Buckin’ in Buckley at the Jr. Log Show

Axe throwing, double bucking, rope climbing, and more!

Kids chopped, choked and bucked this weekend at the Jr. Buckley Log Show, back to its regular June schedule this year.

The main event for the Log Show is this weekend, but kids from 3 to 17 compete each year the weekend before in the same events as the adults. Altogether, 143 kids competed this year amid cheering parents and blustery weather. The really young ones, of course, only toss toy wooden axes.

Below are the scores for each event last weekend. (The Obstacle Pole Bucking event was cancelled for all ages due to the weather.)

You’ll notice that in some events, kids scored second or third despite getting the same time or points as another competitor. According to the Log Show organizers, if there is a tie in an event, the competitors perform a second run or throw-off to determine placement. Generally, the time or points shown are from the original run or throw.



Wooden Ax Toss (Ages 3-5)

1st: Adrian Altmyer (64.0)

2nd: River Larsen (57.6)

3rd: Barrett Atkins (52.8)

Wooden Ax Toss (Ages 6-7)

1st: Wyatt Olson (94.6)

2nd: Amos Markley (86.0)

3rd: Uriah Paterik (78.0)

Ax Throw (Ages 8-10)

1st: Roman Harding (7 points)

2nd: Mason Sandin (7 points)

3rd: Bristol Bruhn (6 points)

Ax Throw (Ages 11-13)

1st: Keegan Dawson (12 points)

2nd: Bo Burbank (12 points)

3rd: Jake Daniel (10 points)

Ax Throw (Ages 14-17)

1st: Kyler Koch (8 points)

2nd: Dean Cochran (6 points)

3rd: August Hermanson (4 points)



Choker Setting (Ages 3-4)

1st: Brynlee Koch: (10.17)

2nd: Luke Over (12.13)

3rd: Kaeson Koppelman (20.62)

Choker Setting (Ages 5-6)

1st: Teagan Clark (7.82)

2nd: Miller Huizenga (8.04)

3rd: Colin Hanson (9.10)

Choker Setting (Ages 7-8)

1st: Deanna Wytko (8.87)

2nd: Ford Flowers (10.63)

3rd: Easton Erfle (11.25)

Choker Setting (Ages 9-10)

1st: Declan Clark (8.16)

2nd: Roman Harding (9.20)

3rd: Easton Olson (9.31)

Choker Setting (Ages 11-12)

1st: Jaelyn Anderson (8.75)

2nd: Wade Bruhn (9.04)

3rd: Bo Bruhn (9.22)

Choker Setting (Ages 13-14)

1st: Kyler Koch (7.94)

2nd: Bo Burbank (9.31)

3rd: Brad Burbank (9.31)

Choker Setting (Ages 15-17)

1st: Dylan Pierucci (33.92)

2nd: Chloe Britschgi (40.84)



Horizontal Block Chop (Ages 12-13)

1st: Charlie Robbins (31.06)

2nd: Keegan Dawson (48.97)

3rd: Bo Burbank (52.53)

Horizontal Block Chop (Ages 14-15)

1st: August Hermanson (40.03)

2nd: Kyler Koch (57.59)

3rd: Dean Cochran (1:03.69)

Horizontal Block Chop (Ages 16-17)

No entries


Double Bucking (Ages 11-13)

1st: Charlie Robbins and Bo Burbank (29.81)

2nd: Brooke Osborn and Harper Bottorff (44.06)

3rd: Liam Harding and Lucy Kilcup (57.44)

Double Bucking (Ages 14-15)

1st: Kyler Koch and Brad Burbank (17.53)

2nd: Lucas Larsen and Dean Cochran (32.22)

3rd: Jack Robbins and August Hermanson (38.16)

Double Bucking (Ages 16-17)

1st: Grace Galaviz and Dylan Pierucci (25.41)

2nd: Chloe Britschgi and Sicily Schoenbachler (37.07)



Rope Climb (Ages 5-6)

1st: Joby Malgesini (5.80)

2nd: Levi Hickle (6.22)

3rd: Kinsley Wallis (6.55)

Rope Climb (Ages 7-8)

1st: Easton Erfle (2.72)

2nd: Gunner Kelly (3.0)

3rd: Zoey Nunnally (3.25)

Rope Climb (Ages 9-10)

1st: Jameyson Hemphill (4.58)

2nd: Roman Harding (4.83)

3rd: Scarlett Corliss (5.06)

Rope Climb (Ages 11-12)

1st: Bo Bruhn (3.21)

2nd: Wade Bruhn (3.45)

3rd: Liam Harding (4.02)

Rope Climb (Ages 13-14)

1st: Weston Blenkhorn (9.55)

2nd: Keegan Dawson (10.03)

3rd: August Hermanson (11.63)

Rope Climb (Ages 15-17)

No contestants completed

Tree Climbing (Ages 14-15)

1st: Kyler Koch (17.15)

2nd: Brad Burbank (21.20)

Tree Climbing (Ages 16-17)

No entries



Log Rolling (Ages 9-10)

1st: Declan Clark

2nd: Kasen Yeaman

3rd: Reese Huizenga

Log Rolling (Ages 11-12)

1st: Lucy Kilcup

2nd: Parker Truong

3rd: Jaelyn Anderson

Log Rolling (Ages 13-14)

1st: Kyler Koch

2nd: Brad Burbank

3rd: Bo Burbank

Log Rolling (Ages 15-17)

1st: Dylan Pierucci

2nd: Grace Galaviz

3rd: Chloe Britschgi