Want to help lead your local government? Filing week is coming soon

Positions in all Plateau-area city councils and the two school districts will be up for election

Numerous city council and school board seats on the Plateau will be up for election this year, and the county filing period is right around the corner.

If you’re interested in becoming an elected official and guiding how your city and schools operate, both the King and Pierce County filing period begins Monday, May 15 and ends Friday, May 19.

Three positions will be open for election on the Enumclaw School Board: District 3 Director Tyson Gamblin, District 1 Director Jennifer Kent, and District 4 Director Lori Metschan.

For maps on these district areas, head to enumclaw.wednet.edu/o/esd/page/school-board-members.

At the White River School District, District 2 Director Karen Bunker will be up for election. Other seats up for election is District 3 Director James Johnson and District 5 Director Matt Scheer.

At the city levels, council members don’t represent districts in their cities, but as a whole.

In Enumclaw, Beau Chevassus, Chance La Fleur, and Anthony Wright’s seats will be up for election.

Black Diamond’s council could be in for a overhaul with five seats, currently occupied by Tamie Deady, Brad Douglass, Kristiana de Leon, and Debbie Page, are up for election.

Down south in Buckley, Amanda Burbank, Lyn Rose, Marvin Sundstrom, and Brandon Green’s seats will be up for election.

To file in King County, head to kingcounty.gov/depts/elections/for-candidates.aspx.

To file in Pierce County, head to piercecountywa.gov/329/Information-for-Candidates.

If you’ve filed but want to withdraw, the deadline is May 22.

After filing, candidates are required to submit voters’ pamphlet information by May 26.

Primaries this year will be held August 1.