Casey Talmadge

Casey Talmadge died June 16, 2024, at the age of 46.

On Father’s Day, June 16, 2024 Casey “Blue Eyes” Cade Talmadge ended his nearly two-year battle with cancer. Casey fought like a warrior against disease and death, consistently baffling doctors and pushing his six-month window. Casey rode one miraculous wave to another while overcoming insurmountable odds with an optimism that victories are made of. Through Jesus Christ, his Savior, Casey won the battle over death and now lives in perfect peace and joy.

Casey fiercely loved his family who were his world, his pride and his greatest joy. Casey met Rechelle when he was seventeen years old, she was fifteen—they were inseparable from that point on.On November 13, 1999 they married and embarked on life together. They started a family and enthusiastically welcomed their children Malachi Cade and Trinity Marie. The couple weathered hardships and tragedies, celebrated joys and triumphs and forged ahead together. Casey and Rechelle shared everything, and we do mean everything: morning coffee on the front porch, a good laugh over life’s humorous happenings, homemade meals, and even shared trips to the bathroom! For the remainder of his days they remained joined at the hip and throughout his illness Rechelle cared for Casey with unrivaled love and tenacity.

Casey vigorously enjoyed life and had a robust and contagious laugh. His blue eyes sparkled with as much compassion as they did mischief. Though he enjoyed extravagant vacations with his family nothing brought him more joy than simply hanging out at the river together with their dogs. Casey loved to fish and golf. He loved to spend time with extended family. He was generous with his time and his resources, always eager to lend a hand or take someone in.

Casey enjoyed several years coaching basketball, including his son Malachi and nephew Austin. He shared Pokémon collecting with his daughter Trinity. He loved to camp with the family, play board games, watch movies and take regular trips to the ocean. Casey highly valued his relationships, especially cherishing a brother-like bond he shared with long-time friend Lucas (Staucia) Woody.

Casey graduated from White River High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in business management.Casey was a hard worker and in 2009 became part of the Belmont Cabinet Company, a job and association he was proud to be part of.

Casey was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 29, 1977 to Timothy and Barbara Talmadge. After his father’s passing Casey was raised by his mother and stepfather, Leonard Anderson.

His siblings are Jeremy Talmadge, Timothy (Brianne) Talmadge, Marcus (Jasmine) Anderson, Rylee (Devan) Knack, Jennifer Anderson and Rebecca Anderson. He also leaves behind his in-laws,Toni (Kevin) Olson, Rod Edwards, sister-in-law Amanda (Justin) Marianski, brother-in-law Andrew (Samantha) Olson. He was preceded in death by his brother-in-law Alex Olson. Casey is survived by many nieces and nephews whom he dearly loved.

Throughout his life and especially during his illness Casey never failed to appreciate and acknowledge the love and kindness shown to him and his family. He made a lasting impression on his medical team for his courageous spirit and expressions of appreciation for their care. From behind an oxygen mask he never failed to thank those who cared for him or to encourage them and cheer them on in their tireless efforts.

It is appropriate to speak for Casey at this time and to express gratitude to the many, many people who rallied around him with loving and generous hearts. From his large and beloved family and many friends, his supportive community, his peers and to the professionals who tirelessly guided him to the end, thank you!

As a family man first, it is fitting that Casey passed from death into life on Father’s Day. It is also fitting, and no doubt brings joy to the hearts of many, that Casey’s beautiful blue eyes were matched with a donor recipient.

A Celebration of Life service will be held on Sunday, July 7th at 3:00pm at Rainier Hills with a reception to follow at Wilkeson Eagles Club in Wilkeson.