David Cannon, “The Right Stuff”

David Cannon, “The Right Stuff”

Biden may have won the election, but it’s clear it wasn’t the most “free and fair” | The Right Stuff

Trust me, this is not a case of “sour grapes.”

  • Wednesday, October 27, 2021 10:01am
  • Opinion

The “mainstream media” has sworn to us time and time again that the 2020 election was the most “fair and free” election of all time. To question the party line is to question the sanctity of the democratic process. To even hint at any improprieties is to get you banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

There has been a lot of attention nationally on the audit in Maricopa County, AZ. There has also been a lot of talk about audits of the election in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, as well.

This is not about a bad case of “sour grapes,” where, “Gee, I really wanted my guy to have won the election.” There are some fundamental issues that need to be addressed. Questions that needed to be answered. Things that appear “off.”

Take Antrim County, MI, for example: the day after the election, county officials called the race for Biden. However, days later, the county then called the race for Trump. What caused county officials to mistakenly announce Biden as a winner? The AP reports it was due to a clerk that “did not update software used to collect voting machine data,” and thus did not report the full election results. However, the question stands: if Antrim County could have made this mistake, what other counties could have made similar missteps? The Presidential Election was decided by extremely thin margins in the swing states.

Normally when the counting is taking place, there are two observers, one from each party, that just verify that the counts are on the up and up. However, in Philadelphia, an unidentified poll watcher was photographed using binoculars to “observe” across the room. Other instances of poll watchers being restricted from watching the action have also been reported in many swing states.

There were numerous people, both involved in the election process and not, who filed sworn affidavits and civil action lawsuits alleging wrongdoing in the election process across the country. For example, in Wood v. Raffensperger, filed Nov. 13, 2020, Wood alleges that Raffensperger unilaterally changed the procedure in how Georgia election officials handled defective mail-in/absentee ballots. These changes allegedly “create[d] a cumbersome bureaucratic procedure to be followed with each defective absentee ballot — and makes it likely that such ballots will simply not be identified by County Officials.” Or, in other words, the new process — created without the consent of the Georgia State Legislature — made it more likely that election officials wouldn’t flag defective ballots, allowing those ballots to go through the counting process as they were.

Additionally, Wood provided several affidavits (Exhibits F, I, T, U in particular) where observers testified that they saw stacks of ballots that were flat, with no creases that would indicate that they had been folded and been mailed and went through the post office. They noticed that several ballots had the selection for Biden filled in with machine precision, as if they had been printed that way. They saw several ballot envelopes with no signature, that were accepted and processed.

Now, this lawsuit was eventually dismissed due to the fact that Wood lacked standing to bring these claims to court. But that just means the court failed to look at the evidence. This was repeated with many of the lawsuits and affidavits submitted to various courts around the country alleging election wrongdoing. If a concerned voter can’t sue to make sure an election is fair and just, how can we trust the process?

To my knowledge, there is not a case that was seen by a State Court, or the Supreme Court, where the evidence was actually examined.

Now let’s go back to looking at the Maricopa County audit (Phoenix – the 4th largest County in the US). That audit was different than all the other so called “audits.” It is what is called a “Forensic Audit.” It was not just a recount of the ballots. It was a high-resolution scan of each of the paper ballots and examination of the envelopes themselves.

MSNBC and CNN loudly crow that the number of ballots that were counted, actually matched what the election results said that they were. However, the media focused on the wrong thing. It was never about just counting the number of ballots and verify who they were for. There was no doubt that when you add up all the received ballots that got recorded, that it was going to be what was reported.

Among other things, the Forensic Audit examined in microscopic detail how the forms were filled out, and what type of paper was used, and in some cases, where the paper was printed. Maricopa County election officials stated publicly that all the ballots were using special VoteSecure paper, which had special properties. According to Jovan Pulitzer, who aided the audit process, Arizona had voters using the wrong kind of ballot paper and had them fill out their ballots with Sharpies. This resulted in scanning machines being unable to read a large number of ballots — 11 percent, in fact.

Now, those ballots were “adjudicated” which means normally, one Democrat and one Republican (and maybe a non-partisan elected official) had to go through all the votes by hand to determine voter intent. But 11 percent is a high rate, much higher than you’d expect for an election that was supposedly the “most secure” of all time. How do we know these officials truly had the intent of the voters in mind? What review process is there to double check their work? And why did Maricopa County use faulty ballot paper and Sharpies in the first place? All together, these incidents must raise questions in any rational mind.

Realistically, there is nothing that can be done with the presidential election at this stage of the game, but for someone to say that there is absolutely nothing to see here, and no evidence of wrongdoing is taking place, is either being naïve or has something to hide. The news is ridiculing anyone that asks questions, and the words “The Big Lie” are thrown around. But I am asking the question, if there is nothing to see, then why are there so many people fighting so hard to stop us from looking into the process and the actual ballots themselves?

There are enough questions that to reassure everyone that the 2022 election is going to be “free and fair”, we need to make sure that the data is available and verifiable and open to scrutiny. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you sit at. The elites of both sides, need to make sure that they are there, because of a free and fair vote.

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