Shoplifting and malicious mischief | Bonney Lake Police Blotter

All subjects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

All subjects in the police blotter are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

March 3

Shoplifting: An officer responded to the report of a shoplift that just occurred at a state Route 410 grocery store. The suspect was seen stealing liquor on camera but adequate suspect information was unavailable.

March 5

Suspended License: Shortly after 1 a.m., an officer pulled a vehicle over for defective brake lights. The driver possessed a suspended license and arrest warrant. He was transported to Enumclaw jail.

Theft: A persons wallet was stolen from their locker at a Bonney Lake gym. Surveillance video was not immediately available but the manager said it would be reviewed. There was no suspect information at the time of report.

Retail Theft: A Bonney Lake retail store reported multiple toy thefts over the course of a couple days. The thefts were believed to have been done by the same person but there were no suspect leads or definitive proof of theft at the time of report.

Theft of Purse: A woman reported her purse was stolen from the shopping cart while at a SR 410 store. There was no suspect information available.

Security: A resident of Myers Road reported a possible residential burglary in which nothing was stolen. The responding officer informed the subject of ways he can better secure his apartment.

March 6

Identity Theft: A Bonney Lake resident was contacted by the Comanche Police Department regarding an identity theft case. The detective said a victim in Texas had a loan in his name that he never applied for. Funds for the loan were deposited into an old account of the Bonney Lake resident. There was no further information at the time of report.

March 7

Juvenile in Possession: An officer was dispatched for the report of a juvenile male in possession of marijuana at school, for the third time. He received emergency expulsion and was arrested but released at the scene to school staff members. The responding officer recommended charges be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor.

Fraud: A temporary resident of 214th Avenue East reported identity theft, including a fraudulent cell phone account and access to her checking account. She was issued a case number and advice on how to conduct a credit check on herself.

Juvenile Shoplift: A SR 410 grocery store reported a juvenile had just shoplifted a bottle of vodka. Police found the suspect in the parking lot. He was arrested without incident, trespassed from the store and released at the scene.

March 8

Driving Under the Influence: An officer pulled over a vehicle for running a red light while turning onto SR 410. The driver possessed a suspended license and was determined to be intoxicated. He was arrested for DUI and the vehicle was impounded.

Theft from Vehicle: A resident of 192nd Avenue East reported a vehicle prowl upon leaving his car unlocked overnight. Several items were stolen but no suspect information was available at the time of report.

Collision: At approximately 10:30, officers responded to a collision on SR 410. The causing driver was determined to be DUI and issued additional infractions for open container in the vehicle and no proof of insurance.

March 9

Sandwich Boards: The theft of several sandwich-style boards from the sidewalks of SR 410 and 214th Avenue East was reported. There was no suspect information available at the time of report.

March 10

Assault: Officers responded to the report of an assault between two individuals on 188th Avenue East. One of the subjects possessed a warrant and was reported to have large amounts of heroin on his person. He was unable to be located at the time of report but the case was forwarded for to investigations for follow up.

March 11

Found Property: At about 8 a.m., police were notified of an abandoned backpack on Angeline Road. Officers retrieved the backpack and found drug paraphernalia among its contents. It was taken to the police department for proper disposal.

Burglary: Kitchen cabinets were reported stolen from a home under construction. No evidence of forced entry was seen and no suspect information was available.

March 12

Vandalism: Shortly after midnight, a subject parked in a SR 410 grocery store parking lot and was inside the store for about 15 minutes. Upon returning, the subject’s door had been punched and no suspect information was available.

Malicious Mischief: A girl was arguing with her grandmother and left the home to cool down. She discovered the grandmother had locked her out and attempted to gain entry by physical force. She was arrested for malicious mischief and transported to Enumclaw jail.