Woman arrested after allegedly damaging Enumclaw bookstore building

The incident appears related to the owner being arrested for suspicion of possessing child pornography.

An Auburn woman was arrested and charged earlier this month for allegedly damaging The Sequel bookstore building.

Nichole Marlene Bailey, 37, was booked in the Enumclaw jail on Dec. 3 on suspicion of third-degree malicious mischief; she was officially charged with the same crime.

According to the police report, officers were alerted to a woman breaking a window at the store around 9:30 p.m., and a witness said she was last seen at another nearby business; police eventually located Bailey while other officers inspected the damage and called the owners.

Police also met with the witness, who gave them cell phone footage of Bailey damaging the glass door with a heavy object. With that evidence in hand, officers arrested Bailey without incident shortly after.

After being detained, officers learned Bailey had damaged a second glass door of the building; the cost of repairs was estimated to come out to almost $4,300, and the store owners have asked for Bailey to pay full restitution.

Bailey’s pre-trial date is set for Jan. 17; the Courier-Herald has reached out to her listed attorney for her initial plea.

The incident happened days after The Courier-Herald reported bookstore owner Michael Lissy was arrested on suspicion of possession and soliciting child pornography (otherwise known as child sexual abuse material, or CSAM). Lissy pleaded not guilty at his arraignment, and was released on his own personal recognizance.

The video taken during the incident shows a person police identified as Bailey yelling “pedophile”.