Enumclaw, Black Diamond police blotter | July 19 – 29 |

Officers investigated reports about a stolen excavator, returned street signs and scams.


July 29

– At 8:16 a.m. police learned of a domestic dispute at a Chinook Avenue address, a situation where one of the involved parties had already left the scene. An officer contacted the reporting party, who was advised to call again if the other person returned.

July 28

– A complaint about loud music was lodged shortly after midnight. Police responded to a Grennan Lane address and contacted those responsible and they agreed to turn it down.

– An afternoon caller told police of a coyote in the field between state Route 410 and the Foothills Trail. An officer responded but could not locate the animal.

– A 2:30 p.m. report told of an assault involving family members at a Watson Street business. An officer responded, made contact and determined no assault had occurred.

– A caller told police he believed his stolen excavator was being used in Enumclaw for street repairs. Police were unable to determine that the excavator had been stolen. Information was provided to the reporting party who was to follow up with the Edgewood Police Department.

July 27

– A caller told police of a possible burglary in progress as he could see someone on vacant property on Roosevelt Avenue. The possible suspect was gone by the time police arrived. A malicious mischief report was to follow, after the reporting party checks on damage.

– A Burger Place resident called police, stating there was a suspicious person at the residence claiming to be looking for a rented room. It was determined that the owner of a neighboring property rents out a room in his home.

– At 6:36 p.m. police received an “open line” call through the 911 emergency system. Officers could not tell if background sounds indicated a disturbance. A female then came onto the line, stating everything was fine. Based on prior history, police responded to the Chinook Avenue residence where the call originated; everything appeared fine.

– Police were asked to perform a welfare check at a First Street location where a woman was thought to be a possible victim of domestic violence. The individual was gone when police arrived, but soon returned. Police then contacted the woman who was going to St. Elizabeth Hospital with emergency medical personnel.

– A parent arrived at the police station lobby to return street signs that had been stolen. An officer handled the call and saw that the signs were returned to the city’s Street Department.

– A citizen told police of receiving harassing phone calls. An officer determined they were part of a scam attempt. The intended victim was told how to handle the situation and how to prevent future fraud.

– A dispute between a landlord and tenant was reported. An officer contacted the reporting party by phone and told of possible options.

July 26

– Just a few minutes before noon, police were told of a three-car collision at the intersection of Farman Street and Roosevelt Avenue. There were no injuries and the at-fault driver received a citation.

– The manager of a city mobile home park requested that individuals be trespassed from a residence on the grounds. An officer determined it was a civil issue, not criminal, and the subjects had permission to be at the residence.

– A “hang up” call was made at 12:21 a.m. through the 911 emergency system. Contact was made with a female who stated the dispute was verbal only and that the male involved had gone to bed for the night. She was advised to call again if needed.

July 25

– At 10 p.m. police spotted a garage door open at a Roosevelt Avenue business. The interior was checked and everything was fine. Officers were able to secure the door.

– Police were alerted shortly before 7 a.m. to someone sleeping on the sidewalk along Roosevelt Avenue. An officer made contact and the individual was moving along.

July 24

– A fight was reported at 7:49 p.m., prompting a police response to the parking lot at Cole Street and Initial Avenue. One individual was taken to the hospital by emergency medical personnel.

– A two-vehicle collision occurred at the intersection of Watson Street and Bondgard Avenue. There were no injuries. Police assisted with the exchange of information.

– Police were called a few minutes after midnight to assist EMTs who had responded to a medical call at a Railroad Street business. One person was transported to the hospital.

July 23

– Police were told of multiple vehicles left in an area designated “no parking” due to the Street Fair. Registered owners were contacted; some vehicles were moved, other were cited and, eventually, one was towed away.

July 22

– A patrolling officer came across an abandoned vehicle on Roosevelt Avenue, with litter scattered around the vehicle. The automobile was impounded and the registered owner was to be mailed a citation for the littering.


July 26

– A scam related to a gift card was reported to police. A victim phoned police, stating she had been told that to obtain a discount on a rental car she should purchase an American Express gift card and then provide the card number to those promoting the card; in the end it was a scam. No suspect information was available so the case was placed in inactive status.

July 25

– A report of a vehicle vs. house collision had police responding shortly before 1 a.m. to a Madrona Avenue location. It was determined the vehicle had accidentally put into “drive” while the owner was cleaning it. Officers photographed the scene and helped with an exchange of information.

– Officers were dispatched to confirm a “possession of stolen property” warrant issued against a person being detained by the King County Sheriff’s Office. City police confirmed th warrant and the suspect was booked into the Issaquah jail.

– A call that began as a simple “unwanted person” report eventually involved much more. It started at 6:30 a.m. when someone called police, reporting that it appeared someone was setting up a campsite along Lake Sawyer Road. After contacting the individual, police discovered he was wanted on several arrest warrants. The suspect resisted officers’ initial attempts to take him into custody but police eventually prevailed. The man was taken to the King County jail due to the outstanding warrants.

– The theft (or attempted theft) of construction materials continues. A city officer was on patrol at 6:31 a.m. in the Ten Trails development, near the 33100 block of Holly Avenue, when a possible theft-in-progress was spotted. Officers made contact with an individual, determined he was attempting to steal plywood and arrested him. The suspect was booked into the Enumclaw jail, charged with third-degree theft.

July 24

– An officer responded just before 6 p.m. to a fire at a Lawson Street location. It was noted that the fire was extinguished and that no one required medical attention. It was determined the fire was an accident.

– A suspicious event occurred at 11:37 a.m., prompting a police response to the vicinity of Third Avenue and Roberts Drive. A citizen reported seeing a vehicle with red and blue lights mounted to the rear-view mirror; further, the citizen believed the driver of the suspect vehicle had attempted to get them to pull over. The case was placed under investigation.

July 23

– Police were asked to check on the welfare of an employee who had not shown up for work, or called in, for two days. Officers made contact with the family and were told the individual in question was ill and at home. The employer was notified.

– A caller told police of a dispute at a 218th Place Southeast location. Officers determined the issue was civil in nature, not criminal, and advised the reporting party on the process for obtaining a court order.

July 21

– Police took an afternoon call regarding a dispute – and possible road rage incident – that began in Cumberland and continued through Black Diamond. The caller said she had confronted a woman who was following her vehicle and taking photographs. She said the other woman had accused the caller of being with her husband before driving away.

– A domestic dispute had police responding at 5:36 a.m. to a Third Avenue address. Investigation determined that an assault had occurred; one person was arrested and booked into the Enumclaw jail.

July 20

– Police took an 8:48 p.m. call about excessive noise coming from a First Avenue location. They responded and contacted someone who was testing a repaired motorcycle. He agreed to limit the noise.

– Police were advised of a vehicle that had been reported as stolen and then towed to a Third Avenue location. An officer responded, conducted the vehicle recovery and notified the registered owner so the vehicle could be retrieved.

– Officers took an afternoon report of a domestic dispute and, after arriving, determined that one of the involved parties was experiencing mental illness. It was determined the individual was not a danger to themself or others and the other party left the scene to avoid escalating the situation.

July 19

– An officer responded to a call of CPR in progress and arrived shortly after emergency medical personnel. The patient was treated at the scene.

– An officer was dispatched to assist a citizen who was the victim of fraud. It was reported that someone impersonated the victim’s boss and instructed the victim to purchase gift cards and then provide the claim codes. Police helped the victim with the process of recovering some of the lost money. An investigation was under way.

– Officers responded to a minor collision that occurred on private property on 224th Avenue Southeast. The people involved exchanged information and officers departed.