Man suspected of killing woman in Carbonado dies after police confrontation early Sunday morning

Details are still limited on the initial shooting and follow-up police contact.

A 23-year-old woman was killed in Carbonado around early Sunday morning, apparently by a man who died later that morning after a confrontation with Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputies near Buckley, according to reports by law enforcement.

Details of both deaths are still slim, and the agencies involved say they will release more information as the investigations continue. It is not yet immediately clear how the male suspect died, though the agencies involved said they are investigating an “officer-involved shooting” from the incident.

Buckley PD and Pierce County had released the following information as of Monday morning:

Minutes after midnight Sunday morning, Buckley PD officers responded to a reported shooting in the 300 block of Montezuma Drive in Carbonado. The 911 caller said a woman had been shot and an armed male suspect had left the residence.

(Under contracts with the two small towns, Buckley PD also provides police services for Wilkeson and Carbonado.)

Officers arrived to find the 23-year-old woman dead with what appeared to be a gunshot wound to her head, according to Buckley PD. Officers learned the identity of the suspect from family members on scene and shared it with other responding agencies.

Pierce County Sheriff’s Deputies stopped a vehicle related to the homicide on or near Mundy Loss Road East between Highway 410 and 96th Street East, according to Pierce County Sheriff’s Sgt. Darren Moss. “Shots were fired,” Moss said, and a SWAT team was called out. That team found the man dead inside the vehicle.

There are no other suspects outstanding, according to Buckley PD, and Moss confirmed that “our deputies are O.K.”

Buckley PD and the Metro Cooperative Cities Crime Response Unit will investigate the initial homicide, while the officer use-of-force investigation will be handled by the Pierce County Force Investigation Team.