Panthers fall short in tennis clash against Lancers

A repeat meet saw the Lancers come away 3-2

By Andy Orozco


In a tennis showdown filled with twists and turns, the Bonney Lake Boys Tennis team hosted the Lakes Lancers at Bonney Lake on Thursday, a match that will be remembered for both its dramatic on-court battles and an unexpected weather delay.

Mother Nature decided to add her own spin to the match, opening with an hour-long rain delay that left the Panthers scrambling to clear the drenched courts. When play finally resumed, it was a déjà vu moment for these two rivals. Earlier in the season, the Panthers had triumphed over the Lancers with a tight 3-2 victory. However, this time around, the Panther’s fortunes took a different turn as they fell to the Lancers by the same margin, 2-3.

Despite the Panthers’ valiant effort, there were some standout moments that lit up the courts. In a display of unwavering determination, #1 Singles player Gavin Orozco took to the court despite battling illness. In a match that swung back and forth like a pendulum, Orozco showcased his resilience, ultimately prevailing over Naji Ibrahim with a hard-fought scoreline of 7-6, 6-3.

The drama didn’t end there, as the #2 Doubles team of Jarrett Sroka and Jerimiah Mam delivered an exhilarating performance that extended to three sets. Facing a daunting 3-6 deficit in the first set, Sroka and Mam displayed remarkable tenacity, mounting a comeback to secure the victory. The final scoreline of 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 underscored their ability to adapt and conquer adversity on the court, leaving fans with a lasting impression of their fighting spirit.

While the Panthers may have fallen short in the overall match, the individual brilliance exhibited by Orozco, Sroka, and Mam ensured that the spirit of competition burned brightly on the Bonney Lake courts that Thursday afternoon.