Local DAR wants to restore Enumclaw’s founders graves

The crypt for Mary Fell Stevenson, Frank Stevenson, and Joseph Fell are falling apart.

The Black Diamond Daughters of the American Revolution chapter wants to restore one of Enumclaw’s less well-known, but no less important, historical landmarks.

For nearly 100 years, Mary Fell Stevenson, her husband Frank Stevenson, and her father Joseph Fell’s crypt has laid at the Enumclaw Evergreen Memorial Park — all three were the founders of the city. But wear and tear has caused them to crumble, almost to the point of falling apart and certainly beyond repair, so the DARs want to replace parts of the crypts.

“It’s been 100 years since anything has been done with those grave markers, and it’s in really, really bad shape,” local chapter founder Jannette Carroll.

But they need funds to do so. The city of Enumclaw has already granted the group $18,000 last March, but the DAR has estimated they need another ten grand to be able to complete the project appropriately.

The most expensive part of the project is the headstones, which are a unique pink granite, Carroll said.

Stevenson’s father’s headstone has the most apparent damage, with chips and cracks all along the face, but Mary’s headstone is no less in disrepair, with a crack all along the base.

“The crack is so big, the granite base is about to fall off,” Carroll said.

Her husband’s headstone appears to be in a similar condition.

The granite surrounding each individual grave is also damaged, as well as the granite surrounding the whole crypt, though this granite is a more common color.

Carroll said their chapter has already gone to the national DAR for some funds, but their ask was denied — so now they’ve gone to GoFundMe to crowdsource the money they need, though they hope to secure other, possibly smaller grants, along the way. To donate to the effort, head to gofundme.com/f/mary-fell-stevenson-grave-restoration-project.

The local DAR has been taking care of the crypt since the group was founded in 2014.

The graves of Frank Steveson, Mary Stevenson, and Mary's father, Joseph Fell, are falling apart, and the Black Diamond Daughters of the Revolution (the Mary Fell Stevenson chapter) wants to restore them. Photos by Ray Miller-Still