Tired of national politics? Vote for your favorite cat instead

Local feline Simon is currently ranked sixth in the “America’s Favorite Pet” contest.

A local feline is vying for your vote to be America’s favorite.

Simon was all “look but don’t touch” when getting his photo taken last Thursday, but his dad Dan McVay swore that the Enumscratch cat is normally far more social than on that grey morning.

“His personality and the way he is, everybody just loves him,” Dan said. “And he loves everybody.”

Perhaps he just hadn’t had his morning catnip yet, then.

Simon, 10, is a Manx bobtail, which — as the name suggests — means he has practically no tail, thanks to a genetic mutation that some believe came about from inbreeding amongst the small population of cats on the British Isle of Man. He’s been living with Dan ever since he was three months old.

Simon’s a large cat, coming in roughly twice the weight of the average Manx; combined with his shorter legs and rather large behind, you might be excused for thinking Simon was generally slow moving.

But when you bring out the stuff animal toys (his favorite), “he’s the fastest 24 pound cat you’ve ever seen,” Dan continued.

This is the second time Dan has entered Simon into the “America’s Favorite Pet” competition, organized by the DTCare charity, which helps organize professional fundraisers. Money raised from the “America’s Favorite Pet” competition will be donated to the PAWS Foundation.

Simon came in second last year, so Dan is hoping some more local support will push his cat to the top spot, which also comes with a two-page feature in the “Modern Cat” magazine, a front-page photo, and $10,000.

When he’s not busy charming the tenants of the apartment building they live in, Simon likes to take Dan out on nightly walks, sans leash, and do tricks like fetch and roll over.

Simon faces some tough competition — nearly 70 other cats are vying for the title of America’s top cat — and the group will be culled down to 20 on Feb. 8. As of Feb. 7, Simon was sixth.

More cats will be eliminated throughout the month, until the final voting round that ends April 4.

To vote for Simon, head to americasfavpet.com/2024/simon-447e (or use the QR code with this article); you can vote once per day for free, or donate money for additional votes.

Scan this QR code to vote for Simon the cat.
Scan this QR code to vote for Simon the cat.

Scan this QR code to vote for Simon the cat. Scan this QR code to vote for Simon the cat.