Weathering the storm provides for peaceful ending

I began to cry out

The Bard

I began to cry out

While walking through the woods

One stormy afternoon,

A breeze began to blow,

Soft at first,

Causing the mighty evergreens

To bow their heads.

The dim light of the late afternoon

Began to darken and soon

Became a frightening gloom,

As the storm worsened and

Brought on its full fury.

Many of the trees were losing their branches and some

Lost their footing and began to fall.

My mind was racing, trying to find

A way out of the forest.

I began to cry out, but my cries

Were ripped from my mouth.

My tears were mixed with the rain

That was slashing down all around me.

I was fearing for my life.

Then I heard a voice; from whence it came

I did not know.

The voice was loud and clear

Above the roar of the wind.

“Be calm,” it said. “Shelter is just ahead.”

Quickly, my mind found peace.

As I began to look around, there,

Not far away, was a cave waiting to be found.

I stumbled over and went inside,

As the storm raged on. I sat down on a stone,

Trying to gather myself. I called out to the voice that seemed to come

From all around me.

My heart came alive when once again

I heard the voice say,

“Be at peace, for your mission is not yet done.”

When the storm was over and the damage had been done, along with all the small

Creatures, we filed out, one by one.

Then once again I cried out in humble gratitude.

Once again the voice said, “go forth and

Be at peace, my son. For I abide with you.”

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