A poem for the season

Here’s to happy holidays, no matter what or how you celebrate!

T’was a week before Christmas

In my house, I’m alone,

There was no one to text and

No one to phone.

Even though it was quiet

And quite peaceful there,

I thought I’d go out

For a breath of fresh air.

So I drove into town and

Parked near the Lee,

Then looked down the street

And guess who I see?

T’was Bridget, by golly

She was closing her store,

Through the window I watch her

Lock the front door,

So now ladies hear me

Whether you’re old or teens,

In Bridget’s you’ll find

A perfect pair of jeans.

Now Chuck waves at me

He owns the Skynet,

If your computer’s gone fritz

He’ll fix it, don’t fret.

Well, I saw Joe Poleski

He also waved at me,

In the back of his pick-up

Was a fresh Christmas tree.

He pointed at the Ski Inn

Said, “Let’s go in here.”

And that’s just what we did

And he bought me a beer.

The place was quite crowded

For a week night,

And most everyone there

Was high as a kite.

Joe chose to stand but

I sat on a stool,

I said “Hello” to Bob, who

Was shooting some pool,

Bob usually plays 8-ball

He’s good at the game,

Of course I never play him

’Cuz my pool skills are lame;

Kristi works the bar and

She’s skilled at her trade,

She laughed and grinned broadly

At the drink so just made.

Then I bid them farewell and

Returned to the street,

There were other places and

Friends I should meet.

In Jackson’s I found Bobbi

Serving a drink or two,

And if you behave

She might serve one to you.

Owners Debbie and Jeff

Looked sparky and gay,

They were just back from Crystal

Where they’d spent the day;

When they have some free time

That’s where they go,

To relive the memories

Where they met years ago.

Of course, Seeder’s was crowded

And surely quite loud,

But despite all the racket

You should not be cowed.

Kelly was bartending

And she scurried around,

She’ll buy Christmas gifts with

The tips she had found.

Then I went to my stand-by

The lounge in the Lee,

Where If you stopped by

You were certain to see

Tamara was working

I’m sure you could tell

From the crowd she attracted

She was busy as hell;

And the owner, Diane,

Looked so lovely and cool;

As she surveyed her kingdom

From atop a bar stool.

But I guess it’s best now

To call it a night

’Cuz I’ve slurred a few words

Meaning I’m a bit tight,

But my head’s in a good place

I’m sure you’ll agree,

Full of holiday spirit

As it surely should be.

So I’ll toast all of you

With a seasonal cheer,

Have a most splendid Christmas

And a happy New Year!

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