Juanita Carstens is best for Enumclaw council position | Letter

If you love Enumclaw, like I love Enumclaw, then vote Juanita Carstens into the city council, because she loves Enumclaw too.

Juanita listens to people and, in my case, provided direction to help me provide for my family. When I told her 10 years ago that I was going through a divorce and was looking for a place to live she networked among her peers and I was able to get an apartment through Tom and Laurie Kittelman. Also awesome people! The terrible things I was going through were eased by all of these people and I am forever grateful.

My life is better, because Juanita listened. Then she acted without benefit to herself to help someone else. Her kindness makes her ready, able, and a natural to serve the thousands of residents in Enumclaw. I couldn’t support someone more.

Because of her career in real estate, she has a clear knowledge to participate in the discussions occurring in city council regarding development of industrial zones, land use issues and environmental impacts affecting Enumclaw.

Juanita is running her platform on more heart than pocketbook, which should speak volumes to her integrity and dedication. She won’t be bought, persuaded, influenced by anything other than “will this be good for you and I in this community that we love?”

Again if you love Enumclaw, vote, and when you vote, vote for Juanita Carstens.

Sharon Covington