.

Zenith Labs Longevity Activator


Zenith Labs have made themselves famous by producing so many additives that it’s futile even to count them. Now, their Longevity Activator product gives out a fair amount of resveratrol that assists in renewing the body and mind and maintains youthfulness. Zenith Labs are well known for conducting their additives through legitimate medical professionals, making their product vouched for and medically vetted.

The Longevity Activator made this list of top Resveratrol additive products because it doesn’t just carry resveratrol but an army of other power ingredients. Along with 0.025 grams of resveratrol, the mixture boasts extracts from green tea – between 0.025 to 0.1 grams, taurine (an amino acid), roots from the astragalus herb, and ashwagandha plant, ginseng root, curcumin, L-carnosine, and the natural chemical berberine.

A medical professional named Dr. Ryan Shelton did careful research on this additive and recommended that you take a single capsule in a day for renewal of mind and body youthfulness. Longevity Activator is priced at $49 per bottle, and if you’re not happy with its results, you’ll get a refund on the product.

Biotivia Transmax


One of the purest Resveratrol additives on this list is the same concentration of 98% as the Toniq Resveratrol. To receive a little bit more solubility, Biotivia Transmax has put Polydatin in the mixture so that your system soaks up more of the resveratrol. Intriguingly, this additive works on a cellular level to strengthen the cells and delay aging thanks to its superb anti-oxidant properties.

To add some extra sprinkle of solubility, Biotivia adds another component, black pepper extract. With 0.5 grams of resveratrol, the Biotivia Transmax makes one of the more potent additives listed here. Biotivia priced its formula at a higher cost of $74.

BloodFlow-7 From Juvenon


As the name suggests, BloodFlow-7 is a resveratrol additive focused on maintaining balanced blood pressure, controlling cholesterol levels, and offering overall support to the heart. Several studies have also proved the effects attributed to resveratrol. Juvenon manufactures BloodFlow-7, and they claim that it can improve blood pressure by opening the arteries by 62%. This is possible because the resveratrol in the formula and l-citrulline can raise nitric oxide levels, and nitric oxide is known as a blood vessel relaxant.

As for the product numbering, the 7 in its name stands for S7, a mix of seven plant-based components – beetroot, extract from green tea, and others. With this mix, you get 0.030 grams of trans-resveratrol in a single dose. As a result, the additive can eliminate symptoms of brain fogginess, memory issues, loss of focus, low energy levels, and swollen and painful feet. The ingredients in the BloodFlow-7 are proven to work and can do wonders for your blood circulation while also promoting significant anti-aging benefits. You can get this additive at a great price of $30 per bottle.

Revitaa Pro


Revitaa Pro has remarkable components that are all-natural in their effects. Such extracts from Reynoutria japonica and resveratrol relieve stress, aid weight loss, have anti-inflammatory properties, and benefit overall cardiovascular well-being. The additive’s essential function is to help shed off excess pounds, whereas the Revitaa Pro can aid with reenergizing the whole body.

Revitaa Pro has just a single active component that’s resveratrol, but it’s soluble so that your body can immediately soak it up. The added Reynoutria japonica extract is a natural stress reliever that also combats various weight issues. If you want to buy this additive, you can read reviews of other users and learn that the Revitaa Pro is acknowledged as a reliable supplement and comes with no adverse effects whatsoever. If you’re opting for an all-encompassing Resveratrol additive, then the Revitaa Pro is the product to look at.

It’s priced at $52 per bottle, and you can even get a 60-day count for a refund if you’re dissatisfied with its effects.

Thorne Research ReservaCel

The key ingredients in ReservaCel featured in its anti-aging formula are simply precious. The additive offers a water-soluble form of niacin (nicotinamide), then resveratrol, flavonoid quercetin, and the naturally occurring chemical betaine anhydrous. As with other additives containing resveratrol, the ReservaCel raises the quantity of NAD+ in your body and thus reverses the aging process.

Thorne Research is a renowned company known for its professionalism in executing relevant health additives. The brand also cooperates with the world-reputable Mayo Clinic and over 100 professional teams to investigate additives promoting overall well-being and preventing aging. Moreover, they’ve partnered up with eleven Olympic teams from the United States, which further testifies to the brand’s in-demand product quality.

Although you’ll find it at a slightly lower dose than the average – 0.15 grams of Resveratrol – ReservaCel is still one of the top additives to consider. It’s priced at a decent $48 per bottle that contains 60 capsules total.

Toniq Elixr


This is yet another Toniq on this list, this time in the form of an Elixir. It has 90 capsules in the bottle and boasts ingredients like resveratrol, NMN, and the naturally occurring chemical betaine anhydrous. On the topic of purity, the Toniq Elixir offers 0.5 grams of 98% resveratrol and higher amounts of betaine anhydrous and nicotinamide mononucleotide.

You should take three capsules in one go as a single dose or twice a day if aiming for maximum effects. This additive is similar to the Toniq Resveratrol one but boasts greater potency in delaying the aging of your cells with its two added components, alongside resveratrol. The Toniq Elixr is priced at a decent $47 for a bottle.

Purely Beneficial Resveratrol 1450


Suppose you’re looking for a resveratrol additive with excellent ratings on Amazon and counts over 7,000 clients who have seen the actual benefits of resveratrol. In that case, Resveratrol 1450 from Purely Beneficial is the choice for you.

Let’s start with value for money, as this company prices their additive at a dreamy cost of $26 a bottle. Alongside an entire course of body and mind benefits, this additive is superb for slowing down the aging process and promotes a healthy and well-beating heart.

You should take two capsules in a single dose, which will amount to 0.605 grams of trans-resveratrol, mainly extracted from the Reynoutria japonica plant. To add some extra benefits, the company has also put in 0.725 grams of the micronutrients called polyphenols extracted from grape seeds, leaves of green tea, red wine, and some other valuable herbs and plants.

To lift your cloud of confusion – don’t look at the name! The number doesn’t imply that you’ll get 1450 milligrams of resveratrol, but you will get a quality product from a well-respected company.



LiGenics is an additive that’s first and foremost used to help with weight loss. It contains resveratrol and other elements such as a-lipoic acid, ginseng, berberine, camellia sinensis extract, cayenne pepper, and silybum marianum. This formulation is meant to improve your body’s metabolism and maintain general well-being.

The daily dose is two capsules, and with it, the manufacturers claim you’ll shed pounds with minimal physical training and practically no dieting. It is the best choice for people who want to lose excess weight via a well-crafted, resveratrol-based formula to support their metabolic rate.

LiGenics pales in comparison to most of this lists’ top-ranked additives. It is formulated with just a mere 0.040 grams of resveratrol per serving – two capsules. Get this formula at the cost of $59 a single bottle.

Designs for Health Resveratrol Supreme


Similar to the ReservaCel by Thorne Research, Resveratrol Supreme has active components such as resveratrol and the flavonoid quercetin, but without nicotinamide. These functional components maintain the youth, care for the heart health, and lower the free radical atoms in your body.

As with other great additives on this list, the principal resveratrol amount of the Supreme is extracted from the Reynoutria japonica plant. A mixture of 0.2 grams of resveratrol and 0.2 grams of flavonoid quercetin results in great antioxidation your body needs to function correctly. The company in question, Designs for Health, has produced well-being additives since 1989.

The additive gathers top-notch elements to provide maximum effects, with the company also ensuring scientifically researched doses. Additionally, Resveratrol Supreme doesn’t have a high price, which stands at $61 per bottle.

Reserveage Resveratrol


Reserveage Resveratrol has 0.5 grams of resveratrol in a single dose that promotes cardiovascular health, well-being on a cellular level, replenished youth, a slimmed-down figure, and many further benefits. It’s also vegan and gives out 0.8 grams extracts from Reynoutria japonica, whole grapes, red wine grape extracts – seeds included – and vines. These components provide 0.5 grams of trans-resveratrol in a single capsule, which counts for a fair amount in terms of the expected effects.

By taking the Resveratrol from Reserveage daily, you can expect benefits like delayed aging, weight loss, and overall cardiovascular health. You can get this additive at a reasonable price of $35.

Life Extensions Optimized Resveratrol


A little bit off-topic, but Life Extensions Optimized Resveratrol has the best-designed bottle out of every product in our ranking. Now back to the topic, this additive has 0.25 grams of trans-resveratrol in a single capsule, extracted out of the ultimate anti-oxidant plant, Reynoutria japonica. Advertising themselves as absolutely vegetarian, the other components that Life Extension add into their Optimized Resveratrol are 0.15 grams of quercetin, a plant pigment, and 0.085 grams of berry and citrus fruits extracts.

Besides emphasizing your youth, the Life Extensions formula also aids in controlling your insulin levels and moderating bodily inflammation. Moreover, you’ll receive these extra benefits at a meager price of $32 for 60 capsules.

Claritox Pro


Claritox Pro, a $69 bottle of 30 capsules, is a resveratrol additive meant to strengthen your well-being with its multitude of riches. This additive is quite the hit online, despite the scarce information from the creator regarding their product’s modus operandi and expected benefits.

We know that Claritox Pro is manufactured by Jim Benson, who sells the additives as health-boosting products. For added benefits, he enhanced the capsules with resveratrol and ginseng, Lagerstroemia speciosa extract, chromium, Camellia Sinensis, zinc, Silybum marianum, berberine, and cayenne pepper. A serving of two capsules makes for 0.040 grams of resveratrol, among all other plant and mineral-based ingredients.

Vivo Tonic


This additives’ 11-in-1 formulation is based on a Buddhist concoction used by Kathmandu monks to provide bodily balance. The resveratrol achieves this balancing effect in the additive and the various ingredients rich in minerals and vitamins that help control blood sugar levels. Specifically, Vivo Tonic contains ingredients like silymarin, ginseng, Lagerstroemia speciosa, corosolic acid, and quite a few others.

It’s pretty hard to rank this additive, considering the manufacturers have not released sufficient ingredient and dosing information. They, however, declare that the Vivo Tonic can bring blood sugar levels back to normal, as the ingredients used in the additive are “regulators of blood sugar” because they’ve been utilized for ages to improve heart health.

The bottle costs $79 and contains 60 capsules, with the loosely recommended dose being two capsules a day.

Extra Resveratrol Program: The Red Wine Diet


Sorry to burst your bubble, but this isn’t an additive of some sort. However, The Red Wine Diet promptly counsels you on how a proper red wine diet helps get the resveratrol you need in your system. The program is made by licensed medical professionals who explain how to help your body shed off weight loss and subside inflammation throughout the process while offering further health advantages that come with a glass of red.

Interestingly enough, medical professionals will encourage you to stop drinking alcohol or wine specifically, but this program recommends a red wine diet in addition to eating healthy food. A group of eBooks will await you inside this program, describing how supplementary health food can help with regulating weight. Moreover, you’ll see other weight loss catalysts and all-encompassing instructions alongside meal plans – all for a just price of $15.

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is considered a stilbenoid or a naturally occurring phenol primarily found in plants. Plants create resveratrol as a way to respond to wounds made by fungi or bacterial infections. Resveratrol is mainly found in berries, red wine, grapes – seeds included – and some nuts.

Drinking more than a hundred red wine glasses to get the required anti-oxidants in your body is impossible. Alternatively, trusting resveratrol additives will give you the power to anti-oxidant the body, feel more energized, look refreshed and younger, and keep your weight in check.

It’s simple mathematics – a single glass of red wine carries around 0.0005 grams of resveratrol. In comparison, some additives in our listing contain from 0.25 grams to 0.5 grams within a single capsule. However you calculate it, the result indicates a worthy content in a single pill.

As for berries, mulberries, raspberries, and blueberries are the ones that carry the most significant amount of resveratrol. The seeds and skin of the grapes make ideal sources for extracting resveratrol. In comparison, our list mainly features resveratrol substance extracted from the Reynoutria japonica – aka Japanese knotweed plant – and another exquisite compound source.

The Principles of Our Ranking The Top Resveratrol Supplements

On the internet, you’ll find out that every company advertises its resveratrol product as being the best there is. But that’s a vague way of saying we sell a good product, and it’s not good enough for our principle of ranking. Instead, our team examines resveratrol additives from all angles to differentiate between the worst and best in 2021.

So let’s give you a breakdown of the exact process of conclusion in our ranking.

Clarity of the Components

To get a good view of what you’ll get, we picked out the additives which had their components labeled and clarified on the product. Some companies tend not to evaluate their ingredients and instead hide them from the public’s eyes, so we disregarded them because of the apparent stubby information provided.

The Dosage

The resveratrol concentration within the additives mixture helps determine whether the product at hand is of top quality or not. Simply put, if the additive has more resveratrol per serving, it’ll likely be more effective due to the number of active resveratrol components you’ll receive. In our list, you’ll see the products containing a high dose of resveratrol offered from 0.25 grams to 0.5 grams of content. But, don’t underrate the additives with lesser amounts of resveratrol in them. Sometimes, it’s up to the solubility of the stilbenoid to do the job right.

Supportive Components

Resveratrol can’t always work well on its own, so it needs other compounds to bind with. Nonetheless, resveratrol is still the critical component in additives, and soluble ingredients, such as black pepper and quercetin, only make it more absorbable. Soluble components alongside other antioxidant compounds, like certain fruits, will also make for more efficient product consumption.

Cost & Worth

Do not fret; we’ve ranked all resveratrol additives based on their value for money – from $20 to $70. Regardless of what you choose, you can bet on receiving a well-created additive that is examined, vetted, and efficient in its results.

Marketed Advantages & Transparency

It’s essential to point out that resveratrol is trusted in relieving or helping with cancer-related symptoms and issues. A company cannot market itself as an outright cancer healer due to specific regulations imposed on resveratrol. Other research concludes that resveratrol aids in losing weight – but you can’t expect to lose a great deal of it without suitable exercising and dieting.

We’ve steered clear of fraudulent marketing for our research since the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) doesn’t allow advertising them as regular or valid cancer therapy.

Background & Producer Reliability

Most of the time, reliable brands that produce top-notch resveratrol additives are the ones that build up their reputation in time and through transparency. They are open to sharing their ingredients, sources, scientific testing, and the brand’s overall existence in the business. For our list, we unbiasedly selected brands with a higher quality reputation and clarification.

Resveratrol Advantages: Scientific Claims

All benefits of resveratrol you read about have been put to the test during various studies. As a result, this has given us a scientific backing of resveratrol’s health powers, whether we’re talking about its famous age-defying effects or the claims that it can bring balance to your cardiovascular system. It’s worth noting that while some of the testing procedures have been done on people and animals, others have been done on cells confined in a petri dish. Nevertheless, we will sift through the findings from these studies to figure out how exactly science feels about resveratrol.

First up, we have an analysis done in 2015 that focuses on resveratrol’s effects on the cardiovascular system. During this analysis, examiners concluded that resveratrol could lessen your systolic blood pressure or the tension caused by heartbeats to the walls of the arteries. However, this was only possible to test with a more significant portion of resveratrol. It is still a notable finding though since blood pressure is a perpetual problem that worsens with age.

Another experimentation process, done earlier in 2008, also showed that resveratrol and other polyphenols found in wine helped optimize the function of blood vessels in rats suffering from hypertension. Scientists think that this is made possible with resveratrol’s ability to increase the production of NO (nitric oxide) in the blood vessels. Nitric oxide is an essential compound the body creates and helps control high blood pressure by dilating the vessels.

Moving on to resveratrol’s renowned age-defying properties, we have quite a few studies to consider. This 2016 study may be the most important in this field. The large-scale research on this particular topic studied resveratrol’s effects in depth – and ended up finding that this compound can expand the test subjects’ life expectancy by a whopping 60%. While there’s a great chance this effect can help humans, the staggering results from experiments done on subjects with practically no relation to humans (for example, fish and worms).

Another examination showed that a comparison could be made between taking resveratrol additives and dieting. Namely, both a lower calorie diet and ingesting resveratrol have led to increasing life expectancy. Additionally, in yet another notable exploration, it was found that resveratrol can act as an activator of particular genes that help ward off aging and illnesses. There are quite a few other studies that have shown similar findings on resveratrol’s ability to extend life expectancy and prevent visible signs of aging.

Scientists have also looked into how this stilbenoid affects cholesterol levels, aka the fat content in your blood. The research done showed some promise in terms of the balancing abilities and powers of resveratrol. In 2016, researchers did an experiment involving rodents that were given greasy foods high in cholesterol. However, even when exposed to that unhealthy food regime, the rats had healthy cholesterol readings due to the resveratrol content they received.

Another rodent-filled study was done in 2014. This time, the rodents tested already had problems with cholesterol, but all symptoms began fading once the rats began ingesting resveratrol. The consensus is that this compound can successfully minimize fats in the blood, among other perks. Scientists found that resveratrol works by oxidizing LDL cholesterol (the bad kind of cholesterol). This “kills” the bad cholesterol while additionally preventing build-up on the walls of your arteries.

So far, studies done on cholesterol and resveratrol have been carried out on rodents, but what about humans? Well, in one randomized trial, experimenters gathered volunteers to put this option to the test. The people subjects who partook in the study were divided into two groups. The first was given resveratrol every day for half a year, while the other group was given placebos. The group taking the actual resveratrol had their LDL levels lowered by 4.5%, while their oxidized LDL had a 20% decrease, a number unseen compared to the placebo group.

There are also claims that resveratrol can aid in controlling blood sugar levels. The research has been mainly based on animal testing and showed that resveratrol might prevent a specific enzyme from producing sorbitol out of glucose. This is important because sorbitol can worsen diabetes by inducing oxidative stress. Some studies have also found that resveratrol can amp up your body’s responsiveness to insulin.

A particular study concerning resveratrol and diabetes proved that this compound could benefit people with diabetes in many ways. For instance, resveratrol can act as an AMPK activator, as well as being an anti-inflammatory agent.

On top of this, resveratrol has also been said to help protect the function and structure of neurons. Extensive research has given us proof that wine (specifically red wine) may decelerate age-related cognitive impairment. This effect is believed to be made possible by the resveratrol in the wine. In 2014, an examination brought forth findings of how red wine rich in resveratrol can even help with Alzheimer’s disease by decreasing its development stages. The examiners also found that resveratrol may be helpful for people suffering from other neurodegenerative disorders. This is why resveratrol is often used to maintain neurological well-being and slow down the effect aging has on the brain.

As for how resveratrol helps people who have Alzheimer’s, scientists say it’s all about the beta-amyloid build-up. To further explain, beta-amyloids are compounds that can accumulate in the brain’s blood vessels, which speeds up the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Considering resveratrol is an anti-oxidant, it can prevent or reduce this beta-amyloid build-up, and in turn, help patients with Alzheimer’s.

We mentioned resveratrol could be used as an anti-inflammatory agent, which is why some people opt for it when looking for a way to help with joint soreness. Research shows that the stilbenoid may pinpoint inflammation in certain areas like the joints, subsequently mitigating it and lessening the soreness. One study also proved that resveratrol could prevent cartilage decay. This decay is a crucial trigger for joint soreness. In a similar examination, scientists did tests on bunnies suffering from arthritis by administering resveratrol injections in their knee joints. The bunnies who received resveratrol treatment showed a decreased amount of cartilage issues.

By far, the most significant benefit resveratrol may possess is helping cancer patients. There has been a lot of research on this topic, and what the findings showed was that resveratrol may have diverse effects on cancer progression. For example, it can reform the cancer cell’s genetic expression, which causes its development to halt. It can additionally decrease cancer’s expansion, speed, and growth. In other research, it has been found that resveratrol can be used against multiple kinds of cancers, including melanoma, prostate, colon, breast, and stomach cancers.

A consistent issue regarding resveratrol is its lack of solubility in the body. Namely, scientists say that the human body has a hard time soaking up resveratrol. In 2011, an examination showed that only a small amount of resveratrol stays in your system when ingesting daily oral additives. But it’s encouraging to know that scientists are working hard on improving the solubility of resveratrol.

This stilbenoid is an exciting topic. We need more extensive studies done on people to confirm all of its purported benefits fully. It’s safe to say that we will gain more knowledge on this potent agent with more scientific studies being done.

Resveratrol Doses and Possible Adverse Effects

As science depicts, resveratrol doesn’t have any significant adverse effects when taken in moderate dosage. Nonetheless, the standard dosage isn’t specified and known. Also, there aren’t any studies based on how resveratrol reacts with other medically beneficial drugs.

According to this research, when people take resveratrol in higher quantities, they may experience blood clotting, making the blood course faster. In turn, this expands bruises and bleeding. Medications such as warfarin and heparin may not be a good mix with resveratrol because they’re anticoagulation drugs. So, consulting a medical professional beforehand is the top advice to consider.

Similar research describes resveratrol as an additive that does more harm than good when taken in higher quantities. Scientists noted that when consumers take resveratrol at a dose of 2,500mg or more daily, they can receive adverse effects such as perpetual sickness, nausea, getting the runs, and lowering the function of the liver. On the other hand, one study discovered that even taking as much as 5,000mg of resveratrol a day wasn’t associated with any adverse effects in a mature person. No adverse effects were seen in people who take resveratrol moderately, either.

This brings us to the topic of what’s the ideal dosing when it comes to resveratrol. Most resveratrol additives have from 0.050 grams to 0.3 grams of the compound in a single dose. Top-notch additives may have a quantity from 0.25 to 0.5 grams in an amount. Still, some medical professionals state that you can see the effects of resveratrol even when taking doses between 0.005 and 0.010 grams.

Additionally, researchers claim that even 2,5 and 5 grams of resveratrol daily won’t cause you any adverse effects. All in all, keeping the dosage of a moderate 0.010 and 0.050 grams is ideal for all adults.

Resveratrol FAQs

Q: What is resveratrol extracted from?

A: It is extracted from grapes (particularly red wine grapes) and is mainly present in the grape’s skin. It can also be extracted from peanuts and some berries.

Q: How do resveratrol additives take effect?

A: Resveratrol additives function by fighting oxidation and inflammation. Resveratrol is known as an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent – hence its promised effects.

Q: What issues does resveratrol target?

A: Daily resveratrol additive intake can regulate cholesterol levels, balance blood pressure, control heart health, fight inflammation, regulate diabetes, and expand one’s lifespan. It also maintains a youthful appearance among consumers and improves their energy.

Q: How do antioxidants like resveratrol function?

A: Resveratrol is a stilbenoid, so it comprises two phenols and a connecting ethylene molecule. Plants make resveratrol as a defense mechanism to recover from bacteria and fungi and protect themselves from UV ray damage.

Q: Is it okay to drink red wine?

A: Certain research points to the benefits of drinking red wine since it’s rich in resveratrol. So the answer is yes, but as long as you keep it moderate.

Q: Can resveratrol help people with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?

A: There have been findings that it can help with these conditions. Resveratrol does that by removing the build-up in the brain’s blood vessels.

Q: In what way can I use resveratrol?

A: You can take it as an additive, in the form of a capsule, or as powder. Another method is to consume resveratrol-rich foods to maximize their content.

Q: Can resveratrol aid weight loss?

A: According to some research, anti-oxidants like resveratrol can generally aid in losing weight.

Q: How can I find the best resveratrol additive?

A: Check the top-ranking resveratrol additives on this list, where we mentioned the most refined additives on the 2021 market.

Q: When should I take resveratrol?

A: No study mentions the perfect time to take your daily dose of resveratrol. This means you can take it at any point of the day – and for any of its benefits.

Q: What concentration of resveratrol does wine have?

The usual amount of resveratrol in wine is about 0.002g in a liter. Per glass, the amount would equate to about 0.0005g of resveratrol.

Q: Resveratrol vs trans-resveratrol. What is the difference?

A: Trans-resveratrol is more biologically active, and regular resveratrol is not. Most additives today use trans-resveratrol. The typical kind is called cis-resveratrol. While still biologically active, it doesn’t provide all the benefits mentioned.

Q: Why choose trans-resveratrol?

A: Trans-resveratrol shares the same benefits as regular resveratrol. However, it may be a better option out of the two because of its high bioactivity.

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