Bonney Lake Justice Center takes shape

By Dennis Box-The Courier-Herald

By Dennis Box-The Courier-Herald

The most recent design of the interim Justice Center was presented to the Bonney Lake Design Commission Oct. 8 and the reaction was all smiles, all around.

Three members of the commission, city staff and residents got a look at the next step in the design of the building that will be located at 9004 184th Ave. E. in front of the library.

Richard Mitchell and Megan Tremain, architects from Group Mackenzie, a Seattle design firm, gave details of the exterior including the type of siding, glass, roof and landscaping details.

Tremain described a hardy board siding that is resistant to graffiti and a charcoal gray, metal roof.

Group Mackenzie also described a system for catching the rain running off the roof and using it to irrigate the plants around the building.

Tremain said the windows would have a slight tint for the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating and there will be a rack for six bicycles.

Members of the commission and staff were shown both red and blue drawings of the building and the consensus was for red.

The basic design is for a three-story structure and a two-story building connected by an atrium.

Mitchell said the “No. 1 charge is to be flexible. We want to try and make the building work with the (municipal) court and also work as a commercial building with a coffee shop and deli on the first floor.”

Commission Chairman Debbie Stous-Boyd said the design process has been very successful.

“This has been very exciting to see and be involved in the first step of the Downtown core,” Strous-Boyd said.

Planning Director John Vodopich said the design firm will now draw architectural plans of the building and work on details of the interior design.

Security issues for the municipal court will be a primary concern during the interior design phase. The court will be on the first floor.

Group Mackenzie has been working with the Downtown core team members - Vodopich, Public Works Director Dan Grigsby and City Administrator Don Morrison.

The Justice Center is being funded by a $10 million councilmatic bond passed in December.

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