WALLY’S WORLD: “Despicable” Arizona law will continue to draw heat

During the 1930s and ’40s, in the dark days of Nazi Germany, there were elite societies within the German Army knows as S.S. Units, members of which allegedly had above-average intelligence, had sworn alligance to the Nazi Political Party and Adolf Hitler, and were of rather pure “Aryan” descent.

Also, within large city police departments, there were “secret” organizations composed of rabid and sadistic thugs who were called the Gestapo (secret police). The S.S. troops and the Gestapo had free reign to arrest anyone who looked at them the wrong way – or, more accurately, anyone who looked wrong to them.

Of course, those who looked wrong were usually Jews. So, anyone with certain physical characteristics, a Yiddish accent or manner of dress were arrested, particularly if they didn’t have the necessary identification. Even if the “suspect” carried the proper paperwork, he could still be imprisoned at the discretion of officials.

Outside Germany, the entire Western world was offended by such tactics and registered their complaints. Winston Churchill labeled Germany a “police state” and said the entire country had sunk into a “dictatorial abyss.”

My friends, it’s disheartening and outrageous to realize such despicable practices are about to be unleashed in America. Specifically, as you’ve surely heard, in Arizona. In a month or so – as soon as the new law takes effect – local police departments and country sheriffs will be able to arrest anyone who looks wrong to them. But in this case, those who look wrong aren’t Jews. They’re usually Hispanics.

Those who support this law frequently point out that the police can’t simply walk up to anyone and demand official papers. Rather, the person in question must be caught committing a felony or misdemeanor before cops can check his immigration status. But this stipulation is deceptive because the police can always find a “blue” law to arrest anyone they want; for example, you can be arrested for inappropriate dress, cursing in public, spitting on the sidewalk, playing loud music, etc.

Nevertheless, apparently most Arizonians still support the legislation and quickly deny being racists. But you have to wonder about that. Some of us can remember that Arizona refused to recognized Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday as a federal holiday, until tourists and convention boycotts changed their minds.

Such economic sanctions may force them to change again. Other states have soundly ridiculed the new law. For cryin’ out loud, even Texas has condemned it! So has the border town El Paso – and if any town in America is facing an immigration crisis, it’s El Paso.

The law is most certainly unconstitutional and will eventually be thrown out. Any number of organizations and legal groups have already mounted legal challenges.

Call me naive, but I have difficulty believing Arizona politicians are serious about enforcing such damn fool legislation in the first place. Instead, I think they realized from the get-go the statute was unconstitutional. It’s just that they’re so frustrated with illegal immigration and the federal government’s failure to address the problem, they’ve decided to risk the boycotts and ridicule in the hope their desperate law will jar Washington, D.C., into action.

And eventually, probably late this year, the feds will get off their dead butts and face the issue. But no matter what Obama does, don’t think for an instant it will slow the flood of immigration. America wants the cheap labor.

If the people of Arizona really want to seriously disrupt illegal immigration, every week or so they should check the status of every worker employed by big agriculture and big business and any employer found guilty of hiring illegals should be served with a hefty fine. Do you want to place any odds on that happening?

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