Enumclaw, Black Diamond police blotter | Aug. 11 – 26

A fight in a parking lot, someone dumping trash, and rescues from the Green River.


August 26

– Police responded at 11:06 a.m. to a one-vehicle (motorcycle) accident in the vicinity of Roosevelt Avenue and Garrett Street. A report was taken.

– A call was received at 9:32 a.m. concerning a domestic dispute involving a firearm. Officers responded to a Berninger Street address where one person was arrested and taken to the city jail for processing.

August 25

– A third-party report sought police assistance in checking on the welfare of an individual who had been drinking. There also was concern that the individual was driving while impaired. Police were unable to locate the person and eventually learned he was in Bonney Lake. Authorities in that city were advised.

– Three vehicles were involved in an afternoon collision at Semanski Street and state Route 410. No one was injured and the crash did not block traffic. A report was taken. Earlier in the day, the Washington State Patrol had taken a report following a three-vehicle accident at SR 410 and Warner Avenue.

– Police were told of an unwanted individual in the lobby of the post office. The issue was settled upon police contact.

– A concerned Garfield Street resident called police, reporting a neighbor had not been seen in two week and mail and packages were sitting outside her door. An officer investigated and found the neighbor was in the hospital.

August 24

– Police were asked to check on the welfare of a woman who called her daughter complaining of chest pain. The daughter could not reach her mother, whose house was dark. An officer checked with St. Elizabeth and determined the woman had driven herself to the hospital.

– A Warner Street resident report a vehicle prowl. A window was broken and items were taken.

August 23

– Officers responded to a reported domestic dispute on 244th Avenue Southeast. A man was arrested for fourth-degree assault and was taken to the Enumclaw station for booking.

– After hearing of a parking lot fight, police responded at 1 a.m. to a Roosevelt Avenue business. One suspect was arrested, charged with third-degree assault and booked into the city jail.

August 22

– An officer responded shortly before 11 p.m. to a McKinley Street residence after hearing of loud music playing. After police contact it was agreed the party would be shut down.

– A report was received concerning a strong odor in the vicinity of Florence Street and Kibler Avenue. An officer responded and discovered a dead opossum.

August 21

– Police took a complaint about someone soliciting business in a residential neighborhood. An officer responded to Wilson Avenue and resolved the issue.

– Police received an afternoon, online complaint about dogs barking in a Garfield Street neighborhood. The complaint was forwarded to King County Animal Control.

August 20

– A residential yard sale had been going on for a month, according to a report given to police. It was added that there was no sign the sale would cease. An officer advised that the items needed to be moved and the seller agreed to comply.

– A woman reported she was being harassed by her estranged husband. There had been no criminal action at the time, so the woman was advised on how to obtain a court order.

August 20

– Black Diamond authorities asked Enumclaw police to check out a residence and look for a vehicle that had possibly been used during a crime. The vehicle was not at the suggested location but police continued the search.

– Officers were asked to stand by while a former employee retrieved his belonging from a Garrett Street business.

August 19

– Police were told to be on the lookout for a possibly-impaired driver. They soon located a vehicle parked on the side of the road near Semanski Street and state Route 410. They made arrangements for the driver to get home safely.

– Extra patrol was requested by staff at a Cole Street business after someone removed a screen and attempted to open a window.

– A citizen arrived in the police station lobby, reporting someone had entered his father’s home and stolen a checkbook. Checks were written and the father’s account had been cleaned out.

August 18

– Police received a complaint about someone dumping trash on a sidewalk along Garrett Avenue and then becoming verbally abusive when he was told to pick it up. Police searched the area but could not locate a suspect.

– A citizen arrived at the police station to complain about someone flying a drone around his home. Possible options were explained.

– City police took a 1 a.m. call from Black Diamond officers who were attempting to find help for a homeless female. She had been asked to leave a relative’s residence and had nowhere to stay. She departed during the process.

– Officers were asked to check on a Florence Street residence after learning of an ongoing issue with political signs being stolen.

August 17

– Police responded to the vicinity of Griffin Avenue and Garrett Street after hearing of multiple people fighting in a vehicle. The issue was settled upon police contact.

– Two complaints were lodged about people going door-to-door and soliciting business. An officer made contact and advised of city regulations concerning such business practices.

– A citizen appeared in the police station lobby to report threats being made via telephone. A report was taken and, after further investigation, it was learned the threats occurred in Kirkland. All information was forwarded to that jurisdiction.

– Police contacted a doctor at a Griffin Avenue clinic about an ongoing issue of someone using the clinic parking lot on weekends, perhaps to carry out illegal activity. An officer explained options and police agreed to provide extra patrol.

August 16

– Officers responded to an Iris Lane location due to an ongoing dispute between neighbors. Both parties were counseled.

August 15

– Police responded with fire department personnel to a small, afternoon grass fire on Watson Avenue. It was determined police assistance was not needed.


August 23

– At approximately 8:20 p.m., patrolling officers spotted a brush/stump fire burning in the 31000 block of Third Avenue. Firefighters responded and extinguished the flames.

– Police were dispatched at 7:45 p.m. after being told of someone who was possibly intoxicated in a vehicle. Officers were to the 22500 block of Southeast 296 th Street where they found the man fishing. Due to his intoxication he was told not to drive. Police watched him leave the area on foot and cleared the scene.

– Police took a call from a woman who reported being harassed by a neighbor. Specifically, the neighbor had stated he was going to poison her dogs. After contacting everyone involved, the reporting party opted against pursuing criminal charges. She was advised on how to proceed, should she change her mind.

August 22

– An officer traveled to Kent to take custody of a person wanted on a warrant issued by Black Diamond. The suspect was transported to the Enumclaw jail.

– Someone complained at 10:51 p.m. about a party in the 32600 block of Stuart Avenue. Officers contacted the residents of the home, who agreed to keep the volume down.

– Police were told of individuals in a park who had started a campfire without permission. Officers made contact and advised of a burn ban in effect. The fire was extinguished and the people responsible left the area.

– Police responded at 10:50 p.m. to the 30000 block of 232 nd Place Southeast after taking a noise complaint. Police contacted the homeowner and advised of the city noise ordinance; the owner was somewhat uncooperative but eventually turned down the music.

– Noise complaints dominated the evening. This time it was 10:2 p.m. when someone called about noise in the 26000 block of Lawson Avenue. Police contacted the homeowner, who turned down the volume. Later in the evening, officers returned to the same location after learning again of loud music. On the second call, the homeowner was warned a citation would be issued if police had to return a third time.

– Police were dispatched to the 32500 block of Railroad Avenue after receiving a malicious mischief call. There, they documented multiple Patriot Front stickers that had been placed on various street signs and utility poles. Officers removed the stickers.

– Two more noise complaints were received. The first had officers responding to the 25400 block of Kanaskat Drive and the second was in the 23200 block of Roberts Drive. In both cases the issue was resolved.

August 16

– Police were dispatched at 8:48 p.m. to a Steiert Street location after receiving a report of verbal harassment. The complainant asked to have his former girlfriend trespassed from his residence. Officers contacted the woman and issued a trespass warning.

– Two reports were made concerning suspicious vehicles, one on Botts Drive and another on Blaine Avenue. In each case officers found the vehicles to be unoccupied and legally parked so no action was taken.

– It was just a few minutes after midnight when police were told of a noise violation at a Third Avenue residence. The noise was located and the problem was resolved.

August 15

– Officers responded to an afternoon concerning a group of disorderly people on Lake Sawyer. Police spoke to the involved parties and determined no crime had occurred. Everyone agreed to leave the area.

– Police were requested for a “civil standby” while someone served divorce papers at a Blaine Avenue location. The complainant remained at the police station parking lot while an attempt was made to serve papers at the residence. No one answered so police cleared the scene.

– A mid-day traffic accident was reported in the area of Roberts Drive and Third Avenue. Police responded and found a driver had made a wide turn onto Third, causing a tire to wind up in a ditch. Police helped the driver return to the road, noting no crime had occurred.

– At 4:36 a.m. police made a traffic stop on Third Avenue. It was determined the motorist was driving with a suspended license. A citation was issued, the driver was released and the vehicle was impounded.

August 14

– Officers responded to an afternoon brush fire in the greenbelt about 1.5 miles southeast of the Ten Trails development. No one was injured during the incident, which was placed under investigation.

– An officer was flagged down on Railroad Avenue by a citizen who reported his Labrador retriever had escaped a fenced yard and was missing. Officers helped with a search but were unsuccessful. There was a happy ending, however, as a neighbor found the dog and returned the pet to its home.

– The King County Sheriff’s Office found a Chevrolet Suburban suffering ignition damage in a SeaTac parking garage. The registered owner has a Black Diamond address so city police were asked to make contact to help clear up the mystery. An attempt to contact the vehicle owner was unsuccessful.

August 13

– The department took a report of tools stolen from a Third Avenue carport. Pending further development the case was placed on inactive status.

– Police were called at 2:30 a.m. to assist Enumclaw officers with a hit-and-run rollover collision on Semanski Street. Black Diamond officers assisted with traffic control at the scene and with the attempt to identify and locate the driver of the vehicle.

August 12

– An officer was flagged down at 7 p.m. by a citizen who reported there were multiple people needing to be rescued from the Green River just outside Black Diamond. Another officer was able to locate the individuals and direct fire department personnel to their location. Officers assist in the successful rescue.

– A city resident reported she had received two credit cards in her name, both arriving at her home. Neither had been requested so a fraud attempt was suspected. There had been no unauthorized activity on her accounts and she had contacted the appropriate credit reporting agencies.

– Numerous tools were reported stolen from an unlocked vehicle on Third Avenue. Contact was made and the victim agreed to provide a list of the missing items.

– A 2003 Honda Civic was reported stolen from the driveway of a Third Avenue residence. Police contacted the owner and took a report.

August 11

– City police were called to assist a King County deputy who had made a traffic stop on Third Avenue. Subsequent investigation determined there was probable cause to arrest the driver for DUI. The suspect was booked into the Enumclaw jail.