Enumclaw planning ‘snow play’ day, moving night market to Kelly’s building

The snow day hopes to be Saturday, Jan. 9, but is extremely weather dependent.

Plans are in the works for the city of Enumclaw to host a “snow day” and for a night market to take place inside the former Kelly’s Mercantile building.

First, the snow day: City Councilmember Chance La Fleur said the event, which includes trucking snow down from Mount Rainier to be shoveled out into the parking lot by Arts Alive! and the Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce, is extremely weather dependent.

But, if everything goes smoothly, Saturday, Jan. 9, will be a very special day indeed.

“We want colder weather to make sure the snow just doesn’t turn to slush by the time we get it to town, but also can’t have too bad of weather up on the mountain to where the trucks can’t make the trip,” he said. “As of right now, it looks like we have about eight dump trucks that have indicated they would be willing to volunteer as long as the weather isn’t too bad, and Crystal Mountain has indicated they would be willing to load the trucks for us.”

The snow play area is hoped to be open to the public by around 9 a.m.

Now the night market: the city of Enumclaw first hosted a night market in the fall on the corner of Cole Street and Myrtle Avenue. However, the onset of colder, wetter, and windier weather necessitated the market move to a real building, rather than a tent, and organizers have reached a deal with the owner of the building that used to house Kelly’s Mercantile on the west side of Cole Street.

“The owners are very generously ‘leasing’ us the building for essentially the approximate cost of utilities that we would be using,” La Fleur said. “[We are] very thankful to them for that!”

The market will begin again Friday, Jan. 8, and will continue every Friday after for the foreseeable future.