Parking lot construction on the east, west ends of downtown Enumclaw

Parking will be limited while the lots are resurfaced; a new lot is being built by the local library.

Enumclaw locals and visitors may have a more difficult time than usual finding downtown parking, as two lots on the west side of Griffin Avenue are being resurfaced through September.

According to the city, both the lot behind the Arts Alive! and Enumclaw Chamber of Commerce and the lot just south across Railroad Street (also known as the Rotary Park lot) will be resurfaced.

Work on the northern lot is expected to begin Aug. 1 and end Aug. 21, while work on the southern lot on Aug. 22 and finish up Sept. 12. Weather and other factors may affect these timelines.

Parking in these lots will be limited while work is being performed, and the city will post when parking will not be available ahead of time.

Prior to any work being done on the lot, nine trees were removed in order to keep roots from damaging the new lot surface; others were trimmed to improve lot lighting.


On the other side of town, work is being done in the field next to the Enumclaw library to turn it into a parking lot.

This lot is being built by the Thunder Dome Car Museum.

The lot will mostly be for public use, but in exchange for covering construction costs, the museum will have some special privileges.

For example, the museum can close the lot to public parking for up to 48 hours at a time. This can only happen up to 12 times a year, and never no more than twice during a single month.

The Thunder Dome can also have exclusive access to the lot for a full seven consecutive days once per year.

Public parking will be restricted to 12 hours at a time, and overnight parking (2 to 6 a.m.) will not be allowed.

The Thunder Dome, or its parent company, Thundering Mountain, LLC, may also build a commercial building on the lot sometime in the future, but plans for this remain up in the air.

While work on this lot has begun, it’s unclear when it will be finished. According to Enumclaw’s Public Works Director Ed Hawthorne, the project “has been delayed due to other projects requiring [the contractor’s] attention.”