Redistricting appeal submitted to the Supreme Court

Republicans want to reverse changes to the 14th and 15th Legislative Districts — which would also keep Enumclaw in the conservative 31st.

Washington state Republicans have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to issue an injunction to stop the adoption of a new district map.

The redistricting, which was focused on the 14th and 15th Legislative Districts, had ripple effects that were felt in Enumclaw, as the city moves from the 31st district (a GOP stronghold) to the 5th (which is deep Democrat territory).

A federal judge ordered the redistricting on March 15, and the Ninth Court of Appeals rejected a stay request on March 22, meaning it’s now up to the Supreme Court to decide to issue an injunction to pause the adopting of the redistricting, or reverse the federal judge’s ruling. The map will take effect after the April special election, unless the Supreme Court intervenes.

The appeal alleges that while redistricting the 14th and 15th was in order to rectify what proponents see as a diluted Hispanic vote, as the community was split between the two Eastern Washington districts, it in fact “turn[s] the Voting Rights Act… upside down” and further diluted the Hispanic vote instead.

The appeal doesn’t mention how the redistricting affects Enumclaw and the surrounding unincorporated King County communities, but an injunction or reversal would keep the Republican-leaning city in the 31st district, where the city has been since at least 2002 (earlier redistricting maps were not immediately available).

If the redistricting is upheld, Enumclaw will no longer be represented by Sen. Phil Fortunato and Reps. Drew Stokesbary and Eric Robertson, but Sen. Mark Mullet and Reps. Lisa Callan and Bill Ramos, though Ramos is planning to step down after the general election.

Running for his seat includes Black Diamond Councilmember Kristiana de Leon.