Election certified: Gamblin won Enumclaw, Black Diamond; BD support for school bond falls

Check out what areas voted for which candidate in the last general election.

It’s that time of year again — yes, the holidays, but also precinct election results for the Plateau.

By now, we all know who won and who lost: for the big races, Enumclaw School District Director Tyson Gamblin won his race against local businesswoman Vivian Cadematori, 50.8% to 48.9%; ESD Director-elect Scott Mason handily took the “W” in his race against police officer Jimmy Stewart, 68.7% to 35%; and Ben Stouffer squeaked past the finish line with 48.64% against Tonya Pettit’s 46.68%.

Additionally, the Enumclaw School District’s Proposition 1 bond measure for $103 million failed by 64.54%.

The race between Gamblin and Cadematori was tight, only separated by 155 votes; the victory might be a surprising one, given Cadematori started campaigning far earlier than her opponent.

However, Gamblin secured both cities, and came out ahead in Enumclaw with 54.5% of votes inside the city’s limit.

Cadematori was able to make up a lot of ground in unincorporated King County with 52.7% of the vote, but it was not enough to overtake Gamblin’s lead.

Stouffer led Pettit in Black Diamond and unincorporated precincts, but Pettit came out ahead in Enumclaw by 98 votes.

Perhaps more interesting, though, is that there were the Pettit/Stouffer race garnered one of, if not the highest, percentage of wrote-in votes at 4.68% (or 364 votes), once you strip away unopposed races.

As for the failed school bond — it can’t be argued that a 65% rejection rate is better than ESD’s previous attempt (a $253 million bond thats failed with 75% “no” votes last February), but no precinct on the Plateau garnered a majority of “yes” votes.

The bond fared best inside Enumclaw’s city limits, where 43% of residents supported the measure.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that most Black Diamond residents didn’t vote for the bond, given that no new school would have been built there if the measure passed, unlike the previous bond measure. Only 33% of city residents supported the bond this time around, down from the 51% that supported it last February, with a similar voter turnout.

About 70% of unincorporated areas around Enumclaw gave the bond a thumbs down, as well as 75% in unincorporated Black Diamond.