A toast to Enumclaw.

Well, I sat in the window of Jackson’s Café,

Passing the time on a cold, sunny day;

Looking out on the traffic of our little town,

Where the people were happy and running around.

Kelly Bauer walks by greeting friends in the street,

She even greets strangers she happens to meet;

That’s a really nice thing ‘bout this time of year,

Why, even ex-lovers might be sharing a beer.

There’s weightlifting Frank setting a lively pace,

He’s headed to his job at the Skynet place;

When Chuck isn’t there, Frank runs the store,

While Jacob serves customers coming through the door.

And, by golly, there’s Marilyn, owner of C and C,

She walks past the window and waves at me;

The Local is crowded, there’s a charge in the air,

’Cuz it’s rumored that Santa Claus has appeared there.

But now I leave Jackson’s and cross the street,

Where I pause to converse with some people I meet;

Inside the Post Office, each day without fail,

I buy stamps from the ladies and pick up my mail.

‘Round the corner in the Ski, a really fine place,

Where I’m sure I can find a familiar face;

And there I see Will Tall on a bar stool,

He’s watching his wife shoot a game of pool.

Now I walk in Siciliano’s and greet owner Dario,

And Sean and Amber complete the scenario;

They have a good pizza, as I’m sure you know,

So I order one and get it to go;

And I carry my pizza to Headworks ‘cross the street,

And sit down in a comfortable, wide window seat;

I enjoy the pizza and the spacious atmosphere,

And the sparky life of a freshly brewed beer.

I drop by the Lee where Ivy serves the drinks,

And customers exchange flirtatious little winks;

Ivy pauses to hug me, despite her hectic pace,

Which is the main reason I go in the place.

And finally in Seeders, so crowded and loud,

There’ a lot of excitement, but please don’t be cowed;

And I’m toasting Kristie and she’s toasting Jack,

And Jack is toasting Alice, who’s toasting him back.

And while toasting one another it occurs to me,

I should toast all of you wherever you might be.

So I’ll raise my glass of seasonal cheer,

And wish you all merry Christmas and a happy new year!

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