Briefly | June 27

A correction about our airport article, and an EHS reunion clarification.

AIRPORT STORY CORRECTIONS: We made a couple of errors in last week’s article titled “A new international airport on the Plateau? Commission briefed on potential site near Enumclaw.” First: It was an error to refer to the new airport as necessarily international. The legislation did not define whether the new major airport would have to handle international travel, and a consultant’s analysis showed it would likely focus on domestic travel. (This error also appeared in Rich Elfers’ column.) Second: The CACC was not created as part of WSDOT, according to WSDOT spokesperson Christina Crea. Instead, CACC was created by the legislature and tasked WSDOT’s Aviation branch to provide staff support in carrying out the commission’s needs. The Courier-Herald regrets these errors and will work to prevent mistakes like them from happening again. An update to the article will appears in next week’s edition.

EHS REUNION CLARIFICATION: Our notice about the 50-year Enumclaw High School reunion inaccurately made it sound like only the classes of 1972, 1971 and 1970 were invited. The ‘72, ‘71 and ‘70 kids will be inducted at the reception, but anyone from a school class over 50 years ago — i.e., the class of 1972 or older — is invited to attend too.