Support King County Fire Disttrict 28 firefighters’ mission to serve public | Letter

I love working in this community and have seen some very positive changes over the past two years effecting myself, my family, my team members and my community. I have great concern about the ramifications if Proposition No. 1 (fire levy increase for District 28) does not pass.

Since Fire District 28 annexation in 2011, moving the governing body of the fire department from the city to the district and also through a Federal SAFER Grant, the minimum number of firefighters, on shift, has positively increased from two to four. This has allowed for the transport of medical patients to our hospital and has given the firefighters the immediate ability to search a structure fire for viable victims, rather than having to wait for another engine company to arrive.

There must be two crews available (at least four firefighters) to cover concurrent medical aid calls or for immediate entry to a structure fire. Having them transport has greatly increased community satisfaction (not waiting 15 to 45 minutes for an AMR crew to arrive, as well as having members of the community provide the care); ER (emergency room) staff satisfaction greatly increased (getting the story from the first responders on the scene and providing continuity of care); and increased revenue to the community.

As a medical team member and a mother in this community, I truly believe that asking to pay $0.31 more per $1,000 assessed value of your home (cost of approximately $7 per month for a house costing $300,000) is not too much to ask. That will bring Enumclaw’s fire and EMS rate to $1.80. Comparably, Buckley is assessed at $2.07 per $1,000 and District 44 is at $2.15 per $1,000, and more if their excess levy passes.

It is unacceptable for my family or other families in the community to not be able to rely on the success and safety of our 911 system and have it continue to grow with our needs. Our firefighters work their bunker gear off to offer their best efforts to a community that they adore and provide outstanding service to every day. They, in my opinion, are second to none.

Please vote “yes” to Proposition No 1.

Meesa Taylor