Thank you for supporting our veterans

Because of you, Headworks’ Pint Night was a success!

On behalf of Doug Terrien and the Northwest Fire Velo, I would like to thank the following businesses for their generous support: Headworks Brewing, The Kettle, The Krain, Pitas, Rainier Bar and Grill, El Camino, Rockridge, L&B Mini Ranch, Bridget’s Boutique, Salon Kathleen, Heather Ellis, Wapito Woolies, Tractor Supply, Studio Barre, Jubilee Health and Oh Baby; monetary donations from American Hertitage (thanks Mike Runland), DP West (thanks Jen and Kasey) and Ken (Greenwater General Store). The following individuals also kindly donated: Kim and Scott Pepin, Lisa Kowlitz, Darice Clark, and Doug Terrien. Vic Wallace and Doug Wolf, you played great tunes!

Seventeen bicycle riders depart Bellevue Aug. 29 heading to Colorado Springs, arriving at the national fallen firemen’s memorial Sept. 21. The Aug. 15 fundraiser benefited Northwest Fire Velo and ultimately the Gary Sinise Foundation for fallen military and first responders.

Thank you to the people who attended, drank beer and gave. You are all awesome!

Laurie Olsen-Pennington


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