ESD, police hosted active shooting response tabletop | Enumclaw School District

The district plans to continually update and review these emergency plans to keep students and families safe.

Editor’s note: The following is a press release from the Enumclaw School District.

The Enumclaw School District, in collaboration with critical community partners and agencies, including the Enumclaw and Black Diamond Police Departments, Enumclaw Fire Department, city partners, and the King County Office of Emergency Management, recently conducted an active shooter and emergency response tabletop event. This event is part of the district’s ongoing commitment to prioritizing safety and emergency preparedness within ESD schools.

With an unwavering focus on the well-being and protection of students, staff, and the community at large, the Enumclaw School District is dedicated to ensuring that comprehensive emergency preparedness plans and response strategies are in place. By engaging in this strategic tabletop event, district officials, law enforcement agencies, city partners, and emergency management professionals have come together to strengthen their collaborative efforts and review emergency response protocols.

The event, held on May 9, 2023, provided sample scenarios of an active shooter incident, allowing participants to test and evaluate their emergency response capabilities and protocols. The tabletop exercise allowed for dynamic discussions, the identification of areas to improve, and the development of effective strategies to respond to emergencies promptly and efficiently. Through proactive measures, the collective aim is to mitigate potential risks, maintain a safe learning environment, and provide a rapid and effective response in the event of an emergency to support students, families, staff, and the community.

“The highest priority for the Enumclaw School District is to ensure the safety of our students and staff,” said Superintendent Shaun Carey. “This allowed us to gather valuable insights and enhance our preparedness efforts. We are incredibly grateful to our local community partners and agencies for their expertise and commitment to working collaboratively to serve our schools and community.”

Tim Floyd, Chief of Police for the Enumclaw Police Department said, “The Enumclaw Police Department values our relationship with the Enumclaw School District, we are thrilled to partner with them on emergency preparedness plans.”

Moving forward, the Enumclaw School District remains committed to regularly reviewing and updating emergency preparedness plans and incorporating lessons learned from this tabletop exercise. Continuous collaboration and community engagement will further fortify our collective ability to recognize and respond to emergencies to keep our community safe.