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Where to Buy Weed Near Me: Best Local Marijuana Dispensaries in 2021

Marijuana is the talk of the town right now. High-profile celebrities and athletes love having a smoke or two, and legalization has increased consumption in many states — but it doesn’t stop there. It’s taken on a new role as people become more aware of its health benefits. No longer used just for recreation, marijuana plays a crucial part in maintaining or improving people’s health.

There was a time when neighborhood dealers and small-time peddlers were the only sources for weed. However, today, it’s relatively easy to buy weed from legitimate sources.

Read further for information on buying weed, delta 8 THC, CBD, and other cannabis-related products.

The Best Way to Buy Weed In the United States

There are multiple ways to buy weed if you can do so legally. If not, your best bet is to try delta 8 THC. For those with legal access, here are your options and why one is the most reliable.

Recreational and Medical Dispensaries

If you happen to live in a state where marijuana is legal, it will be relatively simple to find weed near you. Most likely, you’ll find dispensaries in your area offering a variety of products. You must be of legal age to buy weed, though.

Medical dispensaries are an option only if you have a medical marijuana card. You have to have a qualifying condition to get one.

The Black Market

There are usually multiple dealers in every city. It used to be the only way to buy weed, but things have changed now.

Buying through a dealer is illegal and can bring about serious consequences. Not only can it cause legal problems, but it’s dangerous.

Why is Buying From a Dispensary Better Than Buying From a Dealer?


Maybe you think it’s your only option, but buying from a dealer is never a good idea. Here’s why:

Dispensaries Guarantee Quality & Purity

It sounds simple: you call your dealer, meet him in the neighborhood, and make the purchase. You don’t realize that he may be selling you weed laced with harmful chemicals or a poor-quality product.

Dispensaries and local vendors are often licensed by the government and sell pure weed. These products go through many testing stages and quality checks to ensure quality.

Black Market Purchases are Illegal

Even in states where weed is legal, you cannot sell it in the streets. Local drug peddlers aren’t licensed, and you will both be in trouble if caught. It’s always better to purchase weed legally.

Better Variety

Local dealers usually give you one choice, but a licensed dispensary has a wide variety of strains and consumption choices. Why settle for old weed when you could have a brownie or flavored vape that gives you better results?

Is It Possible to Buy Weed Online Legally?

This depends on the laws where you live. You can order online if you live in a state with legalized marijuana. It’s illegal to ship in-state or across state lines, but some local dispensaries deliver. If not, you might be able to buy it online then pick it up in person. However, take a look at your state laws before making any purchases.

Delta 8 THC vs. Delta 9 THC

Delta 8 THC is made from hemp and has a THC concentration of less than 0.3%. As a result, it’s legal to buy and consume in almost all states, even where weed is illegal.

Delta 9 THC, or just THC, is the main chemical in weed that gets you “high.” It causes anxiety, paranoia, and stress in some people. Delta 8 THC is more relaxing and offers a mellow “high.”

Delta 8 and delta 9 THC have similar health benefits, giving medical marijuana users another option.

Many people prefer delta 8 THC not only because it gives a more clear-headed “high,” but it’s legal federally and therefore easier to find.

Best Delta 8 THC Vendors

While it’s true that delta 8 THC is becoming easier to find, there are precautions you need to take. Many vendors sell products without testing them for purity and potency. That said, here are five of the best online vendors that have proven their reliability:

1. Area 52


When it comes to quality, only a few are at the level of Area 52. The prices are high, but that’s because each product is well-tested.

Area 52 has been featured as the top choice for delta 8 THC products by over a dozen high-profile media outlets. A few examples include CFAH, Bellevue Reporter, Peninsula Daily News, and Homer News.

With organic hemp as the source, this company produces delta 8 THC and turns it into tinctures, gummies, and vapes. There is no competition for Area 52 in terms of delta 8 THC products.

Learn more: Best Delta 8 THC Gummies Reviews

2. Finest Labs


Finest Labs is aptly named because its delta 8 THC products are among the finest in the country. The potency level of its products is low, which makes it perfect for beginners.

You’ll find mentions of Finest Labs’s products on websites including Federal Way Mirror, Bainbridge Review, and The Daily World.

The quality is top-notch, and the prices are low since the concentration of delta 8 THC is low.

3. 8 Delta 8


This is another great online store that offers free shipping on all orders above $100. These delta 8 THC gummies, tinctures, cartridges, and vapes are high-quality, and you’ll get your money’s worth when buying from 8 Delta 8.

4. 3Chi


3Chi is known mainly for delta 8 THC, but it also makes products using other cannabinoids, including CBC, CBN, CBD, and CBG. There is something for everyone at every price range.

5. Apotheca


Apotheca has a great range of delta 8 THC pre-rolls, edibles, gummies, flowers, shisha flavors, tinctures, capsules, and many other things. The best part is you’ll even find items for your pets.

Why Choose Online Vendors?

If you decide to try delta 8 THC, it’s tempting to buy locally, just as you would weed. While this can be an option, it’s often better to go with an online vendor instead. Shopping at a physical store has its benefits; you can see the product before buying it, and you get it right away.

However, here are some things to consider before buying delta 8 THC:

  1. Online stores have a better selection, while physical stores are limited in what they carry.
  2. Many physical stores don’t sell products that have been third-party tested, calling into question their legitimacy and safety.
  3. Shopping online gives you access to information regarding each product, the company, online reviews, and price comparisons —all from the comfort of home.
  4. A physical store is usually more expensive since it has overhead costs such as payroll, utilities, and rent.

How to Buy Weed Safely & Legally

Dispensaries have the best range and quality of weed at the best prices. Both recreational and medical dispensaries are legal, and it’s better to buy there than from a dealer.

Buying weed online is easy in states where weed is legal. However, if you can’t legally buy it, stick with delta 8 THC. Its benefits alone make it a practical choice; the fact that it’s legal in most places makes it even better. With a reliable vendor and the many options available, you’re sure to find what you need.

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