Neighbor’s Night Out is Tuesday, Aug. 4. Image courtesy LINCCK Civility • Compassion • Kindness

Neighbor’s Night Out is Tuesday, Aug. 4. Image courtesy LINCCK Civility • Compassion • Kindness

Reconnect with those around you this Neighbors Night Out

Whether it’s in person or over the internet, this is a good time to check in with one another.

The following was written by the LINCCK Civility • Compassion • Kindness group:

Social distancing” is a really unfortunate phrase, and actually detrimental to our well-being. It means you don’t care about others. Of course during this pandemic, “physical distancing” is an incredibly important concept to our health and welfare. But we are social animals, and we need to have meaningful contact with each other. This builds strong communities. Can you arrange to have folks over on Aug. 4, for Neighbors Night Out (NNO)?

A perfect excuse to get together, if you need one, the plateau has had neighborhood gatherings on the first Tuesday in August for almost a decade. It’s our version of National Night Out, but with an holistic twist. Creating healthier and safer communities is our goal, and it can be done simply by inviting a neighbor over for a brief sit-down and conversation.

In past years there have been potlucks, barbecues and even block parties. This year is going to be different. We’re still in the middle of a pandemic, so limit gatherings to five people (or try to organize a virtual meeting through Zoom or Skype). But what a perfect size group to catch up on the past year, find out how everyone’s doing in these troubled times, and have a lively conversation. Do yourself and neighbors a favor by arranging a small get-together. Keep everyone several feet (or more) apart, and perhaps folks can bring their own chairs, drinks or food. Do what is comfortable for you and your neighbors.

This is a great opportunity to reach out to someone you haven’t seen for some time, even if they have an opposing view on life. These are incredibly polarizing times, and we need not live like this. We can have different thoughts and opinions, but that doesn’t mean turning our backs on neighbors. Healthy communities are built on neighborhood camaraderie, and NNO supports this. Enhancing neighborhood spirit will benefit us all.

So do what works best under these difficult circumstances. Maybe create a Facebook Community page for your neighborhood. But let’s not have a pandemic weaken the spirit of our community. Join in the effort to build our connections, and keep our networks strong. Forget about “social distancing”, and be physically apart just a bit. We appreciate American Heritage Corp, RK Graphics and C.C.s Collectibles on Cole for funding and supporting the NNO cause. Head to, or Neighbors Night Out Facebook page.

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