Lynda Messner only true Democrat | Letter of the Editor

I was stunned by the insidious accusation by Rep. Christopher Hurst and Cathy Dahlquist that Lynda Messner is a “Fake Democrat” in the race for state Senate.

What’s fake is Hurst’s claiming to be a Democrat while focusing all of his time, money and influence to help a Republican!

This ridiculous guise of bipartisanism cooperation is nothing more than an attempt (1) to reverse a waning popularity of Rep. Hurst and (2) to restore some semblance of rationality to Rep. Dahlquist’s self-destructive behavior during last session. I doubt it will do either.

In comparison, Lynda Messner’s presence in this year’s election is the only believable candidate on the ballot.

Cecilia Millward, Sumner