Ron Oldenkamp

Contentment comes when life is in God’s hands | Church Corner

Friends, what’s your image of contentment? What comes to mind when you think about being content and does that image match up with your life? In other words, are you content with your life? With your marriage? Your friendships? Your job?


Come together and share your joy with community | Church Corner

A short little giggle and then another. Soon the small boy is caught up in a full-blown laugh attack and a sparkle reflects in the wetness of his eyes. But these are tears of joy and laughter, not of sorrow or pain.


We’ve always struggled with truth and grace | Church Corner

Through the ages, people have struggled with the topics of grace and truth. They are complex concepts and can trip up even the best of us. In fact, one church member remarked, “My pastor was telling our congregation about an experience that had almost killed him that afternoon. In his desire to give God credit for protecting him, he made this rather feeble attempt: “If it weren’t for the grace of God, I’d be in heaven right now!”


All we have to do is accept the great gift of love | Church Corner

I imagine you are reading this article after having already celebrated Memorial Day weekend. As the unofficial start of the summer season, you may have held a barbecue or outdoor party with the people near and dear to you. What a blessing it is every time we can be in the wonderful outdoors of the beautiful Northwest!

With God’s grace, we can get a fresh start in life | Church Corner

As we approach the beginning of spring, I always have a growing sense of anticipation. When the bulbs begin to bust out and the trees begin to bud, I know that great things are coming.