Police assist with intoxicated gas station employee | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

All subjects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

All subjects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Bonney Lake

March 31

Possible Burglary: Officers responded to a possible burglary in progress at a vacant Mt. View Drive East home. A suspicious person was found in the area but was released because witnesses were unable to identify him and he had no stolen property on his person.

April 2

Fraud: A person received a phone call claiming he owed $500 on an overdue account. He provided bank information for an immediate payment but never received a confirmation number. Upon investigation, he discovered the phone number was connected to scams across the country. Suspects appeared to be out of either Georgia or Washington D.C.

Shoplift: An officer responded to the report of a shoplifter in custody at a state Route 410 retail store. The suspect was cited for theft in the third degree and released at the scene.

Shoplift: A suspect was seen concealing kitchen items in a shopping cart. She proceeded to pay for groceries but left without paying for the other items. She was cited for theft in the third degree and trespassed indefinitely from the establishment.

April 3

Intoxicated Employee: Officers responded to the report of a visibly intoxicated employee at a local gas station. They assisted in closing the store until the owner arrived. The employee was terminated but no criminal charges were filed.

Theft: A subject reported missing items after hosting a birthday party at his home. No suspect information was available but a serial number is on file and the suspect was advised to check local pawn shops.

Warrant: A subject trespassed from a SR 410 retail store was seen shoplifting on the property and returned shortly after. Police responded and arrested the subject on her outstanding warrant, in addition to the new charge of trespassing. She was booked into Puyallup jail.

Juvenile Assault: Officers responded to the report that a juvenile physically assaulted her mother during an argument. She was arrested for assault and transported to Remann Hall.

Found Pistol: The manager of a Bonney Lake restaurant reported a customer left a coat behind and found a firearm, prescription pills and several other items in the pockets. Police contacted the owner and discovered he didn’t possess a concealed pistol license. His property was booked into evidence for safekeeping.

April 5

Domestic Violence: A male subject reported his wife assaulted him during an argument. She arrested for assault in the fourth degree and issued a temporary no contact order.

Collision: Officers responded to the site of a single-vehicle collision on SR 410. Witnesses reported the driver fled the scene on foot and officers found him at his residence a couple hours later. He denied driving the vehicle but declined to report it stolen. Nothing further was reported.

Residential Burglary: A business card holder was found outside in the woods. An officer contacted the owner and was advised it was stolen from a vacant home nearby. There was no suspect information available.

April 7

Malicious Mischief: A resident of 193rd Avenue East reported their front window had been hit with rocks. She suspected two children were throwing rocks at the building two days prior as well. The children were too young to be charged with a crime but the parent was notified and the victim was advised to settle the issue with their landlord.

April 8

Identity Theft: A married couple reported not being able to file their tax return because one had already been filed with their social security numbers. No suspect information was available.

Hit and Run: Officers responded to the report of a hit and run collision on SR 410. Witnesses reported the suspect hit a parked vehicle and fled the scene. Pictures and video were available but due to a lack of identifiable information, the case was closed pending new information.