Main Street is one-way through downtown Buckley

The street is also fully closed to traffic on weekends.

Anyone driving through downtown Buckley will notice – or has already been detoured by – the transition of Main Street to one-way only.

The change is limited to the short stretch between River Avenue and Cottage Street, allowing for eastbound travel but nothing moving west. The one-way designation took effect the morning of Jan. 5 and will remain in effect until further notice, according to Mayor Pat Johnson.

The city took the step due to the statewide ban on indoor seating and, subsequently, the appearance of two tents in front of Main Street businesses. Keeping just one lane of traffic is intended to provide safety for those using the tents.

Buckley will continue closing Main Street to all traffic, between River and Cottage, during weekend hours. To promote pedestrian safety the city closes Main Street from 4 p.m. each Friday through 7 a.m. Monday.

The city is providing barricades and signage to help people navigate around the closures.