Local sentenced to 89 months for deadly Halloween crash

Brendan Lee Palmer pled guilty to vehicular homicide, but charges of DUI were dropped.

Enumclaw resident Brendan Lee Palmer has pled guilty to reckless driving, more than two years after driving drunk and crashing his truck, killing a passenger and knocking out power to thousands of Enumclaw residents on Halloween 2020.

Palmer was originally charged in October 2021 with one count vehicular homicide while under the influence (a felony), two counts vehicular assault while under the influence, and one count reckless driving; he pled guilty on Nov. 8, 2022, to vehicular homicide and reckless driving, but the other two charges were dropped.

His sentence of 89 months was handed down Jan. 9 for the felony. He also received another year for reckless driving, but the sentences are being served at the same time.

In addition to more than seven years in prison, Palmer may have to pay restitution to the family of Derick Graves, who was killed in the crash, in addition to $3,400 in other penalties and fees.

A restitution hearing date has not yet been set.

Before his sentencing, several letters of support for Palmer were submitted to the court; many noted that Palmer lacks any prior criminal history and that while the crash and loss of a life was tragic, he otherwise was a loving father, loyal friend, and outstanding member of his community.