The Escuela de la Vida recently hosted a Clases de Baile Folkorico Mexicano (Mexican Folkloric Dance Classes) at Enumclaw’s Southwood Elementary on Oct. 9. The grassroot organization’s next event is a community resource fair on Oct. 18. Image courtesy King County Library System

The Escuela de la Vida recently hosted a Clases de Baile Folkorico Mexicano (Mexican Folkloric Dance Classes) at Enumclaw’s Southwood Elementary on Oct. 9. The grassroot organization’s next event is a community resource fair on Oct. 18. Image courtesy King County Library System

Myriad services offered at resource fair

The Enumclaw library and the Escuela de la Vida is hosting a resource fair for everyone this Friday, Oct. 18.

Enumclaw High School will be buzzing with activity after school ends, as the Escuela de la Vida grassroots organization is hosting its first large-scale community resource fair.

The fair — which is slated for 6 to 8 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 18 in the Enumclaw High School commons — will feature more than a dozen local and regional organizations aiming to help individuals and families find resources like legal aid, physical and mental health care, and community support groups.

Of course, getting away on a Friday night can be a hassle when you have kids, which is why local Amaranta Sandys will be organizing board games and craft activities for children at the fair.

The Escuela de la Vida (the School of Life) is a grassroots organization that came about from the Enumclaw library’s Community Creations project at the beginning of the year. The group aims to bring the city’s immigrant, Hispanic, and white communities closer together through various cultural activities as well as specifically provide immigrant and Hispanic families with resources specifically geared toward their needs.

Earlier this year, the Escuela held a smaller resource fair featuring Sea Mar Community Health Centers and the Colectiva Legal del Pueblo (People’s Legal Collective), nonprofits that provide health and legal information and services in both Spanish and English.

Sea Mar and the Colectiva are returning this Friday with a dozen more groups:

• Valley Cities Behavioral Health Care, which provides myriad behavioral health counseling and medication services for those 15 years old and up;

• NEXUS Youth and Family Services, another behavioral health organization that focuses on youth services and substance use and abuse;

• the Plateau-based Mom and Me Mobile Medical Clinic, which provides basic health and preventative medical care services at no cost, and has connections to help patients find grants to pay for their continuing prescription costs;

• the Chicano Empowerment and Enrichment Coalition (ChEEco), a Pierce County nonprofit that is working on providing the Latinx communities with a youth center and a temporary teen homeless shelter, as well as already offering myriad community services projects to benefit seniors, counseling services for women escaping domestic violence, and anger management and addiction services for youth and ex-convicts;

YearUp, a nonprofit that aims to close the “Opportunity Gap” by providing young adults with both professional and technical skills training valued by companies looking to hire;

• Plateau Outreach Ministries, an Enumclaw-based nonprofit that provides essential food, housing, and clothing services, as well as ways for senior vets to improve their homes;

• the Enumclaw Senior Center, which cares for city seniors by offering hot meals, activities and trips designed to increase social interaction, and various physical health services;

NEXUS’ Homeless Services/Street Outreach Team, which specifically focuses on bringing youth the services and supplies they need to make their lives easier, like an emergency shelter, laundry and shower services, hot meals, and case management services;

WorkSource Auburn, which bills itself as a “one-stop” organization that aims to deliver employment and training services at no cost for those looking for a job;

• the Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation, another Enumclaw-based nonprofit that connects youth, families, and seniors to various health and social services organizations;

• the Centro Comunitario de Autoayuda (CCA), a Latinx-focused nonprofit that aims to give youth and families the skills they need to manage life on their own terms, from providing personal improvement conferences to meditation courses and yoga;

• the King County Library System; and

• The Washington State Department of Health and Social Services

Light refreshments will be provided at the event.


¡Descubra los recursos disponibles para usted! Conéctese con agencias que brindan servicios médicos, de inmigración, legales, laborales, comerciales, y sociales para adultos, jóvenes y miembros de nuestra comunidad hispana.

Conozca a representantes de:

• SeaMar: proporciona una variedad de servicios de atención médica y atención de seguimiento. Una enfermera registrada le podrá hacer un examen de salud gratuito;

• Valley Cities Behavioral Health Care;

• Colectiva Legal del Pueblo: brinda servicios legales asequibles y abogacía para familias inmigrantes;

• Servicios para jóvenes y familias de Nexus: ofrece servicios integrales de salud del comportamiento y tratamiento de trastornos por uso de sustancias, gestiona casos y servicios para jóvenes;

• DSHS (Departamento de Salud y Servicios Sociales del Estado de Washington);

• Clínica médica móvil Mom and Me: brinda acceso a atención médica básica y preventiva de alta calidad sin costo alguno;

• Chicano Empowerment & Enrichment Coalition (ChEECo), United Way of King County;

• YearUp: permite a los adultos jóvenes pasar del salario mínimo a carreras significativas en solo un año;

• Plateau Outreach Ministries: ayuda a las personas a salir de la crisis al proporcionar elementos esenciales como alimentos, ropa y cupones, así como la gestión de casos individuales;

• Enumclaw Senior Center;

• Equipo de extensión a la calle NEXUS;

• WorkSource Auburn: conecta a las empresas y las personas que buscan trabajo con los recursos y herramientas necesarios para tener un empleo exitoso, aprendizaje permanente y desarrollo empresarial;

• Rainier Foothills Wellness Foundation: conecta a las personas de la comunidad con organizaciones de servicios sociales y de salud;

• Sistema de Bibliotecas del Condado de King: Proporciona espacios, servicios y programas gratuitos para apoyar a las personas del Condado de King. Conozca al equipo de empleo para descubrir trabajos y oportunidades de negocios;

• Centro Comunitario de Autoayuda (CCA)

¡Y más!

Visite las mesas de Actividades familiares con juegos de mesa y manualidades para todas las edades con Amaranta Sandys. Habrá refrigerios.

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