One primary, nine general elections expected on upcoming Plateau ballots

All local city councils and school districts have races to look for

The upcoming August primaries will be largely uneventful for Plateau voters, but many open seats on city council and school district boards are being contested, making way for some excitement during the November general election.

In fact, the only local race that will be featured on the next election ballot will be for the Enumclaw School District Board’s District 4 seat.

Currently held by Lori Metschan, she is being challenged by Ben Stouffer and Tonya Pettit; the two candidates to receive the most votes in August will move to the November election.

Current ESD Board President Tyson Gamblin is being challenged by Vivian Tillman-Cadematori for District 3. District 1 Director Jennifer Kent is not running for re-election — her seat contest will be between Scott Mason and Jimmy Stewart.

At the Enumclaw city council, Councilmember Beau Chevassus also declined to run for re-election, so Position No. 2 will be a race between Michael Merker and Kerry Flothe.

Position No. 4, held by Councilmember Chance La Fleur, is uncontested, as is Councilmember Anthony Wright’s Position No. 6 seat.

Other uncontested races include Enumclaw Fire Department’s Commissioner Positions 1 and 4, currently held by Jim Zoll and Jenny Jones respectively.

All of Black Diamond City Council races will go straight to the general election.

Position No. 3, currently held by Therron Smith, is being challenged by Amina Abdalla; Position No. 6, held by Nathan Jones, is being challenged by Pravat Sripranaratanakul.

Councilmembers Tamie Boxx-Deady (Position No. 1), Bradd Douglass (Position No. 2), Kristiana de Leon (Position No. 5), and Debbie Page (Position No. 7) are running unopposed.

White River School District has only one contested race between incumbent Karen Bunker and challenger Stacey Mahnke for District 2.

Buckley’s City Council has two contested races: incumbent Lyn Rose will be running against Denice Bergerson for Position No. 5; Councilmember Marvin Sundstrom is not running for re-election, so Position No. 6 will be a race between Maureen Sundstrom and Connie Bender.

Councilmember Amanda Burbank (Position No. 4) is running unopposed.